I honestly can never stand the Mary Sue quality of this OC or the generic plot-line, but since it has been an overall well received success on Quizilla, I'll post it here.

Besides, I couldn't exactly completely trash my first fanfiction baby - especially not when it contains the PRINCE TYPE ~.

"Rain beat down relentlessly upon our dorky heroine as she bravely trudged forward, determined to reach her destination-"

"Although she looked rather foolish in her puffy yellow dress-"

"And her glasses persisted in sliding down the bridge of her nose-"

"WOULD YOU TWO SHUT UP? What do you think you're doing, anyway?

Narrating is Author-chan's job! And another thing, where do you get off, ridiculing your elder sister in such a way?"

"She was fuming as she glared down at her adorably innocent little sisters. . ."

"Oh no! Were we mistaken? Is our supposed heroine really the antagonist of this twisted tale?"


"Ah! Run!"

"We must find sanctuary from that scary four-eyed monster!"

"Get back here, baka imoutos!"

"See you after school, Onee-san!"

x-theme song t-


Ohayo Gozaimasu, mina-san! My name's Minamoto Mamimi, but you may call me Mimi-chan if you'd like. I'm going to be narrating my own story from now on due to the complete and utter incompetence of the previous narrator, so just think of it as if this were originally 1st person, and please bare with me!

x-theme song time or dieeeeee! :P

.:Sakura Kiss WOULD PLAY HERE~:.

The rain began to lighten, once heavy down poor now gentle sprinkling.

Honestly, it would have been better if it had done so beforehand, because now I had reached my destination. But I suppose beggars can't be choosers, ne?

Ah, but I suppose you're wondering exactly what my destination is so I'll be nice and enlighten you ~

Ouran Private Academy, in all it's pristine pink glory.

It sort of looks like a fairytale castle, in my opinion . . .

Well no matter how deceiving the looks, it's actually just a fancy-pancy school.

By the rich, for the rich. . .

With the exception of those who are intelligent enough to acquire a scholarship.

Examples? My little sisters who recently ran off to their class, and me.

I know, I know, so impressive…demo, please hold you're applause, mina-san.

*Crickets chirp*

Erm, well I should be heading to class anyway.

I grabbed the edge of my dress, quickly wringing as much water as possible out of it.

I wanted to look presentable for my first day, but that goal was quite impossible;

Especially since I looked like a drowned rat in this ridiculous yellow dress.

Such was the result of walking in the rain with no umbrella or jacket.

Lousy, lying weatherman -.-

With a deep breath I headed inside the building.

The halls were filled with gossiping girls and boys with bored expressions.

Upon entering, they had turned their attention to me and the whispering began.

"Who is that?"

"She's wearing our school's uniform. . ."

"So she's a new student, then?"

"Why is she soaking wet?"

"Who in there right mind comes to school, looking like they've just gone for a swim fully clothed?"

So some of the remarks were a bit ruder than others, and I could hear every word they loudly whispered. . .

But I brushed all their comments aside as I adjusted my glasses, pretending that I wasn't extremely embarrassed right now.

As blood rushed to my cheeks I parted my lips to speak,

"A-Ano. . ." my words were met with silence as everyone ceased talking and gave me their full attention; everyone looking at me, just waiting for me to make a fool of myself for their amusement.

". . .Sumimaisen, mina-san!" I exclaimed as I hurriedly ran up the large steps in the middle of the room and down a hallway, eager to get away from such an embarrassing situation.

As you may have noticed, I'm not particularly fond of large audiences.

Demo, for those of you who didn't notice I suppose that explains why I reacted in such a way to all that attention.

"I should probably hide somewhere. . .at least until I muster up enough courage to ask for directions, like I had previously planned. . ." I muttered.

Somewhat conveniently, there were to large double doors a bit farther down the hallway.

Above them, hung a sign that read "The Third Music Room."

Filled with curiosity, I walked towards the doors.

I placed my ear against the cool wood of the doors, only to hear nothing.

"Well it seems quiet enough. . ." I said to myself.

Grabbing the golden handles of the doors I yanked them open.

At that moment, it was a bit magical.

Like Alice in Wonderland, or Dorothy in Oz.

There was a blinding white light, and I squinted trying to see what exactly this room held inside it.

Suddenly Rose petals, glittering in the light whirled around me;

Then the white light began to fade, and I saw the room for the first time.

It didn't exactly look the part of a music room, because as far as I could tell there were no instruments here.

There were red couches, wooden tables and cushioned chairs, and there were decorative things here and there. There was a sparkly chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and there was a large elaborate window taking up nearly an entire wall.

Everything was no doubt expensive, and it looked like a little girl's Tea Party room, actually.

