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Extra Chapter: His absence

The first thing that hit me when I went for my first day in Jones high when I left for America was that I had nothing to look forward too, he was not here. When I stepped into the doors of my classroom the first thing I did was look at the usual spot where Arthur should have sat…but he wasn`t there… Then I hit me…He wasn`t here, he was back in England. My heart ached and the familiar feeling of loneliness crept into my already breaking heart.

I was rather isolated during my first few weeks; I spoke little and made no friends at all. Some try to befriend me but I push them away. Home sickness was settling down my heart, I was accustomed to my friends back in Hetalia Academy…no back home. But what hit me the most was his absence, the presence that always gave me security, the presence I love the most.

We email each other every day. He tells me about his day and I tell him about mine. I laugh when he tells me the pranks my friends pulled off or the trouble a certain American gotten himself into. I smiled when he tells me that everyone is doing fine. I feel proud when he tells me that he is improving. My hearts swells when he tells me he misses me and waits for my return. I tell him the same, longing to tell him face to face. I miss Arthur so much, I feel so insecure and vulnerable without him. I miss his presence and his absence has greatly affected me.

Nearing the month I made a friend. Her name was Alice Kirkby. She was somewhat like Arthur, sarcastic, potty mouthed, sometimes hot headed, violent when annoyed, but most of all like Arthur she was compassionate, loving, kind, friendly, caring and sweet. She was rather boyish; she said she grew up with three older brothers, being the youngest she said it was bound to happen.

Sometimes when I`m with her I remember Arthur and the longing grows. I miss him dearly, Alice tries to cheer me up whenever she felt that I`ve become gloomy it works but it couldn`t get rid of the feeling completely. I could still feel the longing and sadness I felt on the day I left. On days where the longing worsens the only thing I would look forward for the day was the email from Arthur, which was almost every day.

Surprisingly I survived the whole year; I was starting to feel hollow. I was pretty closed off from everyone at this point. Alice was worried about me; she tries to cheer me up as best as she could. The only salvation I had aside from the emails was playing my violin or any type of music. There are times when people ask me to play. It made me feel better whenever I played. Sometimes I think that Arthur must be doing the same, playing the instrument he loves so much.

I met a Bulgarian named Stoyan, he was a nice guy. He was in a different homeroom last year. When he found out that I transferred from Hetalia Academy he jumped to the gun and started asking about it. I answered as much as I could but he was just too fast. His face was rather excited but he eyes were mixed with worry. I showed him a picture and laughed when he saw Feliciano, apparently they met as kids and he used to hit him with a stick.

When I asked him why he wanted to know about the academy he admitted that the person he loves was supposed to attend the academy that year. The person`s name was Vlad and he was entering his first year a year below us. He told me that when he was younger he met him when they were children when Vlad transferred to his hometown in Bulgaria when he was eight. The boy as he said was rather different, he was a vampire fan and that he even has a strange canine. He told me he fell in love with him when he was twelve, and to this day and I`m sure in the future day ahead he still will.

He gave me advice. He told me that I was lucky, that Arthur felt the same. Vlad as he said was young at heart and wasn`t thinking about relationships, he never gave any indication that he liked someone but that doesn`t mean that he would ruin their friendship by telling him how he felt. Stoyan frowned at me when I admitted I was being depressed and was thinking of returning instead. He told me that the first few months were hard, when he was thirteen Vlad had to move back to Romania. By this time Stoyan started to cry. He hasn`t seen Vlad for three years. The only thing that kept him sane were the letters they send each other, just like the emails Arthur and I exchange. He told me that I mustn't give up, that I should think of this as a test, as he said "distance makes the heart grow stronger."

Some would say after a few months of being apart from the person you love the feeling would just vanish but Stoyan was right, my feelings for Arthur never vanished. Alice and Stoyan were encouraging me to stay strong. I tried my best, even when I feel so depressed I just thought of seeing Arthur again. I just kept thinking that Arthur is waiting for me and is supporting my decision. I was quite sure that time that even if Arthur stopped waiting for me I would return to him.

