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The Day Before You

Chapter One

It was a normal day at the Host Club. Kyoya was doing whatever it was he normally did on his computer, the twins were doing twin-cest for the customers, and Tamaki was following Haruhi, while Mori watched Hunny-sempai eat his cake. All was right in the world.

Haruhi walked past Hunny-sempai's table in an attempt to get away from the persistent Tamaki. "Haru-chan!" Hunny-sempai screeched with the utmost cuteness, holding his trademark stuffed bunny, Bun-Bun. "Would you like some cake?"

Haruhi paused shortly in her flee attempt. "I'm sorry sempai, I don't really…"

"There's strawberry!"

Silence. Then, "I guess I could take a break." As Haruhi sat, Tamaki followed until he stood right behind her.

"Haruhi, don't you want to share your cake with your daddy?" He asked hopefully.

"Not really." Haruhi took a bite of the cake. "You're not my daddy anyways." Tamaki curled into a corner, mumbling to himself as Haruhi continued to devour the cake. After a short while, he glanced over to see Haruhi purposely take a bite of the cake, while looking at him smugly.

The twins let out an amused laugh. Kyoya glanced up from the computer. By now, all the costumers were long gone, so he didn't care about the noise, but now Tamaki had run over and started yelling at him.

"Mom! Our precious, innocent daughter's been hanging around the twins too much!" Tamaki wailed in despair.

"And what do you expect me to do about it?" Kyoya asked calmly, looking back at his computer. It was just more Haruhi-Twin drama, and he had other more important business to attend to.

Tamaki's tearful rant to Kyoya was disturbed by the twins. "Hey Haruhi, you still coming to our house on Sunday?" Kaoru asked, bringing Tamaki's attention back to them.

"I wasn't aware that I was ever going," Haruhi replied easily, with a bit of confusion in her tone.

"Of course you are!" Hikaru beamed mischievously. "You said you'd come when we came over yesterday!"

"What? You made me say that, just to get you away from my house! You were attracting attention from all the neighbors and it was ten at night!"

"How dare you! You're stalking my little girl!" Tamaki pulled Haruhi into a tight embrace. "Don't you worry Haruhi; Daddy will always be here to protect you from those evil twins!"

"But Boss, our mom was gonna use Haruhi as a model," Hikaru said mischievously, with an evil glint in his eyes.

"Her new dresses came in and we all agreed we wanted to use Haruhi for the model!" Kaoru added.

The Theatre of Tamaki's Mind began to play, featuring Haruhi in an assortment of frilly and girly dresses, frolicking through a field of sunflowers and posies.

"Hurry up Sempai, you'll never catch me!" Haruhi giggled girlishly, skipping a little.

"Ah, my sweet, darling Haruhi!" Tamaki raced to catch up.


"Yes my darling daughter?" Tamaki was still in the Theatre, imagining him catching up to Haruhi, and pulling her into a strong hug.

"Sempai, you can let go of me now." Haruhi waited patiently and unemotionally for Tamaki to let go. No one was really surprised to see him back off of her, his face as red as a tomato. "I have to get to the supermarket. There's a good sale on miso today I don't want to miss."

"Haruhi, before you go." Kyoya stopped her and gave her a smile on the Shadow King could be capable of. It was a smile that made Haruhi fear for her life… or worse, the status of her debt.

"The daughter of one of my father's closest business associates will be in your class starting tomorrow. Make sure she remains happy. If I find out she has one complaint about the way the Host Club members have treated her, your debt will double," Kyoya continued, never once letting his smirk fall.

Double? My debt…doubled? The mere idea of her debt doubling was all Haruhi could think about, and she was stunned as she walked silently out of the door.

"Tamaki, there's also one of our business associates children in our class," Kyoya noted. "If you ruin this, you'll be wearing a fundoshi (the things that sumo wrestlers wear) for the next month."

Tamaki shivered in fear. Kyoya was more than capable of carrying out the threat, and he wouldn't be afraid to actually do it to him.

"Kyo-chan?" Hunny-sempai came up to Kyoya and Tamaki eagerly. "Do you think we will be able to meet them?" Mori hung over Hunny-sempai like a statue, strong and silent, but also conveying a definite interest.

"If they become customers, I don't see why not," Kyoya replied.

They all hung around for a little while, and left the room, all of them at different times. A maid would come and clean the room anyways overnight, so they left the mess behind without a thought.

In fact, to be honest, most of their thoughts were about the new arrivals, and how best to not make them angry, otherwise Kyoya could make their year, no, all of high school, a living hell…

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