Summary: Betrayed and killed by the one they considered their best friend, Harry and Hermione made a different decision when they found themselves at King's Cross station. They chose to travel in a alternate universe and create a normal life for themselves. But of course as Harry Potter doesn't do normal he finds himself in 1962 in a world in which Grindelwald escapes from Nurmerngard and continues his war against muggles and Tom Riddle is the DADA professor. Not to mention that Voldemort is not happy being left behind and follows them in this dimension with an unknown plan in mind...What kind of destiny will they carve for themselves as they prepare to start Hogwarts as first year students? Also, a new prophecy is made...

Warnings: Slash, violence, humor, some Dumbledore bashing, swearing, Grey! Harry and Hermione etc.

Beware of bad grammar, typos and spelling mistakes!

Pairings: LV/HP, HG/SS



/mental speach/


Owls swept in the Grand Hall with a flourish dropping their burden to their intended receivers. It seemed to be just a normal everyday delivery. After all everyone was subscribed to the Daily Prophet these days. Even muggleborn students were advised to make a subscription to the newspaper when they were introduced to the Wizarding World as, considering the dangerous times they lived in, keeping in touch with current events was a matter of survival. However the sudden buzzing noise of chatter that filled the Hall after the newspaper was rolled open was anything but normal. The news weren't usually that exciting. Curios, James Potter opened up his own copy of Daily Prophet.


The Ancient and Noble House of Black targeted by compulsion webs!
Who will be next?

By Leona Skeeter

He eyed the title skeptically before delving deeper into the article. The Black playing the victim's role? He had to read more of this tragic play. The rest of the Hall didn't share his skeptical view though. Actually they were rather worried. Some more than the others.

The Hufflepuffs were, putting it frankly, horrified that there actually existed someone out there awful enough to be capable of stripping others of their free will for their entire lives with no remorse. It was worse than killing them outright, this half life they were forced to live as mere puppets. They couldn't even imagine how the victims of such a vile curse felt like. How much they suffered. Suddenly, the meal spread in front of them didn't seem as appetizing as before.

At the Ravenclaw table however the students, though properly worried, were more concerned of how the casting of such a complex magics was even possible. The requirements needed to be able to cast such a curse were very hard to fulfill after all. Power, knowledge of Black Magics, a deep understanding of the mind and the sheer will to dominate others. To them the individual capable of casting such curse was much more worthy of their worry than the curse itself. If the man took a stand in the war it could prove fatal for many, no matter the side he choose to fight on.

In Griffindor the opinions were split. On one side, they agreed with the spirit promoted by the webs. On the other they loathed the foul, Slytherin even, way the caster went about it. One thing they were certain of by the end of the article though was that their respect for Sirius Black went up a notch. Though sorted in Slytherin the first year demonstrated the courage coveted by Griffindor when choosing to either live free of the web or die trying to achieve the desired freedom.

Slytherins however, well, they were understandably the most panicked bunch at the news in the article. They understood best the ramification such a web could have – on them, on their family, House, beliefs and future. The consequences were monstrous and were making their head spin as more and more of the possible effects of such an web popped in their head. Though they kept their composure, refusing to appear shaken in any way in front of the other houses and professors, their minds were already working on possible ways to defend themselves against the curse. And going through the network consisting of their relatives, friends, allies, rivals and acquaintances trying to see if any could possibly be under such an web. And wondering if perhaps they themselves were. And thinking of so many other things at the same time that not even five minutes after reading the article most of them had mountain sized headaches.

The professors were of the same general idea - ignoring the matter of morality, ignoring whether forcing pro-muggles feelings was good or bad, ignoring even the dark, no, black nature of the curse there was just one thing they couldn't ignore. No matter what. And that thing was the fact that the victims were mostly put under the curse when they were mere children. That was inadmissible. For them, as teachers, as professors, as mentors to the future generations there was no bigger crime than attacking a child. A defenseless one as the victims barely started or didn't even start to control their power when attacked. It made their blood boil no matter their allegiances. Children were sacred, and that was that.

Professor McGonagall, though being in the same mind about the whole affair as the rest of her colleagues, had another thought circling her mind. Was it possible that Hadrian Fowl was put by the Malfoys under a compulsion web? It was certainly possible as she could see no other explication for the blatant disrespect he showed Dumbledore. He certainly seemed a sweet boy before the Slytherins got their hands on him, brave and courageous. She wouldn't put past the Malfoys to do such a thing either...

The idea definitively deserved to be given proper attention.

"So," the first year started conversationally after calmly folding up the newspaper and putting it down. "What do you think?"

"Well," his companion answered just as calmly after hastily swallowing the last bit of the sausage he was eating, "not to be a spoilsport or anything mate but I think they really are blowing it out of proportion here. I mean, I do understand where they are coming from and all that and but still, you know" he said, shrugging helplessly at the end.