"Ah, it seems we have a stray kitten, Okaa-san~" announced a male voice.

"Indeed, it does." replied another male voice.

I'd be lying if I said that those voices didn't sound amazingly sexy. . .

Looking around for the source of the voices I saw two gorgeous guys in the male uniform, they were standing in a doorway that I had failed to notice before.

One was blonde, beautiful and charming.

The other had that sort of "tall, dark, and handsome" attractiveness to him.

The two boys began to walk towards me, and I took a step back.

"Here kitty, kitty, don't be afraid. . ." called the charming blonde as he neared me.

"Please excuse him, he's an idiot." said the dark haired male with an obviously fake smile.

"Okaa-san, how could you say such a cruel thing?" whined the blonde boy with an adorable pout.

Ignoring him, the bespectacled boy kept his gaze upon me.

"You're Minamoto Mamimi, the new scholarship student, correct?"

"H-Hai, how did you know?" I asked.

"I have my ways." the dark haired boy said, all mysterious like.

Can anyone else say:

Creepy Rich Boy Stalker with way too much time on his hands?

Cause I can, 5x fast.

"Ano, so how much do you know about me, exactly?"

I questioned the dark haired boy.

In response, the dark haired boy pulled out a notebook.

He opened it and thumbed through a few pages before clearing his throat to speak.

"Minamoto Mamimi, age 17. Generally goes by Mimi-chan, gender is female obviously; has two younger sisters; is transferring from Ourin Public High school to Ouran Private Academy on a scholarship along with sisters; family owns a small bakery; Is in class 2-A."

I scratched the back of my neck with an awestruck expression.

"S-Sugoi that's quite a-"


And suddenly the blonde was smothering me in a bear hug.

"You are yet another commoner who has graced Ouran with their presence, although you are no doubt a studious bookworm-"

At the words studious bookworm I felt like I was hit by an arrow or something.

"I must commend you on your efforts! However, you have a tough road ahead of you. . .~"

He paused for what I'm guessing is dramatic effect, while I felt a familiar ticklish feeling in my nose, like someone had taken a feather to it.

"You will be looked down upon as one of the poorest people in this school, and many may poke fun at your commoner ways, but fear not-"

As he rambled on he continued to hug me, so I was feverishly trying to escape.

You see, that ticklish feeling was building up more and more.

This meant sooner or later I was going to-


Opening my eyes (which I had shut when I sneezed) I saw the blonde's face directly in front of mine. His eyes were wide with shock, his lips formed into a small "o", and his skin had taken on a greenish tint in a comical sort of way, indicating he was a bit nauseous/ disgusted due to recent events; and on top of all that…his right eye began to twitch.

"OhMyGod. . .!" I uttered, as I stared at him in disbelief.

"I can't believe I. . .Gomenasai!" I exclaimed as I bowed low in apology.

Returning to my regular height, I reached into my school bag that hung from my right shoulder and pulled out a handkerchief which I use to clean my glasses.

"Here. . ." I said softly, wiping his face of with the handkerchief.

"Daijobou, Mimi-hime?" the blonde suddenly asked.

"Excuse me?" I asked, adjusting my glasses.

"Are you okay? You sneezed and I noticed that you're dress is soaking wet. . ." he explained.

"Erm, well I walked here in the rain, so I suppose I must have caught a cold." I said, as I placed my handkerchief back in my school bag.

"We have a spare uniform you could change in to, if you'd like. It's a male uniform, but it's dry at least.", added the dark haired boy while he held up a bag.

Ignoring the urge to question why he had one out of nowhere, I bowed again; this time in gratitude.

"Arigatou, I apologize for burdening you in such a way." I stated.

The dark haired boy nodded, then as he handed me the bag he replied, "You can change in there, but hurry up. You're in the same class as us so we can show you the way. But it'd be in our best interest not to be late."

He nonchalantly pointed towards the doorway that he and the blonde had previously come from.

Walking towards said doorway, I paused.

"For supposed 'snobby rich kids'. . .you two are unexpectedly nice. I wonder why that is?"

"It's because the Ouran Host Club exists to bring fortune to all women." the blonde boy said proudly as he dawned a princely pose.

"Host-bu, ne?" I mumbled as I entered the 'changing room'.

Now that I had changed into the nice and dry blue uniform, I stepped back into the room where the two boys were waiting patiently.

"Erm, excuse me gentleman. . .?" I stated as I fiddled with the tie of my uniform.

"Yes?" asked the dark haired boy.

"It just occurred to me. . .that I haven't gotten your names yet." I said with a goofy smile.

Okay, so I'm a bit slow on the uptake. . .but we all have our flaws, right?

