"I. . .I can do this!"

"Ganbatte, Mimi-nee-san!"

"Yosh! I'll definitely persevere!"

"You're so cool, 'Nee-san~"



"Okay, any minute now I'll achieve my goal!"

". . ."

"Yeah, any minute now. . ." _


. . .Shit.

"Ah, iie Obaa-chan! I was definitely on my way!"

With a nervous wave of my hands, I was out of the house before she could even finish her awful threat.

"Saa, enlisting the help of our precious grandmother was definitely a successful tactic."

"You're right, Aya, I agree wholeheartedly!"

I allowed my head to slowly swivle towards their general direction.

"That was your fault?" I ground out through gritted teeth.

In response, my diabolical twin sisters merely grinned.

"Well, of course, Mimi-nee." Aya stated, thoroughly shrugging off my bloodthirsty aura.

"You two-" I hissed, quite prepared to launch into an offensive ramble at their expense.

"Yikes, take it easy! It's a desperately needed measure we had to resort to!" Anzu piped up in attempts to reassure me that getting my grandmother involved was a necessary evil.

Outrage bubbled in the pit of my stomach as I parted my lips in preparation to inquire exactly why that was, however before I could actually attempt to speak realization dawned upon me.

Furthermore, despite the fact that this had all only taken place a few moments ago, my brain saw fit to orchestrate a nifty little flashback of sorts.

"Mimi-nee-san, you're blocking our exit!"

"-Grumble-I can do this-Mumble-"

"I think the obstruction in question is lost to us, sister."

"I think you're right, Anzu! After all, it's a sad day for someone's sanity when they're forced to have a fierce inner battle with themselves over whether or not they're capable of exiting a building."

"Mou, how will the customers reach us if Nee-san's in such a state?"

"They won't! Therefore, encouragement may be required in order to get her to move."

"Perhaps you're right, Aya~"

". . ."

"This shouldn't be so difficult, after all it's not like anything has really changed. . ."

"Hm, Nee-san sure is spouting some interesting things. . ."

"Indeed, but nevertheless - GO NEE-SAN !"

"Ah. . .Tamaki."

"You can do this, Nee-sama!"

"I. . ."

"You can step outside, we're sure of it!"

"Ootori will definitely have my ass if I'm late. . ."

"Eh?" "Nani?"

"It was probably a dream, anyway. This should be fine. . ."

"Aya, she mentioned that person again. . ."

"Indeed, Anzu, the same guy that filled our house with treasures~!"

The twins glanced at each other before unanimously deciding, "Because this correlates with that, we'll undoubtedly have to investigate!"

". . .I can do this. . ."

"But first," Aya murmured as her eyes narrowed in my general direction.

"We'll have to take care of this particular problem."

Looking back at that, I'm sure I must have seemed like a crazy person.

After all, it's not like Aya and Anzu knew anything about my current predicament.

Actually, thank Kami-sama that they don't.

If they knew that I had a boyfriend, well, my life would become a living Hell.

The same kind of hell it will become now that everyone at school presumably knows.

And honestly, what am I supposed to do now?

If this isn't a dream, then it's my first real relationship.

If that's not the worst part, the fact that I'm romantically intertwined with the casonova king certainly is.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm definitely happy that Tamaki's "mine" so to speak.

I just, I don't know if I can do this.

Moreover, I'm not entirely sure that I can handle being bombarded with attention when I get to school all because of the boy I'm in a relationship with. . .but if one thing is for sure, it's that I definitely need to get headed to that dreaded pink building.

Otherwise, Ootori would probably ban me from quality club time with Tamaki-kun.

Wait, did I just say quality club time? Yuck-

"Nee-san, are you involved with the Yakuza?"

". . .What?" I sputtered, giving my little twin sisters a wide-eyed expression.

"Are you?" Aya probed stubbornly.

"Where did that question come from?" I inquired in disbelief.

After all, the last time someone had deemed me to be affiliated with the Japanese Mafia, it was when the Host Club trespassed upon the privacy of Haru's apartment complex.

"Oh, the limousine meandering down the street is definitely a treat for my commoner eyes to behold." Anzu noted, eyes glazing over with greedy delight.

"That's peculiar, wait, limo?" I squawked.

It didn't take long to make out through the mildly tinted glance the faint image of one of the Suoh family's personal servants seated comfortably in the driver seat.

Rather than telling you why I can so easily recognize the faces of Tamaki's hired help, I'm instead going to make honorable mention of how I shoved my little sisters into the ground.

Or, at least into the cluster of bushes cluttering up the area directly beside of my front door.

"Stay. Down." I barked, glaring heatedly at what lay beneath the bushes.

"But Mimi-nee-san, how could you do this?" Aya whined, pausing to spit out a mouthful of leaves.

"Itai, it hurttttts!" Anzu blubbered rather boisterously.

Rather than feeling sorry for their childish complaints, I snorted.

"It's going to hurt even worse if the people in the limousine notice you!" I assured them.

"Because they're the mafia members that you're involved with?" Aya offered.

"Iie, because I'm going to hurt you if that happens." I promised, trying my best to appear threatening.

". . . . . . .BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Apparently my violent remark only served to amuse my sisters.

"You, hurt us? Oh no.~" Aya cried out mockingly.

