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Chapter 8

"Ki-chan! Aki-chan! We're about to open!"

"C-coming!" Kimiko wasn't blushing thankfully, but she was trying in vain to cover up more. Apparently in her excitement, she'd forgotten how short the Vampire Knight skirts were.

"Ready to meet the onslaught?" Akira asked. "And don't forget about my computer programs!"

"I won't!" Kimiko pulled on a necklace she'd dug out of her school bag. "There, now we can go!"

"Really? You bring that to school? Seriously?"

"Drop it!" Kimiko pushed Akira out of the dressing room, and followed, frowning a little.

They were welcomed by stares by all the males of the Host Club, and whistles from one of the twins. Akira sent them a look saying, 'Stop staring or die', and Kimiko began to shuffle uncomfortably.

"Wow, amazing how much of a change there is when you change clothes,"

Hikaru drawled. "One could almost think you're attractive."

"Haha, very funny," Kimiko growled. "You're very charming; I don't know how any girl could resist you."

"Hey, hold the insults!" Akira laughed, holding Kimiko back. "You're going to enjoy this, remember?"

"It can't be that hard," Kimiko replied. "I can insult him and have fun at the same time."

"Well, make sure you don't cause problems once the guests are in," Kyoya said, running his eyes over the girls to make sure they were satisfactory. This was the first time they were using girls as Hosts, and he wasn't sure how the boys would react. Though he had heard a lot of them planned on coming to see the girls…

Kimiko was wearing a necklace that wasn't in the package, but he recognized it from the manga, so it wasn't bad. She looked like any normal schoolgirl, including being tiny so that boys felt the need to protect her.

Akira stood confidently, and didn't seem to notice Kyoya's eyes hover on her longer than they had Kimiko. Her hair was draped down, brushed out of her eyes, and pinned down with a silver barrette. Like Kimiko, her skirt was short, only it was white, so it set off her tanned skin easily.

Kyoya tore his eyes away and turned to his laptop, forgetting everything but his objective.

Kaoru looked over Kimiko and frowned. "Are you sure about wearing that?"

"Huh? Why wouldn't I be?" Kimiko looked down at herself. It didn't look too bad; except the skirt was so short she felt the need to hunt down a pair of leggings. Plus, she'd been forced into worse. "It's not too bad."

"Yeah, it's just…" Kaoru looked like he was blushing, but Kimiko didn't notice. "Well…"

"Yeah?" Kimiko didn't get a reply. "Hey Kaoru? Are you okay?"

"He's fine, he's just worried about the rejections you're sure to get from the clients," Hikaru replied. "I mean, come on, who's gonna want to be entertained by a shorty like you?"

Kimiko's back went up and Akira felt it was time to jump in. "So, Kyoya, what are we supposed to do; besides entertain a bunch of guys?"

"Those of us dressed as Night Class students will be over there," Kyoya said, gesturing towards a Moon Dorm replica. "While Day Class students and Haruhi dressed as Rido will be by the Sun Dorm replica. All you need to do is keep our guests happy."

Akira headed over to her spot while the twins hovered around Kimiko a little while longer.

"Hey, is that the necklace Yuki wears?" Kaoru asked, noticing Kimiko's addition to the costume. "I noticed it while we read the manga."

"Oh yeah!" Kimiko replied, grinning despite beginning to feel nervous. "I'm hoping with this on, I can act a little more like Yuki and not be shy around guys."

"If you need to do that, can you even be sure you can handle it alone?" Hikaru asked, daring her a little.

That brought out Kimiko's attitude. "I don't need to be watched over like a little kid, I'll be fine! I don't freak out around all guys!"

"So I should feel special?" Kaoru teased, ringing his bell.

Kimiko glared at him and stalked off. She'd show the both of them she could handle herself just fine.

() () () () () () ()

Akira watched the crowds, handling them flawlessly, smiling at the boys in front of her. They were actually fun and easy to talk to, and Akira was not as shy as Kimiko could be, though Kimiko could act like she wasn't freaking out if she really wanted to. However…

Some of the looks she was getting didn't quite make it up to her face. They hovered at her legs and chest, just long enough to make her uncomfortable. That's when being Kimiko would be helpful, because Akira was sure that the boys knew she wasn't comfortable and were enjoying it.

"Kyoya, are you wearing contacts?" Akira heard a girl ask, and Akira risked a glance over. Strange, Akira hadn't thought to ask… she should have realized Kyoya wasn't wearing his glasses.

