Chapter 1: Remember the words we used to speak

" .. Jake? ..." He turned to look at me while we were stopped at a stop light.

" Yea bells?"

" What if..." I looked down staring at the carpet square placed on the floor of my seat. I just gave out a sigh " Forget it, .. sorry..." He sighed and I watched his shoulders relax more as the light turned green and he hit the gas.

" Bells you can tell me anything, ask me anything." I nodded. " I know Jake, I just don't want to ruin tonight. " He smirked a smile.

" Bells, you could never ruin a night with me. " He put his hand on mine that was resting on my lap.

" Having you breathing makes the night wonderful." I smiled I inhaled a big breath and let it out. It had been a bit over 2 years since Edward left, for good.

After the new born battle, I had chances, other options to make. When I had changed my mind after some time by myself Edward left and took his family with him. I kept in touch with Alice of course, but only to see how she and the others were doing in Alaska from time to time. They didn't drop off the face of the Earth like they had last time. I would normally be dreading this, my twenty – first birthday. A few years ago I was completely terrified of a day like this coming. Afraid to be human, afraid to age but now I wasn't.

I was in fear in the beginning, thinking the Volturi would come and destroy me along with the Cullens. The Volturi were very unforgiving, ancient and above all the law. Alice stated as long as I was who I was, they could never find me. If they came looking for the Cullens, Alice would see them in time for them to relocate. The Cullens never had a reason to go back to Italy and they would be one step ahead of them every time. Alice had also stated even the best tracker wouldn't be able to find me if I was ever around werewolves. The so called odor they give off masks my scent completely, rendering the Volturi helpless physically and mentally in finding me.

I had options and maybe I had rushed into things with Edward because I would've changed my mind. With some space and time, I did. I didn't get to go places to really live yet. I spent more time with my old friends. I rode motorcycles with Jake almost every weekend, I learned not to fall on my ass all the time or get hurt. When there was blood or anything hurting, Jake would help me. Charlie didn't approve of me riding motorcycles but after I was 18 he really couldn't control me all that much.

I was grateful that Jake and I had decided to go to this thing ( was what I called it anyways ) by taking his rabbit. My truck I wasn't sure if it would've survived the long trip to Seattle. Angela, Ben and Jessica were at the University of Washington in Seattle. They were anonymously tipped, by my father no doubt, that my twenty – first birthday was coming up and I hadn't really enjoyed myself ever at all. The plans just started turning between my friends and funny thing was Jacob was in on the whole thing too.

Jacob was still under twenty- one but he was looking like he could easily be handed a drink and not carded. He was easily mistaken for twenty- five now. Even though in reality, he had years to go before being legal to drink.

" Did you print out the reservation for the hotel just in case?" He asked with a smile on his face.

" Yea, I did it's in my duffle bag in the back."

Jacob was so protective at times. But really he was very laid back and just was worried about how I would be after my first night of drinking. He thought it would be easier especially on him to be able to sleep after such a long drive and from such a long night. I didn't want him falling asleep at the wheel.

"Well, it sounds like we're ready for the greatest weekend ever."

" Yea luckily I'm off of work on Monday as well to recuperate. " I heard Jake give out a giggle and snort.

" What? " I looked at him.

" Don't worry about it, it's just about what you just said. Quil and Embry have a bet that you'll be on the floor by two drinks. They think it'll take you that many days to probably be able to see straight after tonight. " He giggled. I slapped him lightly on his arm.

"I am not that bad Jake! " I giggled at him. " I think I might get a bit tipsy but I don't plan to go all out and get alcohol poisoning."

" Don't worry you know me, I'll keep my eye on you. I'm the designated driver remember? Nothing for me just going to enjoy watching you make a fool out of yourself tonight. "

" Jacob! You really are awful! " I said covering my face in my hands.

" Don't worry Bells, I'll make sure you have a good time and hopefully you'll remember it the next morning too. " I gave him a look as I slitted my eyes at him. He just giggled as he made a turn onto the main highway towards Seattle.