"Ah! Forgive our rudeness, dear princess. . ." the blonde pleaded.

"For I shall properly introduce myself and my dear friend~!" declared the blonde.

"Ahem, I am Suoh Tamaki the King and President of the Host Club, and must I say…it's a pleasure to meet you Mimi-hime." the blonde, now known as Suoh Tamaki, proclaimed as he presented me with a red rose.

Gently taking the rose from his grasp, I smiled cheerfully.

"It's nice to meet you, Tamaki-kun. Also, thank you for the rose~!"

I said.

"Do itashi mashite, Mimi-hime." Tamaki replied sincerely.

"And this, is the Vice President of the Host Club, Ootori Kyouya~" Tamaki said, gesturing towards the dark haired male beside him.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Minamoto-san" Kyouya said with yet another fake smile.

"I could say the same to you, Kyouya-kun. And I'd prefer if the both of you would address me as Mimi-chan, please."

I said as I returned his fake smile with a real one.

"As you wish, Mimi-san. Now we should all head to class." Kyouya-kun said.

I suppose Mimi-san is the closest to Mimi-chan I'll get from him. . .

A few minutes later we found ourselves walking down the halls of Ouran.

Tamaki was smiling pleasantly and making flirty gestures towards girls that we passed in the hallways, Kyouya looked to be in deep thought, and I was contemplating what exactly a Host Club was.

"Tamaki-kun?" I called, as the beautiful blonde turned his attention to me.

"Yes, Mimi-hime erm, chan?"

"I know that earlier you mentioned that your Host Club exists to bring fortune to ladies, but I don't quite understand what exactly you do in such a club."

Tamaki seemed as if he was going to explain it to me, but Kyouya-kun spoke first.

"Well, why don't you experience it first hand?"

"Hm?" I questioned, tilting my head to the side out of habit.

"Oh! That's a great idea, Mommy! Our new daughter can come see us at work!"

Tamaki called as he held a finger up like he had an idea himself.

"Come with us to the Host Club this afternoon, and you can see for yourself how our club functions." Kyouya elaborated.

Meanwhile, Tamaki was hyper-actively bouncing down the halls exclaiming how this afternoon was going to be like the commoners' 'Bring your daughter to work day'.

"Kyouya-kun?" I questioned, bringing said boy out of his reveries.

"Nani?" he asked with a bit of edge to his tone.

"Since when was such a ridiculous family setting established?"

"Pst. Oi, Tamaki-kun!" I whispered trying to get the blonde's attention.

Why was I trying to get his attention? Well it seems Tamaki-kun's a tad. . .sensitive.

Earlier, what I had asked Kyouya-kun seemed to have upset Tamaki-kun and his apparently fragile psyche. So he had pouted and was now giving off a depressing aura as he sat slumped in his desk.

Most of you are like, 'what desk? There's a desk in the hallway?' or something like that, hm? Well no there's not a desk in the hallway, in fact we're actually in class right now.

Math class to be exact and it was a relatively easy class. Considering my amazing Math skills, and the fact that in these rich kid schools…the teachers really don't care what you do as long as you attend the classes. Well that's how this teacher was, anyway.

Tamaki continued to act like he was clinically depressed, ignoring my attempts at capturing his attention. Swallowing my pride and making a puppy dog pout I pleaded,

"Papa, please don't ignore me."

Those must have been the magic words, because the next thing I knew, Tamaki had scooted his chair over and was cradling me in his arms.

"Ah! Dearest daughter you finally accept your daddy!" Tamaki said.

Sweat dropping, I felt a number of glares burning holes in my head.

Glancing around, I saw that the majority of the females in the classroom were…

Well if looks could kill I'd be one dead lady.

I was sure they were all calculating how many ways they could murder me.

"Tamaki-kun, could you please stop hugging me?" I questioned nervously.

"Of course, daddy only wishes to make his daughter happy!" Tamaki said as he released me.

The glares subsided a bit, and I mushroom sighed in relief.

"Okay class let's do some review what we've just learned, okay?" I heard the teacher ask when I actually paid attention to her.

Yes she was actually teaching, I never said she wasn't.

C'mon what'd you think she was doing, sleeping?

The teacher just called on the people who actually wanted to be called on and also the majority of the class wasn't paying attention, everyone was doing their own thing, because frankly they could pay tutors to teach them all this junk.

In fact some of them were probably so rich that if they proclaimed that 2 2=fish, then it would be so. . .as long as they knew who to pay.

This school was probably for entertainment and amusement.

You know they get the real school experience with a side of extravagancy that only the rich and famous can afford.

Eh, but that's just speculation on my part.


Well that's one class down, and a zillion more to go.

