The Announcement

He pulled the newspaper closer to his face, convinced that he was reading the announcement wrong.

It was her. She was smiling her arms wrapped around the waist of a man he had heard about but never actually seen before. He felt his stomach clench as he read the short article below the picture.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Winston are pleased to announce the engagement of their eldest son, David Jacob Winston to Chloe Ann Sullivan.

The couple will marry in a small ceremony in Smallville, Kansas on June 6th 2013.

'So that's it' he thought to himself bitterly. He stared at her beautiful smiling face for another moment before ripping the article out of the paper and crumpling it in his hand.

He thought back to the day she had left him the pain in her eyes and the ache it had caused in his chest.

There had been no fight or no infidelity, in fact truth be told there had been no real reason for them to go their separate ways. They had just grown apart. So when she kissed him gently one last time and walked out the door he'd let her go.

It had taken him less then a day without her for him to realize it was the biggest mistake either of them could have made. They needed to fight for each other.

He decided the best way to do that was to go to her. He had made it over halfway to the Kent farm, where he knew she would be staying, before he had to stop and pull the car to the side of the road. He could handle the pain of wondering what could have been, but the thought of going to her and laying his heart out only to have her break it by denying him was too much to bear. So he'd turned the car around and drove back to his apartment. A broken man.

That had been a little over a year ago and he still thought about her all the time.

Nine months ago when he found out she was dating someone new he'd reverted back to his playboy ways, having a string of meaningless affairs that had been splashed all over the covers of every tabloid in the country. But it hadn't helped.

He was still haunted by her, they way her eyes sparkled when she laughed, and the way her smile could brighten his mood even on his worst days. The worst part was the dreams. He dreamt of the feel of her skin under his calloused hands and the sounds she made when he touched her.

'God I miss her'.

Slowly he unclenched his hand and placed the crumpled picture on the table flattening it with his palm. He stared at it harder and longer this time and realized two things. First she wasn't wearing her brightest smile, just an imitation of it. And second he had to stop this wedding because he knew deep down Chloe Sullivan was meant to be with Oliver Queen.

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