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The Secret Lovin' in the Office

The ding of the elevator alerted FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth from his confusing thoughts, as he stepped out and started making his way to his office. The current case that he and the squints at the Jeffersonian had just completed just made him want to rip his hair in frustration, but also at the same time, it also made him want to hit his forehead in stupidity simply because of how easy the investigation was for him.

It was one of those cases that had the old cliché. A happily married couple (once upon a time), but as the years went by things started to change. Lots of fights would begin, they would lose distrust in each other and the wife would find comfort with another man.

This time, she found that with her brother-in-law.

The husband would then find out, kill his brother with a gun and tries to hide the evidence and buries the body in a hidden location. Somehow the body would then be rediscovered and the FBI would then launch a murder investigation to find out the truth. And those points had exactly happened. Bones made the conclusion with the evidence that the brother did it, he confessed and that was the end of that.

It only took the FBI and the Jeffersonian a few days to complete the case, and that was just fine with Booth. He really wanted the investigation to be over, the feelings of exhaustion of working consistently for the last few weeks was making him feel more tired than he should be. He would only sleep for about three hours as soon as he got home from work, was requested to complete additional work hours for undercover missions and completing huge amounts of paperwork. Even though he didn't like some of those points that were involved in his career, Booth knew that was the work that was required by every FBI Agent and had to accept it. And they were other good aspects of being of a FBI Agent that outnumbered the bad and that's all that really mattered to the father of one.

Booth was now halfway to his destination, when he suddenly heard some strange noises coming from one of the nearby offices. Normally at this time of night, the other agents (except the boss, perhaps) would've left by now and were enjoying the start of their weekend. He found it really strange that any of them would still be working, so he decided to have a little look to see if everything was alright, or maybe he could provide some assistance to him or her.

But as he got to the open doorway, his eyes suddenly widen with surprise and his jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw what was happening in front of him.

Two familiar friends and co-workers that Booth got along really well with were in the middle of something...intimate. The two of them were currently naked, their clothes were scattered all over the floor. Muscles and abs were on display on their chests and arms and it was obvious that that both Special Agent Corey Peterson and Special Agent Paul Stevens that their cocks were fully erected because of their current activities.

Peterson was using his arms and the upper parts of his body to lean on his desk, while his ass was sticking up in the air. Stevens was standing very close behind him shoving his cock in and out of his lover's asshole while the sounds of moans and groans filled the room.

"Oh fuck, Corey go faster," begged Peterson with a moan.

"Just like this." Stevens changed the angle of his thrusts hitting the prostrate almost straightaway.

"Yes. YES! Just like that."

Booth continued to watch with awe and with arousal. He had no idea that sex between two men looked so hot. The way Stevens was thrusting in and out so fast and the image of seeing his long rod reappearing and disappearing inside Peterson's tight hole was making his own cock stand uncomfortably in his tight pants. In a way, Booth was horrified to realize that he found this so hot and wanted to wank off while he watched the action in front of him. Having no girlfriends, let alone dates for the last year was probably the reason why he thought any sex he witnessed these days would make him nearly cum in his pants.

He knew that he had to get out of there before the two guys reach their climax and notice him standing by the doorway and so he turned away, the last thing he saw and heard was Peterson ejaculating in Steven's hand as the latter screamed in satisfaction making Booth realize that he reached his high and released his load in Peterson's ass.

Booth ran back to his office, quickly taking off his 'cocky' belt buckle and undid his pants, pushing them and his boxers down his legs until they reached his ankles. Without even thinking of closing the doors or his curtains, he closed his fist around his ten inch cock and began to wank.

"Wow what a show!"

The FBI Agent was completely focused on getting some sexual release that he didn't notice Dr Hodgins standing at his doorway with perhaps the same reaction that Booth had when he saw Peterson and Stevens doing just moments ago. Booth quickly looked away, his face turning red from embarrassment.

For a moment the two men didn't say a word, wondering if the other person would say something to stop the awkward moment between them. But when Booth chose to remain quiet and not say a word, Hodgins decided to take charge. He closed the door behind him, pulled the curtains to give them some privacy and walked towards the FBI Agent. He knew that this was the time for some fun, and since he was single and wasn't in any relationships since Angela, he thought why not try something new and exciting with an extremely handsome sexy man who was also single.

"You got hard because you saw those two men didn't you?" asked Hodgins with a smirk.

"But how did you..."

"I saw you watching the action." Seeing the confused look on Booth's face, he continued. "You were standing there for a while and I got out of the elevator just before, I noticed that you were watching the two men having sex." Since he was now just standing inches away from Booth, the bug man was able to tug playfully on the tip of Booth's erected penis which resulted with a low moan from Booth.

