Maximum Ride Fan fiction

Today started out like any other day. It was a regular flying for our lives day. I decided that we should pay a visit two my mom. It was just the six of us. I saw a cloud ahead of us. Then I stopped in mid-flap. This was no regular cloud. They were erasers. The rest of the flock saw it to.

" Max what are the carrying?" asked Nudge

"Bombs!" Gazzy answered almost immediately.

"Up!" I shouted. Too late, they were already at us. Bombs flew everywhere. They were small bombs. They weren't big life threateners; they were just loud and smoky. In instant I had lost the flock. I fought for a moment then all of a sudden the erasers stopped. The smoke cleared and they fell back and flew away. That was weird. I lifted my eyes to where the flock had been. Nothing was there. I dropped a few feet, circled the area shouting their names. I dropped in disappointment. Wait; maybe they went to my mom's house. I hurriedly found my way to my mom's house. When I got there, she was packing, for a vacation to the Bahamas. I knocked on the door.

Ella answered. "Hi, Max!"

"Have you seen the rest of the flock?" Then I realized; 1, most of them have no idea how to get to this place, and 2, I never told them that this was where we were going.

"No, they haven't been here," she replied.


"Oh, nothing." I tried to keep a straight face, like Fang usually did to cover all emotions. "Well, see ya," I said with a false tone.

"Well don't you wanna to come in?"

"Nah." With that I turned and took off, fighting tears the whole way

Fang's POV

I was upset. Really upset. I wanted to cry, but as usual just sat with a blank expression on my face. Maybe, the flock wasn't killed. I thought reassuring thoughts, which didn't work. I decided to go to Dr. Martinez's house. When I got there no one was home. Maybe they were captured. I searched everything on Itex and the school. A couple days later I was pretty sure I could check the whole world and not find them. They were gone.

Angel's POV

I'm very sad. I'm very lonely and cold. I knew something had gone wrong and the flock had been separated. I also thought of the worst. They were all gone I was certain. All I could do was find out where Dr. Martinez was. Maybe she could help. I flew to a library. All I knew was that she was in Arizona and she was a vet. Finally, I found her address. Just as I took off I got the feeling, that I probably wouldn't see them again.

I sobbed and flew. Then their house came into view. I flew quickly, and to my relief I saw a small figure standing on the walk to the door.

"Gazzy!" I flew even more rapidly. He looked up. It was him! I made a hasty landing and ran towards each other.

"Angel, I think we're the only survivors. Maybe Dr. Martinez can help us. I walked up and knocked on her door. She answered and came out. Ella peered out behind her, looking a tiny bit sun burnt.

"Oh, Angel! And Gazzy! What are you doing here? Where's the rest of the flock?" "They're gone," I answered. Tears were rewelling up in my eyes.

"Even Max? She was here earlier." I automatically assumed that, Ella meant before our incident. That night she took us in, and we stayed with her long after.

Max's POV

I flew for months. The skies were usually clear of over flying objects. I ate rarely. I slept rarely. Though I had probably flown the distance of the US, I stayed within a safe distance of Arizona. Then one day I flew lower to the ground and collapsed/ crashed into someone's backyard.

"Max? Max?"

"Huh, what?"

"Are you Maximum Ride?" A girl with flowing blonde hair stood in front of me.

"Yeah," I said. For, a second I had been hopeful.

"Mommy! Mom! Mama! It's Maximum Ride! Maximum Ride just crashed in our back yard!" I slowly made the ascent. I got up. And as I was about to take off, the girl came back out, dragging her mother behind her.

"See!" her mother gaped at me. "Mommy, ask her for dinner."



"Um, hello. I'm guessing you're Maximum Ride." I nodded.

"My name is Elaine Well. And this is my youngest daughter Emma. And As, you could see, she wants you for dinner."

"Um, I really couldn't intrude."

"No, um it's fine." I didn't know what to say.

"Um, no really it's fine."

"You're bleeding!" I looked at my left wing. It had already healed a lot, but somehow it just kept bleeding.

"Uh, yeah."

"Come inside," She commanded me. I wasn't used to it, but…



"Brook's home!" called a male voice.

"Whoa! Mom! It's Fang's girlfriend!"

"Honey, don't point!" A blond boy with glasses came up.

"Please come inside."

"Mom. Who is that?" An almost black-haired girl came up. She had one purple streak running through her hair.

"Well…" she trailed off.

I tucked in my wings. They walked inside, finally over they're shock.

"Well, C'mon." said the boy. I came reluctantly. Inside There was one more girl on the couch. Then a second of that girl was on a big chair. Twins. They looked up saw me and gave me a confused look. I quickly flashed them a view off my wings to see what they would do. When they saw they screamed like they had just met Taylor Swift, or better yet Taylor Lautner. They jumped up and down and started running around like banshees.

"Sorry, about Jenny and Jennifer. They're the flock's ultimate fans. Everyone in this family enjoys Fang's blog, except Brook." Brook was my age. Daniel, the boy, was 12. Jen and Jenny were both 9 and Emma was 6. Just like Angel. I frowned. After dinner I was enjoyed so much, I got the invitation to a never-ending sleep over.