"They are from a dark family Frank, the darkest in England in fact, what do you expect?" the Griffindor snorted derisively. "Not to mention that the web wasn't doing anything that bad - just making some people more tolerable of muggleborns. But of course for the Blacks there is no greater evil than that," he continued bitterly eying the empty places at the Slytherin table.

Across the table a seventh year red-head Griffindor girl heard him and scowled while her friend, a blond witch narrowed her blue eyes at them.

"You better shut up firstie," Edwina Bones snapped, "before you make a fool of yourself. Oh wait -it's a bit too late for that. I swear Molly," she said as she turned towards her amused redhead friend, " the quality of Griffindor firsties drops a little each year!"she said exasperated at her house growing stupidity before proceeding to ignore said firsties completely.

James glared a her but since she was his senior he refrained from snapping back a retort.

"If she knew how prejudiced and bigoted the Black really are she wouldn't talk," he said with a scowl to his companions. "That's without even mentioning their love for Dark Arts.

"But isn't your mother a Black, too?" Peter asked then, a confused frown on his face. James scowled at him. He made to open his mouth - "Wonder where the so called hero has gone to", Frank said on a musing tone, sighing in relief when he saw James turn thoughtful. He liked James, he was a great bloke really, loving pranks and hating Slytherins, the best friend he could get but still that didn't meant he liked having to hear him ranting so early in the morning. He glanced from the corner of his eye at Peter and grimaced in disgust. How he had managed to get into Griffindor he will never know, acting so submissive all the time, no trace of backbone in his whole body and always cowering when faced with the smallest of threats. Pathetic.

Made for a good servant though, always eager to please just so that he could continue to leach off their popularity. James sure picked them good although Frank was sure he didn't actually think of Peter as anything less as a friend. At least not consciously, James was too honorable for that, but the way he treated the mousy Griffindor made up for it. Being surrounded by servants most of his life Frank was sure that James considered the fact that Peter always listened to his orders and requests normal but Frank could see what his fellow first year truly was. A pathetic coward unfit for Griffindor.

"I bet Black and Snape are poisoning his mind as we speak," James said, envy and anger intertwined in his voice. "Since hanging out with those snakes Hadrian started to turn darker and darker and now, now he's a snake himself," the boy hissed still stung by the refusal of his friendship. "I can't believe I actually thought him to a hero, a true Griffindor only for him to betray everyone and get sorted into Slytherin. Dumbledore was right. Now that he was adopted by the Malfoys even if he isn't evil at the moment he will become so soon . More so since he is surrounded by those slimy snakes all the time," James said stabbing furiously at the food in his plate with his fork.

"Of course, of course," a new voice interfered, its owner, a redhead, nodding sagely. He was taller, by a one or two inches, than James and dressed in the customary Hogwarts robes with the Griffindor signet on front. His face was the picture of solemnity while his eyes, that were blue and twinkling mischievously, were fixed on the forms of James and Frank."I can see where your are coming from – being sorted in Slytherin certainly makes one evil, no doubt about it."

"Truer words never have been spoken, oh brother of mine," another redhead, a mirror image of the first, said just as solemnly. "I mean, even though Slytherin is supposed to be the house of the cunning and ambitious we know better that to believe that. It is, without doubt, the house of evil no matter what the founders or the the professor preach. I mean, it is completely understandable that there is a House at Hogwarts specialized in raising evil lords or ladies for the future. Can you imagine the utter boredom that will plague said future if there wouldn't be any evil wizard to fight against? Something had to be made for such an nightmarish picture to never become reality!"

"Are you trying to pick a fight, Prewett?" Frank asked, lowering his voice in an attempt to appear threatening, glaring at the two redhead first years who only grinned in return.

"Of course not," one of them – Fabian or Gideon- Frank couldn't really say who exactly, said sounding insulted at the suggestion though the blue eyes were dancing in amusement. "We were only agreeing with our friend's James," he said trowing an arm around said friend's shoulders, who was darkly glowering at the twins, in a causal manner "ideas concerning the snake pit."

"Exactly, we totally understand what he is trying to say," the other twin continued. "I bet all those eleven year old kids that have been sorted there are planning world domination as we speak. I mean, take Sirius Black and his family for example – how dare they condemn compulsion webs that make one fond of muggleborns? They are surely evil for not wanting their relatives to live their lives as mere puppets which had all their choices influenced by an outside source, with no will of their own. How dare they when with such a small sacrifice, when with just having their freedom of thought stripped from them, muggleborns from all around will find their place easier in the Wizarding World?"

"Exactly, dear brother of mine. And that happened because they are evil slimy gits- sorted in Slytherin for ages. I'm sure that if a Griffindor like, let's say, our friend James here will have been put under a compulsion web he will have accepted his destiny as a mere spectator of his live without fuss. For the greater good," Fabian said ignoring the impressive puce color taking over James' face as said boy knocked off his arm from his shoulder as he stood up looking ready or a fight. He couldn't help the shark like grin from settling on his face. Aww, the kitty was angry. How cute!