Pulling out my schedule from my school bag, I saw that I had Music class next.

Suddenly, someone took my schedule from my hand. Looking up, I noticed that someone to be Tamaki. "Ah! Mimi-chan, we have Music class together!" he exclaimed with a smile.

"Really? Well now I won't get lost at least~" I said earnestly.

Looking over my schedule again, Tamaki said "It seems we have all the same classes, Mon ami!"

Mon ami? He speaks French, then?

"Ooh! You speak French, Tamaki-kun?" I questioned.

"Oui! It's truly romantic to speak the language of love, don't you agree?" Tamaki said with sparkly eyes.

"Mmhm! It'd be nice to be able to speak it. Then if I ever go to France I could flirt with those hot French guys!" I exclaimed wistfully.

"Ah, Mon Cheri. . ." Tamaki cooed as he grabbed my hand.

"Why go to France when you have your very own Paris Prince in front of you?" Tamaki said as he spun me towards him and I ended up squashed against his chest.

"Nani?" I questioned, and then I thought for a moment.

"You're. . .French, Tamaki-kun?" I drawled.

"Oui, I'm half-French. . ." Tamaki explained.

Well, at least that would explain the blonde hair, but. . .

"So that means. . ." I began as I felt blood rush to my cheeks in a blush.

"I sort of, unintentionally called you hot. . ." I concluded.

"Yes, but don't be ashamed of your attraction to me, Mimi-chan~" Tamaki announced as he hugged me gently.

"It is natural to be drawn to my beauty, so I cannot blame you!" Tamaki said, like that was supposed to make it better.

He seems a bit. . .what's the word?

"If you're shy, then I might even give you a portrait of me. . .!" Tamaki began.

Egotistical, Conceited, Vain. . .?

"So that you may admire my beauty without shame, in the quaintness of your commoner home!" Tamaki continued, hugging me tighter.

Ah, I know. . .

"Narcissistic!" I mumbled.

"What was that?" Tamaki asked, ceasing his rambling.

"You're a bit narcissistic, Tamaki-kun." I said with a goofy grin.

"Nani?" Tamaki exclaimed, as anime tears flowed down his cheeks.

"Oh yeah, you know. . ." I began in a teasing tone as I grabbed my bag and walked to the door.

"Hm?" Tamaki began as he followed suit.

We began walking to Music class, with Tamaki leading the way.

"Narcissistic as in, excessive love or admiration of oneself. Basically the same as conceited, vain, bigheaded, egotistical, self-loving. . ." I explained nonchalantly, counting them off on my fingers.

A dark cloud hovered above him, lightening striking him with each italicized word.

I giggled; it's not as if I dislike him, On the contrary I think he's pretty freaking adorable. . .but it's unbelievably amusing to tease him, as I've recently found out.

Unbeknown to Tamaki-kun and I at that time, Kyouya-kun stood behind a corner.

His glasses glaring in the light and a smirk etched upon his face. He was writing information in his notebook, based on Tamaki and I.

"Interesting. . ."

"What do you play, Mimi-chan?" Tamaki asked as we entered the first Music Room.

"The piano, though I'm afraid I'm not very good. . ." I said as I straightened my glasses.

The first Music room bore no resemblance to the third music room, other than the lovely pink walls that adorned every room in Ouran, and the fact that both music rooms had a gigantic window.

"So ka. . ." Tamaki mumbled. Suddenly he raised his hand and called,

"Oi! Oi! Shimura-sensei?"

"Hai, Tamaki?" asked a woman with long black hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was obviously 'Shimura-sensei' even though she looked surprisingly young to be a teacher.

"Would it be alright if Mimi-chan and I played a duet?" Tamaki asked excitingly.

"Mimi-chan?" questioned the lady as she turned her gaze to me.

"Oh! The new scholarship student, ne?" She asked with a warm smile.

"Hai, my names Minamoto Mamimi." I introduced myself.

"Well it's nice to meet you, Mimi-chan. My name's Shimura Kiku. Please address me as Shimura-sensei, though." said Shimura-sensei said with a small smile.

"Hai! And it's nice to meet you as well, Shimura-sensei!" I said with a bow.

Shimura-sensei nodded and then glanced back at Tamaki.

"Hm, well I don't mind. I look forward to hearing you two play~"

Shimura-sensei said. She then went over to talk to other students.

"Okay then, come on Mimi-chan!" Tamaki said as he hopped over to one of the black baby grand piano's located in the room and sat down. He patted the space next to him on the piano bench, gesturing for me to sit next to him.

Sitting down in the provided space, I questioned.

"You play the piano, Tamaki?"

"Hai, I've been playing for years. . ." Tamaki answered.

