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Melody 1: A Dream

A boy with Jet black hair, pale white skin and chestnut brown eyes is standing centre stage, the spotlight was on him and everyone watched in awe as he play his piece, his Violin made sweet sounds and at each note there was no feelings yet no one seemed to notice. It was like the piece was played by an expert Violinist, his moves were graceful, his playing was relaxed and he was the best from all the contestants. At the middle of the performance he concentrated even more, more powerful, more overwhelming and almost perfect.


The boy froze midway of his performance the strings of his violin snapped. Instantly everyone stared at him in disappointment and they chattered and murmured among themselves. The boy did not listen but stared down at his Violin.

Everything around him became black, the audience disappeared and his violin was also gone no one was with him, only darkness. He looked down and noticed two graves...

I`m a disgrace...

and as he thought that, thorns sprout up and grabbed hold of him, pulling him down into a dark deep hole...

The boy shot up and woke up from his nightmare; he looked down at his hands sure enough the Violin is not within his hands and he`s on his bed not on the stage. Feeling relief he stood up and swung his legs off the bed, the smell of freshly cooked food already filled his nostrils, he prepared himself for school for it`s his first day. Kiku Honda is the adopted son of the Wang Family, ever since his parent`s died his relatives took care of him, he grew up in a rich manor and the Wang house hold was almost the same, only a bit bigger because of the occupants of the house.

He combed his black hair and race down the stairs and to the long hallway and to the dining room where the food was already being served. He`s the first to arrive, expensive china and silver ware are being set up and the food`s being brought in, everything is arranged in a large long table.

minutes later his relatives Arrived, Yao is the eldest with long black hair tied unto a ponytail and brown eyes, Yong Soo the second eldest has black hair and eyes with a fly away curl, Mei the third and only girl has Long light Brown hair and brown eyes, and the youngest Kauro has brown hair and light brown eyes, also to arrive was his cousins Thai and Viet. everyone seated at their seats and began breakfast.

"so Kiku aru? Why did you choose to quit the violin?" Yao asked, he already knows the answer anyway.

"Ehh I`m just not cut out for playing...and I prefer the piano" he lied.

"No way Kiku you play like a pro! You should have continued!" Mei but in.

"Yeah cousin! I mean just because of what happened doesn`t mean-"

"Yong Soo! Enough" Kaoru yelled, Immediately everyone quite down "let`s not remind him of this, and stop forcing him to play"

Everyone was silence and continued on their meal. After breakfast everyone went in the car, they study in Hetalia Academy, Normally Kiku would be enrolled in those prestige Private schools but Kiku was enrolled in one of the most prestige Academies in the country.

Hetalia Academy is the international school for the gifted students and mostly enrolled by the richest students, scholarships are available and the school they noticed it was ridiculously big. There `s a large theater, sports stadium and a lot of buildings, even music and arts building. the dorms is also in campus, it`s usually used by those who live far away from school or immigrates.

"Roddy! did you hear there`s a new student!" an albino with silver hair and red eyes yelled, he was Gilbert Beilschmidt of Hetalia academy.

"Yes Gilbert I heard" the boy with black hair and Violet eye replied he has a wild strand on his hair and a mole on his chin, He`s Roderich Edelstien, and Gilbert`s cousin, he was reading a magazine not even bothering to even look up from his magazine.

Gilbert glared at his cousin not very please of being ignored "what`s more awesome than me!"

Roderich sighed "everything!"

Gilbert got annoyed at grabbed the magazine from his cousins grasp "let me see" he read the article and threw it back to his cousin "Boring" he slicked his hand unto his Silver hair "I know you`re a great musician but really do you have to be jealous of the phantom Violinist!"

"Hey don`t you dare bully my Roderich!" a gilr with light brown hair and green eyes threatened, she is know as Elizabeta Handervary "Or else I`ll whack you with my frying pan"

Gilbert cowered away, last time Elizabeta hit him he was out of commission for two days.

"Hey morning Guys" They turned their heads to face a bespectacled boy with blond hair with a cowlick and bright blue eyes, He`s Alfred F. Jones and behind him is a boy somewhat similar only his hair is longer with a wild curly strand and Violet eyes, Matthew Williams his twin brother, who took in their mother`s last name after their parent`s divorce.

"Morning Alfred, hi Mattie" Gilbert greeted.

"Morning Gil" Matthew greeted as a faint blushed appeared on his cheeks.

"So what ya guys talking about!" Alfred questioned grabbing the magazine, "why is this guy wearing a mask!"

Roderich grabbed the magazine and proceed to read it "it`s the phantom Violinist, he`s the Violin prodigy who wears a mask every time it is said he never gives out personal info, and if ever they need identification he would say he`s name was the Phantom Violinist"

Alfred stared at him confused for a while "why is that"

Roderich sighed "I don`t know"

"Then why are you reading it?" Matthew asked also curious.

"They said the violinist disappeared at his last performance, in the middle of the competition his strings snapped and he left and never showed up again" Roderich replied, raising his glasses to the bridge of his nose "his talent was such a waste"

"Are you guys talking about the Phantom Violinist!" A boy with messy blond hair and emerald green eyes appeared his Eyebrows are fuzzy and he was carrying a violin case with him, he`s Arthur Kirkland an amateur Violinist "I heard he went missing"

"Yeah but don`t worry Artie you might be discovered! Hopefully" Gilbert teased.

Arthur Glared at him "what the bloody hell was that supposed to mean!"

Alfred started laughing "well you're cooking sucks but your playing is equally bad!" he exclaimed.

Alfred and Elizabeta snickered, it was true anyway, Gilbert tried it once and he ended up in the emergency room. Roderich just ignored their teasing and continued on his magazine and Matthew just watched them.

Arthur glared at him before replying "fuck off!"

"venez maintenant mon cher Arthur, You know it`s true" said a new comer, his shoulder length blond hair was tied unto a ponytail, his sapphire eyes was filled with enjoyment, Francis Bonnefoy

"Not you too bloody wine bastard!" Arthur hissed as he crossed his arms.

"Morning Daze!" Yong Soo yelled as he entered the classroom.

"Mornin Yong Soo, Kaoru" Alfred waved as two figures enter the class, "hey have you heard there`s a new student, who would`ve known someone would transfer on the second semester"

"I would because Kiku is my cousin!" he exclaimed proudly.

Alfred was about to make a statement before their teacher entered the room.

"Good morning class please sit down and I will introduce the new student."

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venez maintenant mon cher Arthur - Come now my dear Arthur,

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