"But of course a Griffindor would have done that," a girl with blond hair and brown eyes that wore a snobbish expression butted in stupidly, "Griffindor is the best of all houses, after all."

The twins shared a predatory smirk at that. And here come their cue to get the show rolling! With a flourish Gideon raised his hand up and snapped his fingers once, the sound, amplified by magic, resonating in the whole Hall. Silence met his gesture as the eyes of all Hogwarts locked on them, curious about what was going on at the Griffindor table. He couldn't help the smirk that appeared on his face in response to the gasp that many gave off when a platform suddenly appeared atop of the table. Merlin bless the Hogwarts house elves- they were the most awesome friends one could have.

Not waiting for a second both he and Fabian got up said platform and dramatically bowed to their whispering public. Ah, they could already see it. This moment marked the birth of their legend at Hogwarts!

"Ladies and gentlemen", Gideon started loving that his magically enhanced voice could be heard by all those found in the Great Hall, "teachers and students alike, it is with the greatest pleasure that my brother and I, also known as yours truly Fabian and Gideon, the Prewett twins," he said making another bow to their awed audience, "present you with our debut performance as the most awesome duo ever know to wizard, no, mankind ever!"

"As it is, what follows is a homage to the House that will be our home for the next seven years inspired by our friend here, the always awesome, James Potter," Fabian then said making everyone glance at the red faced, be it from anger or embarrassment, boy before raising, just as his twin before him had, his hand up and snapping his fingers. The light in the Great Hall suddenly dimmed and nervous shuffles could be heard as well as some students loudly asking 'What the bloody hell was going on?' . Two spotlights appeared out of nowhere shedding light on the forms of the Prewett twins while music started to be heard in the background (AN/ the soundtrack of the song "Two perfect girls for me" as sung by Brock in "Pokemon") .

"Sorted here I always wanted to be" Gideon started to sing, his voice resonating in the hush that fell on the Great Hall now everyone watching the twins with wary attention.


"Fighting evil so courageously", sang then Fabian winking to a girl who was gaping at their nerve to put on such a show in the middle of breakfast.

"Any other house for me it's just no good", Gideon sang the next line inwardly giddy that the teachers weren't trying to stop them and were content to let them be for now.

"Cause Griffindor's the house for me!", Fabian loudly sang the last line of the intro sharing a grin with his brother. They could do this!

G&F: Hooray, you're brave!

As brave as they come!

Your tale of greatness barely begun

And the evil lords- you'll catch them all!

Oh yeah!

Tough most Griffindors were more than confused about what, exactly, was going on, they couldn't help but hum in the rithm of the music which promoted their house. The music was quite catchy too although it seemed that the other houses didn't agree so much with their opinions on that. The Slytherins were downright glaring at the display, the Ranvenclaws were watching curiously to see where they were going with this while the Hufflepuffs were clapping alongside the music. Fun was fun after all.

G :It doesn't matter who, what, or where

As long there's evil, you'll be there!

Gryffindors' ! the best since forever

Who cares about wit, smarts or clever?

The Ravenclaws sniffed disdainfully at that. Well, of course the Griffindors didn't care about those, there wasn't an intelligent bone in those reckless idiots after all!

F: You have loyalty? you'll be quickly tossed away

To watch as the lions save the day!

From all that I can perfectly see

Griffindor is

Griffindor is

Griffindor is the best house!


The Hufflepuffs frowned at that. Sure, they knew they weren't the most adventurous bunch but loyalty should be cherished by all. What would one do if, in the middle of an glorious adventure, like the sort all Griffindors loved to dream about all day, they were betrayed by their companion in a crucial moment? The consequences wouldn't be pretty and still they thought so little about it... Was that the opinion shared by all Griffindors?

G&F: Hooray, you're brave!

As brave as they come!

Your tale of greatness barely begun

And the evil lords- you'll catch them all!

The Griffindor were quite into the song now – most joining the twins in singing the choir while others, who took time in actually listening the lyrics, were looking contemplatively at the two Prewetts. Were they trying to send a message through the song or something?

G: The other houses?

About them I couldn't care less!

Anywhere than Griffindor if you're sorted

Then you surely must be a mess!

The Slytherins couldn't help but snort at that. Shouldn't it be the other way around? It certainly seemed that way from were they were sitting.

F : You're hardworking? Well, no one gives a shit!

You dare mutter ambition! You foul slimy git!

If there's one house that's worth any

Then that house is

Then that house is

Then that house is Griffindor surely!

The professor were frowning at the lyrics now too. Sure, they promoted competition between houses – it got the students to study and behave better so that they could obtain the House Cup, a great honor for the House which obtains it, but this is taking it a bit too far.

F&G: Hooray, you're brave!

As brave as they come!

Your tale of greatness barely begun

And the evil lords- you'll catch them all!