Akira nearly jumped when someone grabbed onto her shoulder. "You okay?" The boy holding her shoulder asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Would you like more tea?" Akira sent all the boys a sweet smile, picking up the pot. She enjoyed watching them fumble for words for a while.

"I'd like some." One of the boys across from her, with dark hair and eyes, reached out and touched her hand as she reached for his cup.

"We could all use some," Kyoya's voice resonated from behind Akira, and she was surprised to see his entire group of girls with him.

"It's your first time, so I thought I'd come and check up on you," Kyoya answered her unasked question. "But I didn't want to abandon my guests. I trust you don't mind?"

"No, not at all," Akira replied. What shocked her was that she actually meant it. With him nearby, the boys would all be kept in check, and it would give her some incentive to be a better Host than him.

Of course, it was weird for him to check up on her, especially since he hadn't been to Kimiko, and didn't seem to be moving that way anytime soon.

What was even weirder however, was the unmistakable dark aura rising subtlety from Kyoya whenever a boy tried to get close to Akira…

() () () () () () ()

Kimiko giggled over the boys around her arguing about school subjects. Right now, they were debating about which was better: math or science, and it was more entertaining to watch than it sounded.

Also, once she managed to get them rolling, she didn't actually have to talk. That was a nice plus right there.

It was just too bad the crowd was so large though. Kimiko would have enjoyed watching Tamaki act like Aido, or see how Akira was doing. The two girls didn't have a character, so they just had to be themselves and entertain the guests as much as possible.

It was time to break the debate. Kimiko was already of the mind science was better anyways. "Would you boys like something to eat or drink?" Kimiko asked, smiling at the boys. "You've been debating that for quite a while."

The boys all blushed bright red, and Kimiko laughed inwardly. It's supposed to be me in that position. Haha!

"S-sure, I'll have some," the boys stammered. One of them, a taller boy with spiked brown hair moved to sit next to her, where there was an open seat.

"Here, let me help," he said, picking up the pot easily. "I'm Ren Higurashi. I'm in your class." Kimiko had been staring at him, unable to recognize him.

"Oh, no, I can do it!" Kimiko protested gently, trying to take the pot, covering his hand with hers. He didn't hand it over.

"I want to help," Ren replied quietly, making Kimiko's knees feel weak. He was so cute, with sincere jade eyes and a gentle voice and…

"Hey." One of the twins sat on Kimiko's other side, turning her to face him. He wasn't wearing a bell.

"What is it?" Kimiko resisted the urge to scowl and snap, and smiled sweetly instead. It took all her self-control and acting ability to make it look real. What is Hikaru doing here?

Hikaru touched the necklace she was wearing, picking it up and then dropping it. "You said that Yuki girl wore it, right?"

"Yeah…" Kimiko was seriously confused. "Why?"
"Yuki was rarely alone," Hikaru explained, forcing her to stand up and grabbed her arm. "She was always with Zero or Kaname."

"I know that… why… oh no, you are not dragging…" Hikaru started to drag her away from her guests. Apparently he was.

Kimiko turned to look at the boys, and met Ren's eyes, nearly growing weak again. "You boys are welcome to come with us," Kimiko said in slight rebelling to Hikaru's pulling.

She kept eye contact with the boys. "Please do come actually. I don't want to just leave you guys behind."

All the boys took her up on the offer, following closely. That wasn't a big surprise, considering the way they had acted earlier.

The surprise came when she saw how shocked Kaoru was at Hikaru's actions. He obviously hadn't sent Hikaru to get her.

Why would Hikaru get me on his own?

() () () () () () ()

The crowd was gone. Kimiko plopped onto a couch wearily, sighing in relief, and Akira did the same next to her. Kaoru laughed at them, earning two evil glares.

"Ah…I'm so exhausted! Pretending the guys aren't totally staring at you in inappropriate places is tiring! How do actors act all the time?" Akira complained after ensuring Kaoru had the right amount of fear instilled in him.

"Well, they normally have a character role and…"

"Rhetorical question Kimiko!"

They began to bicker playfully, while the twins chased Haruhi around the room, carrying a bright pink dress. Tamaki was chasing the twins, but no one was sure if he was trying to help or stop the twins. Kyoya was on his laptop, as he always seemed to be, and Mori watched on while Hunny-sempai ate his cake.

Except for the addition of two girls, it was just another typical day at the Host Club.

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