"Let's try it," came the unexpected hoarse response from the FBI Agent.

With an eager nod from Hodgins, he bended down and started licking around Booth's hugely erected member.

Unfortunately due to the fact of watching the man on man action with Stevens and Peterson and the feel of Hodgin's tongue, he soon released a loud moan, as he came hard and watched with darkening eyes seeing his seed come pouring out and into Hodgin's mouth. The only thing that saved Booth from total embarrassment and humiliation was the fact that his cock was still strong as steel and was ready for another round.

Licking his lips of the leftovers that he could feel around his mouth, Hodgins looked up and saw Booth's face and noticed how red he was. He didn't think that Booth releasing so soon was anything to be embarrassed about. In fact it was totally hot.

They looked in each other's eyes for a moment, wondering if they should continue more, but those doubts quickly disappeared when they put their arms around each other and kissed furiously.

Lips were touching lips, tongues were fighting for dominance and hands were sliding under each other's shirts to touch any available skin. Soon all their clothing were ripped and thrown to the floor, Booth decided to turn to turn the tables with the entomologist and thought he should take control of their activities. He admired Hodgin's erected penis for a few moments before pushing him onto a nearby lounge and started walking towards him.

"What do you want me to do Booth?" smirked Hodgins arrogantly. "You want to experiment things like those two men were doing."

"Oh hell yeah," panted Booth in reply. Both of them were now naked and alone in FBI office and all Booth was imagining in his mind were those two men and the muscles on their bodies and the amazing length of both of their cocks. He thought that his was huge, but to see Peterson, Stevens and now Hodgins in the late few minutes made his mouth water. For all of his teenage and adult years, Booth always thought that to feel the curves of a woman's body was something to treasure and admire while making love to them, but he was now changing his mind. Being close to a man's body was something that could him aroused and hot. He had always had feelings for Bones for four nearly five years and wanted nothing more to admit how he truly felt to her, however in the back of his mind were his lingering doubts that the anthropologist would never return his feelings and that it was just a waste of time.

No, he wouldn't think of Bones right now when he had an available man right in front of him, who also wanted to experience things like he did.

"Lay across the lounge," commanded Booth with a husky tone and watched with delight when Hodgins quickly followed his instructions. He let a loud gran when he saw the bug man raised his eyebrow, thinking that it was extremely sexy.

He got on the couch, his body looming over Hodgins and started to grind his crouch with the other man. They both released pleasurable moans when they felt the close contact of their erected cocks touching each other. Hodgins grabbed the back of Booth's head and pulled him forward for a furious kiss, their tongues immediately making contact with sucks and licks.

Out of nowhere, Booth produced a bottle of lube from behind a pillow, making Hodgins think that perhaps the FBI Agent was keen on the man on man action. He decided to ignore the questions that were on his mind and watched with delight as Booth opened the bottle, poured some in his hand and started rubbing the lube that he was in his hand and rubbed it all over his cock.

Without warning, Booth shoved his cock in Hodgin's tight hole, hoping that he made the right decision. The first time was always painful, he knew from experience.

Once he saw Hodgins relaxing his body, and opened his eyes with the look on pleasure on his face Booth knew that the bug man wasn't feeling the pain anymore and it was his turn to bring the other man pleasure. He started thrusting in and out, enjoying the feel of his cock inside Hodgin's asshole, wanting more than anything to bring both of them to their highs together.

"Oh fuck Booth," Hodgins released a loud moan, tilting his head backwards while his neck was touching the pillow that was behind him. "Go faster, oh g-god go faster."

Booth increased the speed, pushing as much of his cock as he could time and time again. He noticed Hodgin's neglected cock standing upwards and proud and thought he should do something about it. Grabbing it firmly in his grip, Booth started pumping Hodgins at the same time with his own thrusts.

Booth could feel that Hodgins was getting close; his tight hole was tightening with every thrust he made.

The moans and groans got louder and the pumping and thrusting got faster. Both of the guys loved it.

"God, you're feeling so tight," growled Booth. "I want to cum inside you. What do you think about that?"

"I-I wo-would love that." As soon as he said those words, Hodgins released a loud grunt and moan, as he released himself in huge squirts, once, twice, three times, the cum came out of the tip and all of it was spread all over his lower abdomen and in Booth's hand and this sent Booth over the edge as well, his seed bursting out in huge squirts inside Hodgin's ass and all over the sofa lounge.

While the two guys fell to the floor, their energy completely drained. They didn't say a word for the next few minutes, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of their heavy breathing, as they tried to comprehend the events of what just happened in the room.

But they were both thinking the very same thing: They both wanted to do this again and again and again.


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