Good morning, I have come here to speak about how big a factor the priests have been in my life. Before I came here, I lived in Texas. My faith was less than shaky at best, I hated church, and I hated going. I used to make excuses to stay home. When I moved I didn't know anyone, so I grudgingly accepted my mom's urging to go to the youth group. I liked it but I was still lost.

On my first day of church hearing father Michael speak I knew this guy knew his stuff. When Father Tree spoke, granted I really couldn't understand him, but I realized this guy was also on the one way path of his faith. He knew what his calling was, how people should live their life. When father tree came to youth ministry and beat me in foosball, I knew I definitely didn't want to learn ping pong from him.

Father Michael you have made me laugh in church, from jokes and answers about how the wine looked up to its father and blushed and invaluable advice about how to live my life. Father Michael, Father Tree, you have changed my life in ways you can't possibly understand. You both have literally saved me from losing faith in this church.