Stephanie Meyer owns the Cullen's and Swans in this story. The rest are mine


Alice came whirling into my room like a Tasmanian devil. I didn't even know where she came from but boy was she excited over something!

'Bella wake up, wake up' she yelled whilst jumping on my bed.

I groaned and rolled over 'Go away' I murmured. It was a Sunday morning.

'Isabella Marie Swan,' she yelled 'get up this instant were going on a road trip' she squealed. A what?

'Who? What?' I asked still incredibly groggy. I sat up and started rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

'Me, you, Edward, Jasper, Emmett and Rose duh' she stated, 'where all going to Phoenix for 3 weeks!'

'What!' That had my attention. 'But what about school? Charlie? Esme? Carlisle? Where are we going to stay?'

'I've already sorted it silly, where going to your old school. I've cleared it with Esme, Carlisle and Charlie so don't worry! And we will be staying in your old house. Your mum and Phil are on a tour remember!' I gulped. This was not happening. 'I've already asked your mum and she said yes'

Alice left once I headed for a shower. The fact that I, we would be going back to my old school feared me. I didn't want them knowing what it was like there. It was rough with the electric fences and alarm systems. I wondered if they realised that. But it wasn't the safety measures themselves that worried me! No it was the reason why they where there. And why where they there you ask? Well because of the children.

I had been bullied badly before I came to forks and I mean bad. I couldn't walk down a corridor without getting tripped up! People wondered why I was shocked when males where showing me attention when I arrived in forks. Well it was because of Phoenix. Because of them. It all started when I was around 10, this one girl Amy use to pick on me it started with name calling but gradually began to get worse! My last year in Phoenix had been the worse it was a nightmare. I could stand the jibes and punches off girls but when a group and guys joined in that last year I was there I decided it was too much and I knew I had to get away.

That was one of the reasons I so easily came to live with Charlie in Forks. I just wanted to get away from my old school. I had no friends there and I wanted a new start. And now I was going back with the Cullen's with Edward!

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