Hahahaha! Alright! Swing it!


Your tale of greatness barely begun

And the evil lords- you'll catch them all!

The Griffindor were really into it now, some of the older students making disco lights appear and others started to dance on the table joining the twins in the spotlight. James glared at them. Couldn't they see the brothers were making fun of them? He sighed. Of course not.

G: Oh! I've tried...And I've tried...

And I've searched way deep inside...

From the all the houses the hat could choose...

I couldn't stand the bad news...

If I'm not sorted in the one house I peruse!

McGonagall glanced to both sides of the Head Table, afraid to look but with all too good a notion of what she would see.

Vlabatsky was frantically clapping along to the music, Flitwick was frowning down on the twins, Sprout looking severe, Slughorn amused and Riddle luckily missing. Her lips set in a white line. She would have words with them about that verses of the song, blasted first years causing problems for her barely a week in Hogwarts. Not that she didn't agree with the sentiment but still! One couldn't go around saying how simply Griffindors were better than the rest, even if it was the truth.

F: This can't go on! Enough is enough!

I've gotta settle with one, no matter how tough!

It's time for the hat do its meenie-minie-moe!

But wait a second!

Wait a second!

Wait a second!

Com'on and wait a second!

Why was I worried?

I should have known!

I should have known!

G&F: Hooray, you're brave!

As brave as they come!

From all the houses in which I could be!

I now realize

I now realize

Only Griffindor could be for mee-eeeee!


With a sudden gasp of horror, McGonagall looked on how the twins bowed after finishing the song and shared a grin with each others. She couldn't help the shiver that run through her once she saw it. That grin. She recognized, how could she not when she was the Head of Griffindor's, and it always spelt trouble -for her, for them, for Griffindor and all Hogwarts in one. It usually appeared on the faces of her lions whey they we about to do a – the Great Hall was immersed in darkness- prank.

She moaned in distress as she closed her eyes. The lights were back on but from the started yelps of the students that reached her ears she wasn't sure she wanted to open her eyes to see the chaos that will surely greet her.

She opened her eyes. And promptly closed them back with a groan. It was too early to deal with this!

Clever, she had to admit it was a clever trick. A roundabout way to go about the unity of the houses if she were to guess. A noble purpose, she had to grant them that, but still painting the faces of all Hogwarts students wasn't the way to achieve it! She took a look the Slytherin students and had to fight chuckle at their affronted faces at being painted in the Hufflepuffs' House color. Her lions weren't fairing much better if she were to judge from their sickly-green expression that did nothing but highlight the newly acquired green and silver color they wore.

The Ravenclaws wore a faintly disgusted expression themselves as they took in the Griffindor' colors on their faces – the nerve!- and were already trying to counter the spell. The badgers seemed to be taking this the best- they seemed more amused than anything else by the fact they now wore the Ravenclaw colors on their faces.

She took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again blazing fire could be seen in them making several professors gulping nervously at the sight. The Prewetts were lucky they made their escape quickly, though no one quite knew how they achieved that, and managed to avoid the worse of their House Head fury. They knew it wouldn't be pretty when McGonagall managed to get hold of them.

They looked once again at the message written with golden letters floating in the middle of the Hall - " Greetings! Since we do know what really goes inside everyone's head, despite you not being as vocal about it as us, proud Griffindors that we are, we decided to lend a help to changing your opinions to better. Having fun at your expense is just a bonus, really.


P.S. :The charm will not wear off until twelve hours have passed so don't bother with trying to counter it.

P.S.S. This wouldn't have happened if it weren't for James Potter and his open minded ideas so give all your thanks to him for inspiring us."

and shook their heads. It seems Hogwarts acquired a new pair of prankster. Hopefully, they won't try to make sushi out of the Giant Squid as their predecessors tried to for reasons still unknown. Only one teacher actually contemplated about how two first years could use such magics but soon even Flitwick shook his head. Some mysteries were just better left unsolved.

"Either way," Flitwick thought with a grin as he took in the irate expressions of the teachers and the exasperated or annoyed expressions of the students, "this display did at least one good thing- it made everyone take their mind off those nasty compulsion webs". He chuckled. "Encore I say lads, encore!"

In the Hogwarts kitchens two redheads were panting, faces flushed and glowing after laughing their asses off thinking about the mayhem they just caused. Merlin, they were in so much trouble, they thought, proudly.

A awkward shuffle then a hesitant voice asked.

"Is masters satisfied with Tibby's work?"

Twin satisfied grins were given to the house elf.

"It was brilliantly done, Tibby!"

"Better than we hoped!"

Slowly, Tibby raised her big, watery eyes to the twins. Then-

"Can Tibby help Master Pranksters with their next prank?"

The twins shared a look. Then looked at Tibby who wore a tiny smirk on her face. They returned the smirk with one of their own.

And thus the Chaos Trinity was born.

