To End

There was so much to be done after The Snow Witch's tyranny. After the sense that anything could end in a day, the town hustled and bustled to get everything done as soon as possible, but in an orderly manner. The most important objective was to crown the princes kings seeing as the land was under no rule since the murder of the king and queen. The coronation ceremony took place that very night in the ruins of the castle. With an entire new kingdom to be built, it was decided that two castles would be erected. Kingsly and Winnifred were to rule the west while Princeton and Aurora ruled the East.

In the morning a doctor was fetched for Winnifred. With constant vigilance and prayers, she recuperated to her dainty self.

Kingsly performed Jack and Bo's wedding ceremony. It was very small and was held outside the castle, a childhood dream of Bo's. Cinderella and Heather were bridesmaids while Arthur was the best man. Sir Roland was a groomsman. Patrick carried the rings and the guests were none other than the royal family. It was beautiful and a great time.

Nothing changed for Heather and Arthur. They stayed in love and worked the bakery together. Patrick accidentally called Heather "mother" a few times. But Arthur still wasn't quite ready for that. Patrick's real mother had been a big part in his life.

Bo came to live with Jack in the new house behind the bakery that the kings provided gold and workers for. There were four bedrooms: one for Bo and Jack, one for Patrick, one for Arthur and Heather, and the fourth was for Heather alone- if Arthur was uncomfortable with Heather being his new love. The room was mostly used as a guest room though; Heather was stubborn enough not to be sent to a separate bed. Cinderella did not get a room for she and Sir Roland had run off together shortly after Bo and Jack's wedding.

Months passed and Aurora eventually gave birth to the beautiful Princess Alexandra. Her hair was golden blonde and she had a thin face like her father.

All was right in the kingdom again, but as a humble fisherman I cannot lie to you and say that they all lived happily ever after. They lived of course, but they lived very fulfilling, normal lives.

The End.