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"Shooting Stars" – Chapter One

"Must you make such a mess when you play with these guys?" Andy's mother sighed, dull amusement playing on her features. She picked up one of the little green aliens and gave it a light squeeze.

"Mom, be careful! Woody finally got evil Dr. Porkchop's minions held hostage! We can't let them get away." Andy pointed to the toy in her hands in mock fear.

His mom giggled and put the alien back in place. "So where do you want to watch the fireworks tonight? Outside the mall or by the racetrack?"

Andy's face lit up at the mention of fireworks and he asked, "Can I bring some toys?"

His mother was about to scold him for disregarding her question, but when she saw the look of pure excitement across her son's face, she simply smiled and replied, "Well, the racetrack has a place indoors where people can safely keep their belongings, so I suggest we go there if you want to bring a few."

"Haha, yes!" Andy shouted, picking up Buzz and pretending to make him fly as he ran around the room. "To the racetrack…and beyond!" Making sounds to imitate those of an airplane taking off.

"Okay, Sweetie. If you want to go to the track tonight, then you better get on some festive clothes and get your butt downstairs; we've got plenty to do before we leave and I could always use your help."

"Mhmm, yeah, Mom. See you in a bit." With that, Andy's mom exited the room to head downstairs.

"Alright!" Andy picked up Woody and tossed him, as well as Buzz, on the bed and skipped to the closet. He shut the door and continued to speak as he pulled on some clothes for the day. "We're seeing fireworks tonight, guys! It's gonna rock," came the young boy's muffled voice.

Andy stepped out moments later, clad in a white t-shirt and blue shorts. "Now, all I need is something red to complete the outfit of colors in the American flag. Hmmm." He scanned the room, looking for said article of clothing. He halted at his crimson-colored cowboy hat, exclaiming the word, "bingo!" as he ran forth to grab it. Picking up the hat revealed the place where Bo Peep and Jessie were "hiding from the dangers of Dr. Porkchop's evil ways."

Andy didn't take his eyes away from the two toys as he pulled on his hat. He carefully picked up Jessie and told her, "You've sorta got the red, white, and blue thing going on. Cool." With this, he tossed her to the bed where Buzz and Woody were.

Walking over to the bed, Andy said to the toys, "Now, you get ready for fireworks while I go help my mom." He smiled at them and made his way out the door.

Once Andy had left the room, life sprung into the room as all the toys started to stir. "Yeeehaw!" cried Jessie. "Boy, he sure seemed excited. I can't wait to go to this thing."

Buzz was delighted by the redhead's enthusiasm. He let a chuckle escape his lips as he watched her throw her fist in the air.

"Me too. When I saw fireworks for the first time, they took my breath away," Buzz enlightened her.

"Oh, yeah," Woody commented, memories floating back to him. "I remember that fourth of July. One of my favorites. Andy's mom let him hold us while he watched, rather than leaving us in a bag like she'd used to with me."

"I guess my presence must've convinced her to let us stay with them," Buzz teased Woody with a wink.

"Oh, yeah, well then how come this year we're staying indoors while they watch outside?" Woody retorted.

"Er…" Buzz tried to come up with a witty response, but found there really wasn't anything he could say to that.

"I thought so." Woody rolled his eyes. "Well, it's probably for the better, anyway. We'll be able to watch without worrying if a human sees us unfrozen," he said, making his way down to the floor. Buzz followed suit, and reached a hand out to help Jessie down.

Jessie smiled a wide, toothy smile and jumped onto Buzz's back. He stumbled due to the sudden weight, but quickly adjusted. "I've never actually seen fireworks before," she informed them.

Buzz cleared his throat. "Mmm. Well, I can tell you, you're, uh, gonna love 'em…heh," he stammered, as he usually did when he was in close contact with Jessie.

Woody opened his mouth to agree with his friend, but was swiftly pulled away by Bo Peep's crook. "Hey, howdy, hey," she greeted him, in a low, playful tone.

"Hey, howdy, hey," Woody replied softly, rubbing his neck where she pulled him. He wrapped his other arm around her shoulders.

"Have fun tonight, Sheriff. Promise to tell me all about it when you get home," she said sweetly.

He put the hand on his neck behind his head, not bothering to hide the goofy grin plastered on his face. "Sure thing, Bo."

"Good," Bo simply stated, leaning closer to the cowboy for a kiss. Woody eagerly complied.

"I would always fantasize about goin' to these kinds of events ever since Emily started discussing them with her gal pals at sleepovers," Jessie told Buzz. "Even if her views on the things were all mushy and gushy." Jessie made a face.

"Ha. Do tell." Buzz requested, repositioning himself next to her alongside the bed.

"Well…" Jessie started, racking her brain for details. "They would always go something like this: "'Oh how I wish that boy would just take me in his arms, and kiss me under the stars!' To which a friend would go, 'Stars? How about fireworks? Much more romantic, don'tcha think?' 'Good idea! Then we could compare the bursts of colors to the sight of our love and the loud kabooms to the sound of my heart beats.' Blah, blah, blah."

Buzz, wearing an amused expression, curiously asked, "How did you remember all that?"

Jessie laughed with the space toy, ignoring his question. He couldn't help but notice her lightly blush. "Anyway, besides all that romantic junk, the idea of a settin' with fireworks was so magical to me…and now I get to see them for myself!" She leaped up in excitement, slapping her knee. She whistled for Bullseye to gallop her way. "C'mon, let's go for a ride around the room," she said to the stuffed horse when he arrived.

"Later, Partner!" Jessie waved to Buzz as she took off. He smirked and stared at her retreating form. She's almost as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside, the space toy thought to himself.

"What're ya daydreaming about, now, Lightyear?" Woody interrupted Buzz's reverie. The cowboy took a seat next to him and followed his gaze. "Ah," he commented in a knowing tone.

Buzz felt his face heat up and he gave a light cough. Then he sighed. "Oh, Woody." He contemplated asking his friend for advice, but finally gave in to the temptation. "Should I make a move tonight? You think Jessie even wants me to? I mean, she's so independent and free…"

"Hold it right there," Woody demanded. "Just because she's independent and all doesn't mean that she doesn't want someone to be with in a romantic way. Sure, she's no damsel in distress, but she has a big heart that I'm positive will welcome you with open arms."

Buzz nodded. "I guess. Thanks." He looked towards Bo Peep, who seemed to be having a light conversation with Slinky Dog. "Say, what's it like…being with someone you truly care about?" Buzz added quietly.

Woody smiled, gazing over at Bo as well. "It's like…that feeling you get when you watch fireworks. The booming noise, the bright flashes of colors. Sometimes your heart just soars like the shooting stars that fireworks simulate. You feel jumbled, excited, anxious. All at once. And all those emotions together feel like nothing you've ever felt before…and you don't want to feel anything else," Woody explained with a light-hearted tint to his voice.

After hearing this, Buzz was inspired. He wanted to be with Jessie. He was suddenly unafraid of what the future would bring. His confidence was coming back. "Well said, Cowboy."

Woody tipped his hat in response. "Anytime, Space Ranger."

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