HP- Chronic Hero Syndrome

"Basilisk", a smooth voice ordered and not a second later the gargoyle statue suddenly sprang to life and hopped aside as the wall behind it split in two. Behind the wall was a spiral staircase that was moving smoothly upward, like an escalator and Riddle stepped onto it, followed quickly by Hadrian who was looking at the professor from the corner of his eye. He noticed the professor's aura swirling - dangerously, restlessly, as if wanting nothing more than to lash out. He shivered slightly as he felt the tendrils of black magic accidentally brush him. What got his knickers in a twist, anyway?

A dull thud of the wall was heard as it closed behind them, startling the boy a little and they started to rose upward in circles. Higher and higher they went until, at last, slightly dizzy, Hadrian saw the familiar gleaming oak door ahead. Riddle didn't hesitate in turning the brass knocker in the shape of a griffin open, motioning for him to enter.

As he did so Hadrian's eyes fluttered close briefly, too fast for Riddle to notice the gesture, finding the sight, the rush of memories a bit

/..."Hagrid!" said Dumbledore loudly. "I do not think that Harry attacked those people."...

..."Because you and he are connected by the curse that failed. That is no ordinary scar."...

... "Where you were positioned as you watched this attack happen? Were you perhaps standing beside the victim, or else looking down on the scene from above?"...

... "The one with the power to vanquish the - Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..."...

..."I make mistakes like the next man. In fact, being — forgive me — rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger." …

..."And lastly — I hope you are not too sleepy to pay attention to this, Harry — the young Tom Riddle liked to collect trophies. You saw the box of stolen articles he had hidden in his room."...

…."Without his Horcruxes, Voldemort will be a mortal man with a maimed and diminished soul. Never forget, though, that while his soul may be damaged beyond repair, his brain and his magical powers remain intact."...

..."I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter's son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter – " …. /**

— overwhelming.

The office was exactly as he remembered - a large and beautiful circular room, full of funny little noises. A number of curious silver instruments stood on spindle legged tables, whirring and emitting little puffs of smoke. The walls,cream-colored, were covered with portraits of old headmasters and headmistresses, all of whom were snoozing gently in their frames and Hadrian couldn't help but be glad for the lack of that one particular portrait up there. Though he couldn't say he was the man's biggest fan at the moment, far from it in fact, he was aware the he would never really want the old wizard dead.

Despite the annoying meddling he still insisted on doing.

He watched as Riddle, somehow, flopped gracefully on the comfortable armchair in front of which stood an enormous, claw-footed desk on a shelf behind it sitting a shabby, tattered wizard's hat — the Sorting Hat. The armchair, which appeared to be exceptionally comfortable if the relieved sigh that left Riddle curved lips was anything to judge by, was upholstered in brown leather hide with mahogany brass castors and deep buttoned back forms diamond patterned and seemed to be the only addition Riddle brought to the office after taking Dumbledore's place, replacing the high backed chair that the wizened wizard loved so.

Not that Hadrian could blame him.

After all, it would have been stupid to make other changes in the office considering that the position of Headmaster was only temporary for Riddle and, if anything, the man definitely wasn't stupid. Even without knowing the true nature of the man standing in front of him – a more cunning Voldemort or a genuine professor with no illusions of grandeur? – Hadrian knew that he didn't want to become officially an enemy of Dumbledore. Not when being, or appearing to be, friends with the old wizard had so many positives as being privy to more sensitive information, unavailable otherwise. As such he couldn't appear too eager to take the man's position.

"So," Hadrian started after taking a seat on the chair found in front of Riddle's desk, " what did you want to talk to me about?"

Riddle somehow managed to say 'are you so stupid that you have to ask' with only one pointed look. Hadrian flushed. So, okay, maybe it wasn't that hard to figure out what the talk with be about but he was trying to be polite here. Not that the bloody bastard could appreciate the intention.

"What I wanted to talk to you about, Mr. Hadrian," Riddle drawled, "is, of course, about the revealing of your true heritage and the actions that are to be taken so that everything goes smoothly for us. It was decided that Abraxas will come to take you to the Malfoy Manor later today, after you are done with your classes, as tomorrow morning you are scheduled for a press conference in which your heritage will be announced to the world. After that you will give an exclusive interview to Leona Skeeter followed by a short trip to Paris where you will also have a press conference with reporters gathered by your Grandfather from all over the world. Come Sunday you'll have to visit the Ministry so that you could officially claim your vaults and, finally, once you are done with that you'll return to Hogwarts. "

Hadrian nodded. Nothing unexpected, he mused thoughtfully, though it certainly made for a full weekend.

"Have you agreed about which information will be released to the public?" the boy then asked wanting to clear that off the bat. It wouldn't do for him to make some foolish mistake by saying something he shouldn't in front of the reporters. He knew Riddle wouldn't let him live it down if he did that. The git.

Amusement flashed for second in the man's ruby eyes as if he knew exactly what Hadrian was thinking before he gave his answer, the corners of his lips turned just so it rubbed the green eyed boy the wrong way.

