Summary: Betrayed and killed by the one they considered their best friend, Harry and Hermione made a different decision when they found themselves at King's Cross station. They chose to travel in a alternate universe and create a normal life for themselves. But of course as Harry Potter doesn't do normal he finds himself in 1962 in a world in which Grindelwald escapes from Nurmerngard and continues his war against muggles and Tom Riddle is the DADA professor. Not to mention that Voldemort is not happy being left behind and follows them in this dimension with an unknown plan in mind...What kind of destiny will they carve for themselves as they prepare to start Hogwarts as first year students? Also, a new prophecy is made...

Warnings: Slash, violence, humor, some Dumbledore bashing, swearing, Grey! Harry and Hermione etc.

Pairings: LV/HP, HG/SS


Ron stared at the lifeless corpses of Harry and Hermione in morbid fascination. He did it! He really did it! He managed to destroy the last horcrux of You-know-who! Sure, he killed his two best friends in the process but who cares about that? Now the Dark Lord wasn't immortal anymore and could be defeated once and for all.

He ignored the tears that were falling down his cheeks. After all, he did what needed to be done for the sake of the whole world. He hadn't wanted to do it but he was the only one that Harry trusted enough to let his guard down with and thus become vulnerable to an attack. Hermione wasn't even supposed to die! Nosy women! She just had to jump in front of the Avada Kadevra curse to save Harry. Oh well, the shock of seeing her dead made Harry a sitting duck. So easy to kill...

He had to do it! It was the task left for him by Dumbledore. It was for the greater good, really! why did he feel like the filthiest man on earth?

A gasp of surprise made Ron turn around and confront the shocked students that were trying to hide from the Death Eaters. Neville and Ginny, the ones that were leading them to a safe place, took in with an expression of denial the fuming tip of Ron's wand, the crazy grin that he wore on his tear stained face and the dead bodies of their friends that formed a macabre picture from one of the worst sort of nightmares.

"Ron...what did you do?"

HP-Chronic Hero Syndrome

Harry's eyes slid to the wailing baby found in the arms of Hermione Granger, in a disbelieving way, not being able to wrap his mind around the fact that said baby was the horcrux that resided within him. A part of Voldemort.

There was only silence surrounding him in that moment, even the train's eerie whistle not making any sound, the baby's cries being all the louder because of that, catching all of his attention.

He couldn't help the flinch he got when the baby's wailing grew stronger. 'Hypocrite!' his mind all but berated him for his line of thought.

After all, he should remember all too well the time when he was just like that, crying in a house filled with people that hated and feared him, thought to be evil, a freak, before he even knew the meaning of the words. He couldn't let his prejudice override his common sense. He knew that, in truth, regardless of whatever sins Voldemort had, this unfortunate baby didn't deserve to suffer for them.

Hermione glared at the headmaster while gently rocking the baby back and forth trying to get him to calm down.

"You can't kill him, Harry! He's just an innocent even if he is a part of Voldemort" said Hermione with a determination that was rivaling the one she had while fighting for the house-elves.

"Don't worry, 'Mione. I didn't plan to."

"But you must Harry!" said Dumbledore with a small frown. Oddly, the sight reminded Harry of fourth year. Dumbledore had frowned when Harry had told him about Voldemort using Harry's blood to get his body back. Right after he smiled.

"You planned this from the very beginning, didn't you?"

Dumbledore had the grace to look away. "Not from the very beginning."

Harry's eyes narrowed. "Maybe not from the night I defeated Voldemort as a baby but you had ten years after that to form a plan. And the plan was for me to sacrifice everything for the sake of the world, isn't that right? That's why our DA classes were a joke all these years. You didn't want me to learn how to fight. You wanted me to stand there and die."

"But it isn't permanent, Harry. Not for you."

"Maybe. But it is for the people that had died in the war, isn't it? It is for Sirius," Harry said in a small voice, trying to reign his rage. "Do you realize old man," he said while fixing Dumbledore with a cold glare that made the headmaster flinch, "how many people could have been saved if I had proper training?"

"Harry, everything was for the best! Trust me, I understand your pain and it burdens me. Alas, it is a burden that I must bear for the sake of the greater good. You, my dear boy, should just follow my plan and you'll see that everything will work out the way that it should."said Dumbledore with his best grandfatherly look.

"For the greater good, right?"


The baby had finally stopped crying. Harry watched as the baby's eyes fluttered shut under the loving embrace of Hermione. She would have been a great mother but now she wouldn't have the chance. Because of him. Because she died trying to save him from Ron., he couldn't deal with that issue now. It hurt too much to even think about it.

"What about Hermione? Can she return with me?"

A mournful expression appeared on the Headmaster face. "Yes, Miss Granger. A terrible mistake on the part of your friend. Her brilliance will be a great loss but I'm afraid that she must move forward now and embark on the new great adventure."

Harry felt Hermione stiffen beside him and put his hands on her shoulders to let her know that he wouldn't leave her alone. She was like the sister he never had, always there when he needed her. Even when everybody believed the worst of him she stayed by his side and supported him. He wasn't about to abandon her now. Not when he knew the betrayal they just suffered hit her even worst than it hit him.

"I know this must be very hard for you, my boy but, like I said, there comes a time when we must chose between what is easy and what is right..." the headmaster trailed off seeing a glowing light envelop his former students.

Said students were as surprised as him while they watched the bundle resting in the arms of Hermione emanating a warm light and evaporating at the same time.

Harry suddenly knew. Knew what he could do so that he and Hermione both had a chance for a new life. He didn't know where he got the knowledge from, and to be frank, he didn't gave a damn.

He watched the man he once considered a grandfather with growing sadness. He knew Dumbledore wasn't evil, that he truly believed that what he was doing was for the sake of the world, but that didn't change the fact that his methods made him no better than Voldemort in Harry's eyes.

"And I choose, Professor," said Harry as a mean of goodbye while he took the hands of a bewildered Hermione in his own, "to do what is right. And while it will be easy to abandon my friend and return to the living world alone I will do what is right and try to give both of us a chance to a new life."

"You will abandon the Wizarding World to Voldemort? Have you already forgotten the Prophecy?" asked Dumbledore with a sharp tone, his frown growing darker with each passing second.

"The prophecy is null and void now, Professor. Or have you forgotten that I'm already dead? Without horcruxes Voldemort is mortal and can be easily killed by anybody. It's not my obligation to return only so I can become a murderer for the sake of your "greater good"."

"Harry?" asked Hermione with incertitude.

But Harry didn't answer, only giving her a warm smile. He closed his eyes and enveloped her in a embrace. With Dumbledore's shouts ringing in his ears, both of them fell through time and space...