"Oh, then you must be really good then." I stated.

"I suppose, but I'm sure you're just as good!" Tamaki said cheerfully.

"Nah-uh! I told you I'm quite terrible. . ." I said in protest.

Ignoring my last statement, Tamaki asked,

"Do you know Pachelbel's Canon in D Major?"

"Ano, well yeah. . ." I began hesitantly.

"Then why don't we play that?" Tamaki inquired.

Looking down at my hands that were placed in my lap, I replied.

"I'm not sure. . ."

Looking back at Tamaki he had these kawai puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, but don't blame me when your ears start bleeding or something. . ." I mumbled, positioning myself to play.

Tamaki positioned himself to play as well, "Ready?" Tamaki asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be. . ." I answered.

Then we began to play, my fingers stumbled across the keys at first like I knew they would. However as we continued to play I got lost in the music, and my fingers began to glide across the keys with ease.

It sounded pretty amazing in actuality, and I had no idea that Tamaki could play so beautifully. . .

When the song came to an end there was complete silence. A moment later it was replaced with applause as I looked up from the piano to see the entire music class clapping.

"Yare, Yare, that was well played you two." Shimura-sensei said proudly.

"I told you that you were good, well great, actually." Tamaki said patting my head as if I were a puppy dog.

Suddenly the piano Tamaki and I were seated at was surrounded by other students.

"Oh my, Tamaki-sama! You play so beautifully!" one of the girls said.

"A beautiful person playing a beautiful song!" another girl chorused.

"My, how fitting!" another squealed, causing a chorus of agreement.

"I wish I could play my violin the way you play the piano, Suoh-san" one of the guys said, a bit disheveled.

"Ah, me too!" another guy said.

Geez, what am I chopped liver?

"My dear friends, you bring tears of joy to my eyes. It's truly wonderful to be appraised by such talented musicians like yourselves!" Tamaki said as he hugged himself, his eyes literally welling up in his eyes.

The girls swooned and the guys clapped.

I'm beginning to think this is a normal routine, or something like that…

"However, I must confess. . .the credit should not be mine alone! My dear friend Mimi-chan played just as beautifully as I~" Tamaki said hugging me.

Aw, that was sweet of him, I guess.

"Ah! It's the new commoner student!" one of the girls exclaimed as if she was just now realizing it.

"Another commoner like Haruhi-kun. . .!" Another girl added, and some of the girls swooned at the mention of this Haruhi person.

Note to self: Ask who 'Haruhi-kun' is later!

"Weren't you in the female uniform earlier?" one of the boys asked me.

A bit startled at the attention I replied, "H-Hai, but as you may have noticed it was soaking wet. . .so Tamaki-kun and Kyouya-kun lent me this one."

I smiled pleasantly, and to my surprise the guy blushed a bit.

"I think the male uniform suits you better" another guy added cheerfully.

"I think so too, besides. . .those yellow dresses are kind of hideous." I agreed.

Feeling the glares of the other girl occupants of the room I smiled nervously.

"No offense, but you know it's true!" I said with a nervous chuckle.

The glares simply intensified. . .

Oh, wait what's that I hear?

The sound of my hopes of ever making female friends at this school going down the drain. How lovely. . .


From then on classes went by quite smoothly, Tamaki was in each and every one of my classes and Kyouya was in most of them.

Thank Kami-sama for that too, because they were my only friends at this school, not to mention they were my only distraction from the fact that the girls in all my classes were glaring daggers at me and planning my demise.

Currently though, we were headed back to the Third Music room so that I could examine how the Host Club functions first hand, or something like that. . .

And as we finally reached those familiar double doors, we found a swarm of Giant yellow bumble bees blocking our entry!




Okay so maybe I was exaggerating a little bit. There was actually a swarm of bee-yotches in those puffy yellow dresses, and they seemed gigantic enough.

Oh burn, that was mean huh? Yeah well they deserve it. x)

"Pardon me, Princesses~" Tamaki called in his charming voice as he caught the girls' attentions.

"My friends and I need to get through. . ." Tamaki trailed off as he glanced at the door.

"Oh! Yes of course, Tamaki-sama!" one of the girls exclaimed, the rest of the girls making similar remarks as they parted way so that the Host Club doors were now accessible.

"Ah! My dear princesses. . .your cooperation is greatly appreciated~" Tamaki said as he smiled and winked at the girls.

That was cute. Geez, why doesn't he ever wink at me like that. . .?

Wait, what the Hell? Where did such silly thoughts come from?

You heard nothing, nothing I tell you!

As the three of us entered the Third Music room we were met with that blinding white light and assault of rose petals that seemed to happen every time the double doors were opened.