Every day I write to him and he would reply. He keeps telling me how much he can`t wait to see me and how everyone was doing. I would tell him how I was doing and that I missed him too and would encourage him on his practices telling him how proud I' am of him and how much I can`t wait to see him. Sometimes I look at his picture within my locket and would smile fondly. I have to keep moving because Arthur wasn`t giving in and I have to do the same even if the longing was unbearable.

A few years later I was in college, I enrolled in a state university along with Alice. Stoyan had received a Scholarship in another school so he didn't go to the same university. It was during this year that my mood lightened. During the first day of math I noticed a very familiar voice ringing inside the room, the same laugh that got Arthur to twitch every time. I looked around the room and saw a very familiar cowlick. The first thing I did when I saw it was call Alfred`s name and when the head turned I was met with very familiar blue eyes.

It was nice to have a familiar face around. Alfred was still the loud and hyper blonde American I knew. He told me a lot of things that I`ve missed. It made me laugh and smile I was glad that they were all fine. Alfred was still the same hyper active blond that never fails to make others laugh or make Arthur twitch in annoyance. I laughed at his stories of his adventures and smiled whenever he told me about Arthur. Alfred told me about Arthur`s progress and I was so proud, even if Arthur would tell me anyway hearing it from someone who saw and heard him play made me even prouder. With Alfred around it made me feel even better especially since he`s my friend and his presence made the loneliness subside a little.

I introduced Alfred and Alice and I could have expected worse. For some reason Alice couldn't stand Alfred, something about noisy obnoxious blonde American. It reminded me of Arthur a little, sometimes he couldn`t stand him either. I laughed whenever they argue sometimes it reminds me so much of Arthur. They seem to have no patience for each other but I could tell they consider each other as friends. But as fun as it is sometimes Alfred gets hurt. I can`t help but think that maybe they like each other, I mean Alfred whenever we`re alone would rant about Alice and with Alice it`s the same. Besides they look cute together, I think they balance each other out.

When I told Arthur off my suspicion he told me he did as well, because even Alfred would complain about Alice in his emails for Arthur. I smiled Alfred needed someone after all. Apparently a lot of my friends have found their other half and only Alfred was left. I laughed inside because Alice and Alfreed would make an eccentric couple.

A few months after my first year Arthur has become famous, after his debut he became an instant hit. I congratulated him when he gave me the news and Gilbert sent me a video, which made me wonder since I know videos aren`t allowed in the theatre. His music was so beautiful, so full of emotion. It made my heart swell with the familiar feeling of love and fondness. He was getting better he even reached here in America, he was the talk of the town and everyone like the music he played. Not everyone is still into classical but still he made them listen, his music demanded attention and they gave it to him. But sometimes I fear that another thing that helped him was his face because some girls from my classes keeps on cooing on how cute he made me irritated. Alfred was proud of his best friend and asked (forced) Alice and I out to celebrate. It was a fun night we ate out and hung around we even caught a movie.

A few years have passed and until now he was becoming even more famous. He has written a few more songs and was asked to guess for special events. It was all over the news and more people are listening about him. For me a few people still recognized me and asked me to play but I was outshined by Arthur. Sometimes I felt like he was moving farther from me but Arthur would prove me wrong, he would right to me every day telling me how much he missed me and how much he wants to see me. I felt the same always holding unto the locket he gave me. I can`t wait to see him, I missed him so much. Sometimes I could feel the longing but what kept me going is the knowledge that Arthur was still walking forward and the words that Stoyan told me.

Here I 'am a medical student in my fourth year getting ready to head out to do some research. But I have some kind of feeling that today would be great day, I don`t know why but I just had to follow my instinct.

Even if his absence would depress me it`s knowing that he loves me is what kept me going.

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