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The Fun at the Nudist Club

As Seeley Booth stepped outside from his cabin and began to walk towards the swimming pool, he couldn't help but think of the average sized man with brown hair and beard that was currently in the pool doing laps.

He just couldn't stop thinking about him.

Since arriving at the caravan park three days ago, the father of one was trying his best to enjoy his holiday, and with the warm weather and the friendly tourists that were also on holiday, it would make anyone and be more incentive to relax more and have a good time. To Booth however, his definition of fun was staying inside his cabin all day and night and spy on all the attractive single men and their hot looking bodies.

Unfortunately for Booth, all the men that were on holiday were with their girlfriends or wives leaving the FBI Agent alone and quite miserable; at least for the first two nights of his holiday.

His luck changed the next night when the arrival of a single man staying in the cabin next door and gave him a bit more positivity. The man was quite mysterious like himself, he didn't talk or socialise to the other tourists and never went out anywhere; the same qualities that he was doing on this holiday. Was it possible that the other man was gay?

At first, Booth thought he wouldn't get his chance to find out more about the stranger and was starting to lose hope of getting any man on man action at all for the rest of his holiday, and in his misery for the rest of the night was sexually relieving himself while watching porn till he fell asleep.

It was during the early hours of the morning when his little round of depression completely disappeared. He slowly opened his eyes just after 1am in the morning and noticed that the television was still on and realized that he left it on for all those hours that he was sleeping. Call it his gut instinct or a crazy sixth sense, but Booth felt that something wasn't alright and slowly turned around.

And there he was, the mysterious man from next door was standing outside his window wanking to his gay movie. Booth turned his head and quickly laid back on his pillow so the other man wouldn't be caught in the act and went back to sleep with a smile on his face, completely relieved that there was another gay man on holiday at the caravan park, and the fact that was going to get some action at long last.

Shaking his thoughts out of his head, Booth was surprised to realize that while he was thinking of the last few days of his holiday, his feet somehow led him to the swimming pool and was now watching the mysterious man starting to dry off from his swim.

The guy quickly turned around when he suddenly saw Booth standing there naked with a huge erection, his towel fell to the ground completely forgotten, while at the same time his eyes widening with shock. Not only because of how deliciously hot the other man's cock was, but also the fact that the more he looked at it, his own cock was getting bigger and harder by the second.

Booth closed the gap between them and started to tug at the other man's erected member, and smirked at the loud moan that was released. "My name's Booth and I got to say that I was really surprised at your bravery last night."

"Ohhhh...yeahhhhh," the other man moaned. "I'm Hodgins and I-I ha-have n-no idea what you're talking about."

"Oh come on, don't deny it," Booth chuckled. "I saw you wanking outside my window to one of my gay porn dvds last night. Did you find it really sexy to watch two men having that sort of fun together?"

"Fuck yeah," Hodgins panted back. "At one point, I was thinking of knocking on your door so we could have some fun together."

"I wish you did." Booth could feel some of his precum squirting out of his tip and could hear it dripping down to the ground like a hose. He grabbed Hodgin's solid rod and started to pump it at a steady pace, but when he looked up to stare at this attractive stranger, his brow furrowed when he saw the look of panic that was on his face. "What's wrong mate? Am I really that good, or you gonna cum on the spot?"

Hodgins shook his head; his voice was squeaky and high pitched due to his anxiety. "I think you should stop oh yeah and...I should re-return to my cabin."

That made Booth more confused. "Nobody's going to see us at this time of night. Its midnight and everyone would be in bed by now. What's the real reason?"

"Just what I said, I need to return back to my cabin." Hodgins had to admit that the feel of Booth's hand on his rod was amazing; he just didn't want to say to this good looking man the embarrassing reason for his rush.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

Hodgins released a loud sigh. "No, I'm not alright." He had no choice but to tell the truth. "I need to pee really bad."

At first Booth started to laugh, thinking it was some joke or something. However his laughter quickly disappeared when Hodgins started jumping on the spot, the same look of panic that was expressed on his face was still there.

"I'm not kidding alright; I really need to use the toilet right away!"

Booth had to admit that seeing Hodgins all freaked out and panicky was quite amusing to watch, but it also made him confused about why he needed to use the toilet so badly. "Hodgins, you know us guys can do our business anywhere. Just go behind a tree and do it."

Unfortunately for Hodgins, he wasn't really listening to Booth at the moment. All he could do at that very moment was to try and not make an embarrassing scene. "I-I-I d-don't t-think that's a g-good idea."

"You got nothing to worry about," reassured Booth, who was trying his best to not to laugh out loud. "It's only the two of us here and as I said before, everyone is in bed at the moment. We're all alone, just the two of us."

Hearing the seductive words coming out of Booth's mouth was making Hodgins turned on like never before, plus the repetitive motions of his hand rubbing and squeezing his cock.

Hodgins knew there was no way he was going to make it back to his cabin in time and his brain wasn't processing Booth's idea to go behind a tree. Seconds went by and still Booth was still wanking him off and soon it was too late.

Straight away, Booth could feel some unexpected liquid squirting all over his hand and wondered what it was. It didn't take long for the FBI Agent to realize what just happened and glanced down at the other man's crotch. He could clearly see Hodgin's cock was still erected and it had been that way since he saw Hodgins dropped his towel just moments ago; it was something else that caught his attention however. Looking directly at the tip, it was easy to tell even from the poor lighting around the pool where the unexpected liquid was, as he saw Hodgins piss come pouring out against his will.