The room was the exactly the same as it had been earlier except for the fact that it now held new people.

There were five extremely attractive males located around the room.

"Attention please~" Tamaki called his tone portraying his authority.

"Eh, Tono?" chorused two identical ginger haired males.

"You're late, Tama-chan!" cried a short blonde that looked as if he were merely a grade-schooler.

An incredibly tall stoic looking boy grunted in agreement.

"The customers were growing anxious. . ." stated one of the boys bluntly.

He was by far the most feminine looking of the bunch.

"Ah and Kyouya's late too!" one of the ginger haired twins said.

"That's unusual!" said the other twin.

"Geez, if I'm late it's another addition to my debt, but if you're late it's perfectly fine…Damn rich bastards~" mumbled the feminine boy in annoyance.

"What was that, oh Haruhi-kun who owes ¥8,000,000?" Kyouya questioned with a smirk.


I've never even seen ¥8,000,000!

"Nothing, Kyouya-sempai!" said the feminine boy with slumped shoulders.

"Ah, Dear Haruhi~" Tamaki called as he waltzed towards the feminine boy.

Leaving me to hide behind Kyouya-kun instead of the both of them like I had previously done.

"Please don't be unhappy with mommy and daddy! We have a reason!" Tamaki said as he hugged the feminine boy tightly.

So, he's stuck with this family setting as well…

"Show them, Okaa-san!" Tamaki demanded excitedly.

Show them what. . .?

Suddenly Kyouya sidestepped to the right revealing me to the handsome guys.

"Oh. . ." the five handsome guys chorused.

In less than a minute they were surrounding me.

Four of them were inspecting me with curious expressions, and the feminine one was still held back in Tamaki's embrace, but he looked curiously at me as well.

"Um, hi?" I stated, adjusting my glasses and smiling nervously.

Tamaki then released the feminine boy and skipped over to me.

"Mimi-chan, allow me to introduce you to the Host Club!" Tamaki exclaimed as he gestured towards all the males in the room.

Firstly Tamaki went and grabbed the feminine boy and dragged him over so that he stood in front of me.

"This, my dear daughter, is Fujioka Haruhi the newest member of the Host Club."

"Haruhi is the Natural Type~" Tamaki said proudly.

"Hello." Haruhi said with a polite smile.

It's weird but the more time I spend with him, the more feminine he appears…

"Hajimemashite, Haruhi-kun~" I said with a bow.

"Ooh! Daddy just knew that his daughters. . .erm daughter and son would get along well!"

Tamaki cried jovially as he hugged Haruhi and I.

Is it just me, or did he say daughters?

As in referring to both Haruhi and I as his female children.

Maybe it was just a slip of the tongue or something…?

"Ah! I can see it now the two of you will become the best of friends.

With a friendship so beautiful it brings shame to all others. . .!

You can even rejoice in knowing that you're both Commoners and maybe.." Tamaki trailed off, no doubt going into one of his rambling sprees.

"Maybe. . .you can even invite Daddy along on your adventures! One big happy family~" Tamaki said, squeezing Haruhi and I in his death grip hug.

"Oi! Oi! Tono introduce us next!" exclaimed the twins waving their hands about trying to get Tamaki's attention.

Instantly Tamaki's mood seemed to dull, as well as mine.

Hopefully these twins wouldn't be like the twins I know.

Tamaki let go of Haruhi and I and motioned for the twins to step forward.

"These unscrupulous twins are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, The little-devil type."

Tamaki introduced with little enthusiasm and extra emphasis on the word 'devil'.

"We're the Hitachiin twins!" the ginger haired twins chorused with Cheshire cat grins etched upon their symmetrical faces.

Doesn't look like I'll be able to tell them apart so easily…

"Hajimemashite, Hikaru-Kun. Hajimemashite, Kaoru-kun!" I said to them.

"Yosh, it seems we have another commoner friend, Hikaru!" said who I'm guessing was Kaoru with a smile.

"Yes, and you know what that means, Kaoru?" asked Hikaru with a smirk.

They both looked at each other and shouted,

"New Toy!"

Why do I suddenly feel the need to exclaim 'I'm doomed!' ?

Suddenly I felt a tug on the bottom of my uniform jacket.

"Mimi-chan, Mimi-chan! Meet Usa-chan and I nexttttt~" exclaimed the little blonde boy.

With one hand he gripped the bottom of my uniform jacket, with the other he clutched an adorable pink bunny plushie to his chest.

"This is Haninozuka Mitsukuni, the Loli-shota type~" Tamaki introduced gesturing to the little boy.

"He may not look like it, but he's a senior." Tamaki added as an afterthought.

