Helloooooo! Anna-chan here! I'm back with yet another one-shot! Although, this time, its closer to a drabble... -.- Shortest one so far. At anny rate, this was SUPPOSED to be a story about Sharon's paper fans. But... yeah, I'll let you discover it for yourself. ^_^

Just so ou know, I did NOT intend for this to be a Break x Sharon thing... Cause I think of them as more in a sibling relaitonship than a romantic one.


"Big brother Xerxes!"

Break catches the little girl in his arms, smiling softly. Sharon is now a cute and charming ten year old, and in his opinion, this is the best age for a child to be. Still immune to the cares and troubles of the world, and yet old enough to be out of the troublesome crying and whining stage. It is not hard to imagine Sharon as the belated Lilith, who he once failed. In a way, she makes him forget some of his pain.

"What is it, little Sharon?" he asks, putting his arms around her. The girl presses her tearstained face tighter into Break's stomach. "Why are you crying right now? Has someone hurt you?"

Sharon sniffles a little bit, and gives a tiny nod, releasing the man she considers as a brother. "Yeah, big brother… Alfred and Jared won't stop teasing me."

Giving a carefree laugh, Break kneels down to her height and lays one finger on her lips. "I'll tell you a secret, Little Sharon. Alfred and Jared only tease you because they like you!" He ruffles the girl's hair. "It's because you're so cute, they can't help but love you~!

"They do?" Sharon says, astonished, her eyes widening. "If they like me, then why do they tease me?"

Break can't help but stifle a laugh at his charge's naiveté. "Little Sharon, that's how boy brains work! You needn't trouble yourself over it. Next time they tease you, say 'I know you love me,' and that will shut them right up. Just you try it!" He pokes her nose affectionately. "After all, maybe one day, you shall marry one of them~"

"But…" Sharon's lip trembles. "I don't want to marry anyone but big brother Xerxes!"

"I daresay, little Sharon, that you won't think the same in five years," he says, laughing. Break scoops up Sharon onto his back. "But for now, I think that I shall teach you how to get back at Alfred and Jared. Should you like that, Sharon-dearest? After all, your future husband can't think that you're a meek little girl!"

Sharon turns a pretty pink color. "I will like that very much! I'll show Alfred and Jared that I'm not a meek little girl! Can you show me, big brother?"

Laughing his sarcastic laugh, Break grins. "Sure can do, Miss Sharon."

"BREAK!" Sharon screeches, slamming him to the floor with her famous paper fans.

The poor man lies on the floor, tenderly touching his throbbing temple. As he lays, he wonders, whatever happened to that sweet and shy little girl who wanted to marry me when she grew up? And then, he thinks, why, oh why, did I teach her to make those dreadful paper fans?

Soo... Tell me what you thought! :DD I started writing this as a cute little backstory behind Sharon's fans, but once again, it seems Break has weaseled himself into the main role. -.- Bleeeeeegh. Anyway, as mentioned before, this is NOT Break x Sharon love, though you may interpret it as that.

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