"Considering everything we decided it would be best to hide the fact that you are Grindelwald's heir and part of the Slytherin's line but everything else is free game", the man said with a seemingly careless shrug. "Of course that means no more casual use of Parseltongue, by the way," he then added as an afterthought.

Parseltongue? Hadrian didn't remember to even having spoke in parseltongue at all, in this world that is, least of all in front of anyone else so he opened his mouth to protest at the unfair jibe -

"You really should be more careful about what you do, or in this case, say while half asleep. It can lead to trouble later on."

- only to close it with a snap. He couldn't help a scowl at the smugness radiating off the man. Sadly, he couldn't really defend himself since he knew he was prone to carelessness while almost in the land of Orpheus, like just about everyone else if you thought about it. Well, he mentally amended, anyone else that wasn't as perfect as Riddle thought himself to be, narcissistic bastard that he was. Hadrian could tell that the professor wasn't lying though, which meant he really was stupid enough to let his guard down and speak Parseltongue in front of the true Slytherin heir and still-suspect-of-being-dark-and-evil wizard.

Damn. That meant he still had lots to work on getting rid of all the stupidity his trusting Gryffindor brainwashed mind stored inside. Hadrian paused. That may take quite a lot of effort on his part, he realized with a mental groan. But anyway, that was beside the point!

The point was that Riddle was angry, upset, whatever and Hadrian really didn't wanted to become the one the man vented his frustration on. I mean really now, what was he? A human-looking stress reliever? Though he was, he had to admit, used to having to banter with the older man usually it was more...relaxing somehow. Like he was just bantering with a, dare he say it, friend. Now he felt like he was about to become a punching bag or something similar for the professor. And he didn't particularly wished for his ego be shredded to tiny, little, unrecognizable pieces, you know.

He looked at the other man. And scowled again. Great, just great. Not only was he used as a stress reliever but it was working! Riddle wasn't as tightly wound up now as he was in the beginning of their conversation. Hell, the man was even sprouting a half-smirk, half-smile on his face! Hadrian didn't knew if he was supposed to take it as a compliment or an insult. Though, frankly speaking, he barely did anything either way. Riddle was just weird like that, he concluded.

He then threw a baleful look at the professor.

"So," the boy started, "now that we are done with the formalities do you mind telling me what exactly put you into this pleasant mood of yours? I think you almost made Parkinson faint, " he said remembering the frightened expression of the rapidly paling girl. Hadrian couldn't help but squirm at the memory. He knew he shouldn't, that the girl had it coming with all her attempts at destroying his and his friends' reputation, but he couldn't help but pity the girl for the situation she was in now. He shivered. Having both the Riddle's and Black family anger directed at you...It wouldn't be pretty. If it got too out of hand he knew that he will have to intervene. His hero syndrome will kick in and he will be forced to.

Not to mention that Patricia was only eleven.

And yeah, he knew that in Slytherin everything worked differently than in Griffindor, that everyone had to take responsibility for the actions one took and that age was no excuse but still! Children were still children in his book and they did immature things. And as he wasn't actually a child, despite all appearances, he will have to be the reasonable one and solve all the childish squabbles that will undoubtedly appear.

Hadrian thought for a little about what that will presume. And suddenly felt more happy that he had Sirius to help.

Riddle looked at the young Slytherin with hidden surprise raising one of his eyebrows at the question of Hadrian. The boy squirmed a little at that but he didn't back down staring defiantly at his professor in expectation. Riddle was...amused. He hadn't expected the child to care about his mood out of all things. Hmm, maybe he would indulge the little snake. Just this once.

The professor leaned back in his armchair to look better at the boy with glittering ruby eyes.

"Why, Mr. Hywell, I never knew you cared. Or that you were so pretentious as to demand answers from your professors," Riddle said enjoying the pink, embarrassed hue that spread over the boy's face. "Alas, I do believe it is my fault for spoiling you that you're like this," he continued, "so I shall answer your noisy question. This time."

The boy raised his chin up as if to say 'that's what you think' but didn't protest.

"So, out with it," Hadrian said, impatiently, getting sick of the waiting game. Riddle just chuckled.

"Well, let's say than associate of mine acted foolishly and caused a lot of problems for himself. Problem that affect the way he fulfills his duties to me. As you can garner from my 'pleasant mood' that displeases me."

Hadrian's eyebrow twitched in irritation . Because that wasn't vague at all!

Riddle had to bite a smile at the twitch the boy had at his answer. Really, it should be illegal for someone to be so entertaining. His crimson eyes however darkened as he remembered exactly why he was in such a bad mood. Damn those compulsion webs to hell! Although he could care less about the moral side of it - and really, he would have used them himself if the need would have arisen, it was a different matter altogether when some of his most loyal suffered because of them.