I would've told them about my real mom, but thinking about her made me think about the flock, and that made me sad. Yes. It is stupid and naturally, everyone needs guidance from his or her parents. I just didn't want it.

"If it's not to much trouble." I had said.

"Wait, but don't you have to go find the flock?"

"The flock?"

"Yeah, the flock."

"I… I don't know where thy are."

"Well let's check Fang's blog."

Fang's POV

I don't feel like writing. I feel something new to me. Sickness, Illness of heart, Sadness. That's what I felt. I wandered to a nearby town. It was a nice town. I then ran into a gang of tough kids. They weren't gangsters. They sure tried to be though. I passed hem by, minding my own business. That particular day, I was wearing a black shirt, black pants, and a black jacket. Then I noticed that they were beating up someone.

"Iggy?" I asked.

"Fang?" The gang turned.

"What're you doing here punk?"

"Helpin' a friend. Now leave him alone." I walked over to them. One was in a cap. I decide I'd punch him first. I swung, and left that kid with a black eye and torn lip.

Another dude, fatter this time, came over and I FLIPPED HIM! Not that I couldn't do it before.

"Now, are you going to leave the Iggster here alone?"

"Uh, yes."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes sir."

"Thank you." I turned on my heel.

"You're pretty good," said the punk whose nose I'd just broken.

"So?" "Welcome to the club."

"Wait! Wha?" "Welcome. You're part of the gang."

"Um…" I turned to Iggy, who was staring at me.

"Sure, but he's coming to."

"The blind one?"

"Is that a problem?"

I started to punch, but stopped, making them all back up. So, that's how I got to the top of the bad boy gang in 10 seconds.

Max's POV

"Sorry Max, he hasn't written." We were all sad. I had just finished telling them some of the past events.

"Mom, I'm going off."

"Be back before 10:00."

"Whatever." Brook left and slammed the door.

"I'm going to take a walk as well," I said.

"Hey Brook wait up." It was dark out. I was so tired, that my raptor eye vision wasn't as sharp.

"What, do you want?"

"Why do you hate me so much?"

"Why would you assume that?"

"Well, you just seem really well, quiet, and ignorant, and you glare at me from time to time."

"I don't hate you. Why do you even bother?"

"I don't know." At this point, I had no idea why I followed her. I guess I just didn't like her pure joy and excitement.

I hung with her until it was almost ten.

"Thanks, for understanding," she said. I had just gotten a full life preview from a depressed kid. Then, we heard some voices. They didn't sound friendly.

"Hey Brook! Payback!" A guy with a baseball cap and a bandaged up nose walked up. When he was several yards away. Brook whispered,

"Not good."


"I got them in detention, because they hurt some little 12- year old girl." Boy, she liked to talk when you got to know her.

She turned and ran. I followed her. They were catching up. I had to do something. I got up behind her, jumped and grabbed her arms. We stayed low to the ground and then took off at my top speed. I slowed down several seconds later. I dropped her from about two feet in the air, and let me tell you she was in a daze.


"No problem."

Over the next month, she appreciated me greatly. There were days where we went out with a group of friends and we played soccer. Those were the times I liked her best. She never wore black on soccer days (Except for her hair.) We didn't see the gang of bullies for a while either, then one night when she was doing a chore for her mom, (Buying some milk for tomorrows breakfast) they struck. This time though they had two additional gang members.

Fang's POV

I was doing surprisingly well.

"See ya later!"

"See ya." They had left Iggy and I behind, so we could stretch out our wings. They didn't know about them, but I had told them, I had to go. Pretty lame excuse. After we finished our stretching, we decided to wonder about. Then we heard frightened yelps.

We rushed in the direction of the sound. It was that girl from before. With her I had seen one of our flock members.

"Hey!" Before I could start again I heard,

"Hey! Back off!"

My heart leaped. All the gang members turned.

"Leave her alone."

"Max?" I thought to myself. The gang continued closing in. Then She jerked the girl's arm up, and did up and away. I saw one of the gangsters pull out a shotgun. That was unexpected. He cocked it and with an almost perfect aim, shot at Max. Before he could shoot again and succeed I rammed into him, making his second shot, bounce of the wall, skid on my shoulder, and zoom past Iggy's ear.

Max's POV

I looked down; to see the reason the second shot hadn't come up. Then I recognized, Fang. Beside him was Iggy. Fang was sitting on the ground arguing with the punk who had almost hit me, with Iggy taking his side. He was holding his shoulder, which was gushing blood. Uh-oh. He had been hit, maybe not completely, but it sill looked like it hurt.

"That's Fang!" I shouted. Brook, who clung to my back, was crying.

She must've been scared. I started to land. I set Brook on her roof. Then flew back for Fang.

Fang's POV

"Dude! What's up with you? You could've been killed."

"You almost killed innocent people!"

"Dude! That girl was no person, she was a flying beast."

"Well, if she's one then we are too."

"What do you mean? Why, did you care about her so much anyway?"

"She's my um friend/ adopted sister!" I saw Max in the corner of my eye. I made a sweeping movement with my hand. Then as fast as lightning she air-rammed Buzz (gangster 1). Then she high-fived me.

"Iggy! It's Max!"

"Max! Max!" he said with the entergeticness of a five year old.