Logan is a little fusion of my story Dove's Wing, and some other ideas I had floating around. It's a different tale than my other Titan wroks.

Teen Titans- Logan

Things just weren't the same…he wasn't the same. Somewhere along the line in the past two years, he had grown up. The changes were small though, miniscule things (thank Azar it wasn't anything major like him leaving her alone-he had made a promise once and she intended to keep it). It was the way he carried himself, head held high and shoulders to the sky (ignoring the rhyme she just made, he had gotten taller, now towering over her at 6'1'').

It was how he helped Star with both shopping and cooking, built his own Beast-Bike with Cy, even helped Nightwing with battle strategies and could come up with clever one liners that rivaled the best of them. How he always waited outside her door for meal times, and occasionally watched the sunrise with her silently…

Hell, he was even reading-granted they were mostly graphic novels, but every now and then she'd catch an actually book among them. He wasn't just the same idiotic, fun-loving prankster she had come to know and-Affi, you love everybody. No, it's not any different for him-respect. Did he still frustrate her? Yes, but it was in different ways, more so than with his everyday jokes. She couldn't figure out when their relationship had changed-or if it had really changed at all?

Raven was sure it had. Take this for instance: If it was just the two of them in the common room, Logan (as she know called him) had his games to a near nonexistent volume while she was reading. The second he became bored he'd shifted into a kitten and curl up into her lap, where she without so much as a second thought started to pet him. Whenever she mediated on the roof in the open, she could always catch a glimpse of a wolf cub at her feet.

But what she really thought had changed their interaction with one another was the gift he had gotten for her months ago. It was what simply looked like a everyday bracelet, with one tiny metal wing attached to it. Though it was more than that- it was legend that the wielder of the bracelet could constantly stay in a meditative state (what she lacked the heart to mention to the Changeling was that after her father's defeat she had a much better reign on her emotions. She now only meditated out of habit…)

Had it truly worked? Surprisingly, yes. She could now offer him bigger smiles, help Cy in the garage, spar with Night, even shopping with Star without it being as insufferable. Now this didn't mean she didn't keep up her image-she still drank tea, read dark romance novels, and was amusingly sarcastic- but the little things that used to irk her nerves didn't both her as much, like when Logan called her-"Rae?"

Raven blinked, lifting her resting head off of her right hand. Across from her, arms crossed as he leaned on the counter, was a certain green teen that happened to capture her thoughts. Logan. "You okay?" He asked her sincerely, "You were spacing for a second…" Raven, despite herself, blushed slightly at his concern. His grin widened at this slight action, turning away before she could respond and poured hot water in her favorite blue mug.

He returned to his post on the marble counter, gently placing her tea in front of her. "Here you go. Raven took it gratefully; whispering her thanks as she pressed the drink to her lips. Taking a second to let the soothing liquid calm her nerves, she slowly opened her eyes to see Logan still sitting before her. "What are you drinking?" Raven asked him, not bother questioning why he hadn't let yet.

In his own hands was his purple mug that she had given him last Christmas, and before responding to her question he took a small sip. "Chai tea and hot chocolate," He gave her a smile as she raised her eyebrow, the look on her face asking- "It's very, good mind. Balances the temptation of sweet and spicy perfectly," He trailed off and the two sat in the serene silence, so unlike when the others were around them. Suddenly, something peculiar happened: Raven smiled. No, not half smile. No she didn't do that tiny one either. Full blown and genuine ladies and gents!

"So who is it now? Amelia? Hanna? Timantha, maybe? You've got that distant look of contentment on your face." Raven then attempted to drop the smile that graced her face, but she found it amusing that he had named each of her emotions (it also didn't help that the fact that ALL of them were running around screaming like fan girls, Amelia and Hanna grinning broadly as they attempted to revive a fainted Timantha).

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