There was also the bit about them being detrimental to his cause. Promoting pro-muggles - how distasteful! If one was a wizard , or witch he had to grudgingly add though he doubted it, powerful enough to spread such complex and successful compulsion webs then they should help their own kind not make it easier for the filth to infiltrate their society. Though he wasn't that much against muggleborns, if they left their unfortunate heritage behind, muggles were another matter entirely! Although he didn't plan their death's per se, they did contribute in introducing new blood in the wizarding word every once in a while, he was all for putting them in their proper place. That is in subservience to wizarding kinjg.

Not to mention that his best Potion Master was risking Azkaban at the moment because of those damn compulsion webs. Sure, officially it was because he killed a muggle, which was no loss in his opinion, but if it weren't for the fact that Eileen was put under a compulsion web the girl wouldn't have run off to marry an abusive muggle and thus Augustus would have had no need to act so ...Griffindorish.

And now it was up to him to clean up the mess.

The Black's, till now, never asked him for a favor in exchange for their services and loyalty. Sure, he rewarded them and all but it wasn't a requirement. They have been satisfied to support his ideal for the sake of their dying culture as purebloods and demanded nothing for their steadfast support, feeling proud to contribute to the cause. But now Walburga made her first request in the name of the family and Riddle was no fool. He knew he couldn't refuse since the request was also a test as a leader and the benefits he could bring his followers.

Power was important for a successful Dark Lord but it wasn't the only requirement. Nevertheless, he knew he could bully them into obedience whenever he wanted but how far would that bring him? After all, you could catch more flies with honey that vinegar.

So, now he was tasked of finding a way of keeping Augustus from befriending the Dementors and find whoever was the mastermind behind those compulsion webs. And soothe the rising panic of his followers. And prepare for diplomatic meetings with royalty. Not to mention he also had to find a way to stop those Ministry fools from interfering at Hogwarts. He heard some rumors about them wanting to test the students for any signs of being under compulsion webs and such but he wasn't fooled in the least. He knew how they worked – give them a finger and they'll take your whole hand.

And Hadrian wondered why he was in a fool mood.

"You'll get wrinkles if you continue that way, you know."

Riddle blinked. Then he focused on the boy in front of him who was watching his every move with narrowed green eyes. For a moment he forgot the child was there. He tensed at the realization. He never left his guard down so much as to forget his surroundings in the presence of someone else. He narrowed his own crimson eyes at the boy in thought. He'll have to be more careful from now on. It wouldn't do to become too attached to what was supposed to be only means to an end.

"I'll never get wrinkles," he stated arrogantly then, smirk in place, not keen on letting the boy get more insight inside his mind than necessary. Hadrian looked unimpressed.

"Uh-huh, sure you won't," the boy said dubiously. Then he sighed. "Look, I can see you're not going to tell me what's really bugging you but I'm sure it's not that bad as you making it to be."Now it was Riddle's turn to look doubting. "But here's a piece of advice," the child said while rising up from his seat and preparing to take his leave, "delegate".

Hadrian barely refrained from rolling his eyes in exasperation after saying his piece. Really, what was with wizards and keeping everything to themselves he will never know. Both Dumbledore and Voldemort of his old world were the same as Riddle in the matter- always insisting to do everything by themselves. Voldemort at the very least seemed to have learned better in the time he spent as a wondering spirit but Hadrian knew, from the tales he heard from the older members of the Order, how he was in the first Wizarding World. Hopefully, Riddle would need not go to such measures to learn that particular lesson. in, making other people do his work for him. Riddle muled over the idea. It didn't sound bad at all, frankly speaking. Why hadn't he thought of it?

"Well, as pleasant as this was, I have to go now, professor. You now, classes and all that? It seems that by being a student I'm forced to attend them, you see," Hadrian said with a cheeky grin at Riddle.

"But of course, Mr. Hywell," Riddle said with a sudden mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "We wouldn't want to spoil your student record now, will we?" Riddle said motioning to the young Slytherin that he was free to go.

"And of course," the ruby-eyed professor continued just as Hadrian was about exit the door, "in the spirit of that I'm sure you will refrain from breaking any school rules. Such as the rule about no first years being allowed to own any brooms inside school."

He chuckled when the only response he got was the hasty strategic retreat of a young Slytherin before starting to work on the pile of paperwork waiting for him.

He couldn't help taking a glance outside his window though, watching how the rays of sunlight bathed the Quidditch Pitch in their warmth. Hmm, maybe the day won't be as bad as he imagined.

At the same time, while running down the stairs, a certain boy was berating himself. How could he forget that there was a perfect view of the Quidditch Pitch from inside the Headmaster's office? He shook his head disparagingly. It just wasn't his day!

HP- Chronic Hero Syndrome

The light of a candle flickered briefly at the short intake of breath his Lord took as he gave the report. With a blank face the man waited for his Lord's reaction at the news not even his well honed instincts being able to give him an inkling about it. His sire was unpredictable that way.