I would have offered to inflict legitimate bodily harm upon them once more if at that moment, the limousine had not slowed to a stop directly in front of my house.

"Fine, have it your way. If you get noticed, I'm going to tell Ojii-san exactly what happened to his precious sake collection." I warned.

The moment the insistent laughter of my sisters melted into a deadly silence, I knew I had won here.

"Hmph." I smirked just as the driver's side door of the limousine swung open.

"Master Tamaki had business to deal with this morning and thus is unable to accompany you to school, however he has requested that I provide you with transportation in his wake." The limousine driver stated formerly, coming around the side of the limo in order to open up a door for me.

"S-Saa, that's okay! There's no need to waste gas on me, sir!" I squeaked, heat overwhelming my cheeks.

Although I was flattered by Tamaki's thoughtfulness, I was still inwardly skeptical.

'Even if he was here, it's not like he'd personally be able to drive me, that idiot. . .'

"It's no trouble at all, on the contrary, it is my pleasure, madame." The driver assured me with a plastic smile.

"But. . ." I began, slightly slack-jawed.

"Madame, it was Master Tamaki's direct request that the woman of his sincerest affections be able to arrive at school in the comfortable, eloquent fashion that she deserves." The driver insisted as his gaze shifted between the door and myself.

"Uhh," I began, cringing. "I suppose one ride wouldn't hurt?"

I thought it would be a harmless experience.

But, I never factored in the determination of my sisters to ride in a "Yakuza" car.


". . .Damn it, brats!"

"It's her."

And so it began the very moment the soles of my shoes made contact with the grounds of Ouran.

"Hmph, she must think she's some sort of poverty stricken princess now."

"Much too vile for our Tamaki-sama."

"A-Ah, Driver-san. . ." I murmured, turning slowly to face the wrinkled old Suoh family servant.

"Farewell and have a wonderful day, Madame." He stated warmly.

Without a moment's hesitation the limousine then soared off down the road, hardly leaving a puff of smoke in its wake.

Utterly flabbergasted, my gaze fluttered between the direction my only means of escape had gone and the snobby students of Ouran Academy that seemed to be even more hostile towards me than usual.

". . .Commoner freak."

"NOOOOOO! Take me with you! I really want to live to see another day. . ."

It didn't take long for my pathetic plead to fade into a dull whimper.

Sinking to my knees, I completely ignored the possibility of tarnishing my pristine uniform as well as the fact that my cries had sounded about as pathetic as my sisters' had earlier.

Thank Kami-sama that horrible trip was over with and the both of them were now trapped at the middle schoolers' designated section of the academy.

A-ano, sorry, minna-san.

You might be a bit confused, so let me explain something for you.

My little sisters are persistent little monsters and thus somehow easily capable of convincing naive old men into letting them ride in posh limousines.

And I hate them - . . .sometimes.

Anyways, aside from that nonsense, I'm really not thrilled about the reaction of the female portion of the student body - if I didn't already make that perfectly clear.

They're going to eat me alive, sting me to death, and ruin my pathetic little "commoner" life.


"What is, Mimi-chan~?"

"KYAA!" I shrilly screamed due to the sudden sound of someone addressing me when I was in my most vulnerable state.

Had it been any other members of the Host club, I probably would have been thoroughly annoyed.

However, since it was Honey. . .well, I managed.

"Honey, sorry, did I say something aloud?" I inquired, glancing at the adorable senior with a wide eyed expression.

In response, the blonde boy merely smiled whilst clutching the ever infamous Usa-chan closer to his chest.

My eyes drank in his fun-sized figure before trailing over the empty space in which a stoic and allegedly Wild-Type host would be towering protectively over Mitsukuni Haninozuka.

"Mori-sempai isn't with you?" I pointed out, cocking a brow at the tiny teen.

"Tama-chan isn't with you?" Honey interjected.

Despite the cute tone to his voice, I couldn't help but feel like something was ultimately wrong with that question.

It was almost sounded, well, bitter.

But that must just be my imagination, right?

"O-Oh," I began, visibly taken aback.

"You're quite clever, Honey!" I complimented, nervously refusing to meet his gaze.

I could only assume that the Loli-Shota faked a darling little smile.

"Moreover, you also seem to be in a much better mood." - I hope.

At my observation, Honey giggled.

"Mmmmhm! Tama-chan gave me my sweets back once my cavity was filled~" Honey explained.

As if to emphasize the revival of his sugar-coated diet, Honey plopped a piece of chocolate in his mouth.

"Oh really, well I don't recall witnessing that." I noted, feeling as though I had missed something.

"That's understandable, after all, why would you after that took place?" Honey inquired.

This time it definitely wasn't my imagination that his voice had, at least temporarily, lost it's childlike tone.

"Honey. . ." I murmured, pursing my lips.

"What exactly is that supposed to mean?" I ventured tentatively.

"You should know, Mimi-chan, after all, you're the one that's the brainy scholarship student, ne~?"

His statement was innocent enough, especially when accompanied with soft guffaw of laughter.

However, something was still wrong.

Whilst Honey skipped off in the direction of his first period without so much as another single word of wisdom, I couldn't help but gape.

In times of trouble and of immense joy, one fact never fails:

Hosts are fucking weird -

Especially the cute ones.