A senior? Geez, he's like, my sempai. :P

Too cute, though.

"Ne, Tama-chan! You forgot to introduce Usa-chan as well!" Mitsukuni said with a pout as he glanced back at Tamaki.

"My apologies, Honey-sempai." Tamaki said with a light smile.

"Ah! It's okay, Tama-chan! Usa-chan forgives you~" Mitsukuni said cheerfully.

"Ne, Mimi-chan~! This is my bunny Usa-chan! Usa-chan says it's nice to meet you!"

Mitsukuni said making Usa-chan wave at me.

Awwwwww :) He's like the little brother who's really an older brother I've never had.

Honestly, I'd gladly trade in those troublesome twins for an otouto like him.

"Also, call me Honey-kun or Honey-sempai, 'kay?" Mitsukuni said with sweet smile.

"Okay, Honey-kun!" I said returning the smile.

"Hehe, come eat cake with Usa-chan and I soon, Mimi-chan!"

Honey-kun then skipped over to a table covered in confectioneries and tea.

After that he started to devour cake after cake, it was like he'd never eaten before or something.

The tall stoic dude then grunted and followed Honey-kun.

"That's Morinozuka Takashi, the Wild type"

"Hmm. . ." Takashi grunted in response from where he stood.

Ah, a man of may words, ne?

"We usually address him as Mori-sempai, though." Tamaki said.

". . ."

Chyeah, I bet he's loads of fun at parties. . .

"Ano, hi?" I questioned, feeling quite unsure.

Mori-sempai nodded and then turned his full attention to Honey-kun.

Pulling out a hankerchief, Mori-sempai then called Honey-kun's name.

"Mitsukuni. . ."

Honey then stopped in mid-bite, his fork held up with a big chunk of chocolate cake on it.

"Ne, Takashi?" Honey asked with a smile.

"Hold still. . ." Mori-sempai called as he then grabbed Honey's chin gently.

With the hankerchief he then wiped a big chunk of chocolate frosting off Honey's cheek.

"Oh, arigatou Takashi!" Honey exclaimed as he then continued his cake eating.

"Ah! You already know Okaa-san and I, but allow me to tell you our types~"

Tamaki said suddenly.

"Kyouya is the cool type. . ." Tamaki said.

Kyouya nodded in acknolodgement as he adjusted his glasses with a fake smile plastered upon his lips.

"Eh, that's understandable. . ." I mutter quietly.

"And lastly, I am the Prince type~" Tamaki said with an elogant bow.

A regular prince charming, eh?

"Okay! So now my dear daughter, you must designate one of us!"

Tamaki ordered with glee.

And suddenly there was a pink sign hanging above him that read,

'Pick me, Pick me!'

How 'bout, no?

Glancing around at all the Hosts I saw that the majority of them, particularly the less sane ones were staring intently at me with sparkling smiles and expressions that screamed

'Pick me please! C'mon, you know you want to!'

The Hitachiin twins were definitely a no-go, troublemaking twins and I don't really mix.

Mori was too quiet for my tastes, but Honey-kun was definitely a possibility.

Kyouya was also a possibility, but I don't think he'd like it if I designated him.

And there's really no need for him to force himself to smile for my sake any more than he already does.

Haruhi was interesting, so he was option number three.

Hm. . .

Honey, Kyouya, and Haruhi, which should I designate?


Godzilla? Nope, its my tummy~!

I could always name him Tumzilla, though.

Yeah I think I'll do just that. . .

The Hosts in the room were all looking kind of disturbed. . .

Geez, like they've never heard a stomach growl before!

Well in any case, Honey seems to have a unlimited supply of food.

So, the Loli-shota type it is~!

"I'll designate Honey-kun, if that's alright?" I said.

"That's perfectly fine." Kyouya said scribbling something down on his notebook.

"What? Nooooooo! You should designate papa!" Tamaki exclaimed sinking to his knees.

Anime tears streamed down his face and he acted like it was the end of the world.

"Don't be such a crybaby, Tamaki-kun!" I said in frustration.

Of course that made things much worse, because Tamaki was suddenly hugging his knees in a corner of the room.

A dark cloud of deppression hung over him.

"Hold on a sec please, Honey-kun. . ." I called to the shorter blonde as I walked over to Tamaki.

Kneeling down in front of him I tried to reason with him.

"Ne, Tamaki-kun!" I called, as he looked up at me with sad eyes.

"I've already spent tons of time with you today, and that's a little unfair isn't it?"

I started, not really knowing where I was going with this.

Tamaki shrugged half-heartedly.

"I mean you're so, um, wonderful that I feel selfish for keeping you all to myself today.

So it's only fair that I share you with everyone else, y'know?" I said with a grin.