As he could feel his piss come pouring out and onto the ground below, Hodgins tried to look away from Booth and not show how truly embarrassed he was.

But unknown to Hodgins, Booth was paying close attention to the scene in front of him. The more he watched the golden liquid running down Hodgin's thighs and legs, the more his erection got harder. He was really close to grabbing his own member and to start wanking off this very unexpected but sexy scene. This was just as better as his gay dvds back at his cabin.

And still, it kept coming.

Booth was only now realizing why Hodgins was in a rush to go back to his cabin, he was really busting to use the toilet and his attempts to give him a handjob probably made things even worse for the other man. He looked at Hodgins and saw the redness on his face due to his belief that the man was embarrassed, and knew he had to do something to cheer him up. He walked closer to him, straight away feeling the golden liquid squirting all over his chest and cock. Booth had to bite his lip to stop himself from moaning out loud.

"Hey mate," Booth called out. "It's alright..."

"No Booth, it's not alright!" Hodgins whispered harshly. "I just pissed myself in front of you, for crying out loud!"

As Hodgins looked away and more piss came out, Booth knew that right now he had to make a decision. And he knew just what he had to do. Closing the distance between them, Booth grabbed Hodgins face with both of his hands and kissed him slowly, but passionately.

Straightaway, Booth could feel Hodgins responding to the kiss, their tongues intertwining and their mouths practically eating each other. Once Booth could tell that Hodgins was now distracted and enjoying the kiss, he decided that this was the right moment.

With their arms around each other and their mouths entangled, Booth decided to let go of his own bladder, hoping it would relax the other man and to make him feel better. Even if it did help in the slightest. "See, it's alright Hodgins. You got nothing to worry about."

"Ar-are you...?"

"Yes, see it can happen to anybody."

Booth inwardly sighed to himself, as he grabbed Hodgins for another kiss. This time however, it was passionate and fierce.

He was glad that he made the right decision, his actions were helping Hodgins to calm down and because of that, Hodgins was now able to get in the moment. Booth was finally getting some man on man action, and he didn't mind in the least that their urine was squirting all over each other's chest and cocks.

The both of them thought it was quite arousing, in a very unexpected way.

Once they could feel the final drops of liquid run out, the two men broke apart from their embrace and each of them smiled to let the other know that what happened was more than alright and that there was nothing to worry about.

"Since we both smell like urine, how about we go back to my cabin to clean ourselves up?" suggested Booth with an arrogant smirk.

"Yeah, let's do that," Hodgins hurriedly replied without hesitation. The many thoughts were now going through his mind and it didn't include a shower by himself.

Booth quickly grabbed the other man's hand and the two of them quickly ran back to the cabin, knowing that their night was just about to get started.


As soon as Booth and Hodgins were inside and the door was shut, the two naked guys eagerly ran to the bathroom and into the shower, feeling the coolness of the water hitting their bodies and cleaning off the arousing mess that was all over the lower parts of their bodies.

Once their hair was wet and their bodies were dripping of water, Booth immediately went down on his knees, his mouth was desperate to taste and suck on the magnificent object in front of him between his lips. He engulfed Hodgin's erected member at once and went straight to work, moving upwards and downwards at a fast and steady pace.

Hodgins was already groaning with pleasure, his head tipped back while his mouth was hanging open due to the wonderful sensation.

Booth was determined to do things fast, as he continued to make swift movements with his mouth and tongue on Hodgin's cock at first, sucking the tip, licking off any precum he found there and swallowed it in his mouth. He was like a hungry beast who hadn't had a meal in ages, and he wanted more than anything to make sure he was the one that would make Hodgins reached his climax, and to taste his delicious seed. Good god, it felt like ages for Booth since the last time he was intimate with another man.

But just as quickly, Booth changed his mind. He didn't want Hodgins to cum just from a blowjob, even if he was fantastic at them. He wanted this sexy man to reach his peek until he had his own cock in Hodgin's tight asshole. He slowly pulled away and stood up, his eyes hazing with lust. It was his turn to take control of the situation.

"Face the shower and stick your ass in the air," Booth commanded with a husky tone.

Hodgins did as he was told and was whimpering with excitement and then released another pleasurable moan as he felt the slight pain and arousal of another man's cock in his tight hole. Booth smirked and slammed his member back inside, trying to get a rhythm going.

Hearing all the wanton moans and groans coming out of Hodgins's mouth made Booth's ego reach sky high and started to thrust his cock in and out, knowing that it won't take long for them to reach their highs.

"Oh yeah Booth, fuck my tight hole," panted Hodgins, enjoying both the feel of the water from the shower running down his back and the amazing feel of this guy's cock. He could feel that he was getting close.

And so did Booth.

He grabbed Hodgin's waist and pressed himself deeper inside each time hitting his prostate, his hips pumping in and out and was getting more faster by the second.

"You feel amazing," Booth loudly moaned. "and I can't wait till I cum deep inside your hole."

Hearing those last few words was enough to push Hodgins over the edge, his hand holding his erected member and squirted his cum all over the shower tiles. Booth continued to fuck Hodgin's arse for a few more strokes before he pulled out and sprayed his release all over Hodgin's lower back and arse cheeks.

Unable to keep up with their standing positions any longer, Booth and Hodgins slid down the shower doors until they landed on their butts in the middle of the shower, the water splashing all over their bodies.

For the rest of the night, the two of them stayed up with continuous rounds of sex into the early hours of the morning.

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