"So, a prophecy was it?" inquired the surprisingly cheery voice musingly before its owner eyes filled with glee. "My, how very intriguing! Please do continue", the young man that looked to be in his early twenties demanded barely containing his excitement and sounding rather like a child asking for a fairytale than the Leader he was supposed to be.

Looking at the curious, innocent shine in his Lord's eyes the man who brought the news almost couldn't believe that this man, this childish man, was the one they accepted as the Leader of their Holy Mission. But such thoughts were quickly dispelled by the memories he had with his Lord in battle. There was no doubt about it. He was their Chosen One, the one who will dispel everything unholy from this world and cleanse it for the sake of them all. He was the only one that could do so; it was his firm belief. After all, only because of him they could now see the Truth the Unholy ones tried so desperately to hide. He was the one to open their eyes and offer them the chance to fight against those who slowly but surely were trying to kill them off.

Under the sparkling eyes of his Lord the man couldn't help but shift nervously knowing he didn't had enough information to sate his liege curiosity. They made quite an odd pair- he, the taller, older man standing in a bowed stance in front of a shorter, leaner and much more younger man than himself, in a modest room that was overflowing with odd looking papers, filled with weird drawings, that were thrown all over the place together with pie leftovers and creepy looking bottles filled with liquids he rather not know of. Really, genius as he might be, his Lord was still quite a slob.

"I'm afraid I don't know much about it, sir", he nevertheless continued making a mental note to talk with Annie so that she could force their leader clean his study. "The only witness to the prophecy was Dumbledore and the seer herself and you know how tight lipped the old man can be. Unsurprisingly, the seer doesn't remember the prophecy she made and the only reason we were able to find out about it was because of the spy we have among the Unspeakables. Because of the oath he took however even he wasn't able to reveal the prophecy's content. But he was able to tell us something at least. The prophecy spoke of a Chosen One, my sire, the Magic's chosen one to be exact," he said watching his lord's amethyst eyes fill with wonder at the news but not missing the calculative gleam that passed through them. This foolish facade his lord insisted on putting but not him may fool others. Maybe that's why he was the one to won his liege favor.

"Oh, Baston," his lord started joyfully, "don't you see what this means? What this simple fact tells us? It means we make a difference," his liege said when he failed to give an answer. "It means that what we do is not in vain, that what we do matters and affects the world for real. It means that the great Gaia itself recognized us as a threat and has sent its weapon to deal with us," his lord continued, eyes alight with a fire normal people didn't, couldn't understand.

"But let them come," the young man said with a chuckle that sent shivers through Baston. "Let them all come at us with everything they have. That way they would not be able to protest when we crush them and remove their uncleanness from this world. And once we win the world will be reborn as it should have always been – pure, with no unfair differences, with no discrimination between its inhabitants. Because it's only for such a future that I fight for, Baston, and such it's the future I will deliver to the ones that put their trust in me. I will not disappoint you. Believe in me!"

Looking up at his liege smiling but determined face, Baston did just that. His Lord was the Chosen One, the one who will deliver them a New World. That was one thing he would never doubt. But, beyond that, his leader was a young man who relentlessly fought and made sacrifices for their sake, for the world they wanted to build. And that was the real reason for which he will always fight beside him, proudly.

No matter what.

HP- Chronic Hero Syndrome

Healer Marconi watched the woman huddled in the corner, swaying back and forth and muttering to herself, with pity. Eileen Prince might have been pretty once but now, with crazed eyes and swallow skin, she was anything but. The shock caused by the death of her husband hit her badly it seemed. Not because she loved him, he strongly doubted that in fact, but because the compulsion web cast on her was deep connected with the relationships she had with her now dead spouse. If he were to guess then the whole role of the compulsion web was to keep her together with Tobias for whatever reason and now that the person the compulsion was based on was gone... Well, it complicated everything even more. He didn't knew if he could break the compulsion web put on her and heal her once brilliant mind but he will do his very best either way.

On his honor as a Healer.

Still, it would have been easier for him to do it if old Augustus' hadn't let his anger get the best of him. Stubborn old man. He probably didn't regret it either. In all the years he worked with the recluse Potion Master he learned a thing or two about the man. Like how he will rather die than admit he was wrong.

In the depths of one of the Ministry's holding cells a grim smile playing on the lips of an wizened wizard was proving Healer Marconi right. Augustus didn't regret his actions. Even if he were to get the Kiss sentence because of it he wouldn't. Not when he wiped out from existence the one that hurt his daughter and grandson for so long. He knew Eileen, his Eileen not the one under the compulsion web's influence, would have agreed with him on this.

And now she will be free.

He closed his eyes with a content sigh. What will be will be, he mused. At the very least though, his family was now free. That made it all worth it.


* song inspired by Siriusly Sirius Black poem - "The Greatness of Gryffindor"

**scenes taken from book 1-7 of the Harry Potter series

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