Tamaki seemed to brighten up at that.

"Oh! Forgive me for misunderstanding Mimi-chan! And, how noble of you to cast your feelings aside for the sake of others who's affections are nowhere near equal to yours! Daddy's very proud of you!" Tamaki said hugging me.

He then stood up with me still in his embrace.

Feelings, affections? What the heck?

Releasing me, Tamaki then gently pushed me towards Honey-kun's direction.

"Go forth, my daughter! And I shall try not to weep with sympathetic tears for one as selfless as yourself!" Tamaki announced with watery eyes.

Prince charming? More like Drama King ~

Scurrying over to Honey's table I took a seat next to him.

"Did you really mean that, Mimi-chan?" Honey asked uncharacteristically skeptical.

"Erm, yeah!" I said, I mean maybe it was a tad hyperbolized on my part, but I did think Tamaki was an awesome person, not exactly wonderful. . .but whatever.

"Well that, and I'm really hungry!" I said cutting myself a slice of chocolate cake.

I'm pretty sure some of them anime fell at that.

After awhile, the Host club had decided to greet the customers, leaving me alone at Honey's table. As they got into formation they chorused,


Upon hearing this, the once angry and impatient girls were swooned and they immediately reverted back to their fangirlish ways.

Psh. See how the Host Club functions first hand, hm?

Oh yeah, I see exactly how this club works.

In short, the Host Club was a bunch of Bishounen who girls paid to flirt with.

And the whole type thing? That's really just different fetishes.

Honey was for girls with little brother complexes.

Not me of course! Heh, I'm proud to say I was purely in this for the food~

Otherwise I probably would of picked Haruhi xD

Speaking of Haruhi, he was more or less for the girls who fancied females; even if they didn't know it. Not that I do or anything, Haruhi just seems like a nice person to chat with. And Mori was like a silent samurai or something;

Quiet and always looking after Honey.

The twins? Now they were entertaining.

Can anyone say. . .yaoi?

I won't deny the fact that their act was hot, but I definitely won't admit it aloud either.

Especially since their act was obviously fake;

Kind of like Kyouya's was.

Well actually, Kyouya really didn't do much.

He just sat there typing on his laptop, occasionally cracking a fake smile in his customers direction, and over all looking incredibly cool. I suppose the fact that he was cool and sexy made up for the fake smiles, though.

Then there was Tamaki, but his act wasn't really an act.

He's been acting like that all day;

Overdramatic and flirtatious -_-


A voice suddenly exclaimed in my ear, startling me out of my reverie.

Quickly looking around I noticed that voice to belong to Honey.

Geez, he didn't have to yell. ;~;

"Huh?" I questioned dumbly.

"Usa-chan and I have been trying to get your attention for a really long time~!"

Honey exclaimed cutely with a hint of exasperation in his voice.

"Oh, gomen" I replied as I blinked.

"Hehe, it's alright~" Honey said with a smile and a shrug.

"Why were you trying to get my attention anyway?" I questioned curiously.

Honey paused a bit before answering,

"Ne, I dunno. I can't remember~"

I sweatdropped as Honey then turned his attention back to his customers, who randomly gave shouts of "Kya~!" and "Kawaii~!" at everything Honey did.

Okay, time to leave this crazy club. . .

"Right well, I'll be leaving now~" I muttered as I stood and stretched.

Apparently Tamaki had heard me from across the room,

"Nooooo~! Dearest daughter you cannot leave, Daddy will not allow it!"

"Nani? Mimi-chan's leaving us~?" Honey exclaimed with watery eyes.

Tamaki then ran up and captured me in his arms, probably hoping to stop me from leaving.

Hurriedly slipping out of his embrace a backed up towards the door.

"Eh, you're leaving so soon?" one of the twins questioned with a smirk.

"But you've barely spent any time with us. . ." drawled the other with a identical smirk.

Haruhi stayed silent, apparently not alarmed by my sudden desire to leave.

"Why not stay a little longer?" questioned Kyouya, not looking up from his precious laptop. Tamaki then took a few more steps towards me,

"Ah~! But you've yet to grasp the concept of this club so you must stay until you do!"

Tamaki ordered, thinking his word was law or something.

"No, I've grasped the concept of this club quite well, thank you!" I said, trying to convince them to let me leave.

"But wouldn't it be so much better to experience first hand with me; just the two of us?"

Tamaki called somewhat seductively as he walked forward until he was standing directly in front of me.

Flustered, I backed up until I felt my back hit something solid.

Turning around I saw a very expensive looking vase fall to the floor and shatter.

"Here we go again. . ." Haruhi said with a sigh.

I gulped.