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I was sat helpless in lesson, as I looked on an Alice's vision, of course I saw Alice place the soft bag and jacket on the floor so when Bella landed she wouldn't be so badly hurt, but I was still furious. I was seeing red. I could just about feel Jasper pushing me back onto my chair in my angry haze, but I wanted o go to my angel and make sure she would be ok. Instead I had to just sit and watch as my love fell from her chair to Amy's lap then from Amy's lap to the floor as she was pushed. I watched as my Bella hit the floor with a bang. I saw the smirk on Amy's face as Bella reach for her hip with a twisted grimace on her face. My Bella, my love, my life was hurt and Amy was the reason for this.

I watched on as Alice quickly got out of her chair to see what was wrong with Bella's hip. I tried to block out the thoughts around me; they where not helping.

Oh gosh she looks really hurt

What happened there? It all happened so quick did Amy push her?

Ha I see Bella's still as clumsy as she was before! Nothing has changed there!

Yes she hurt! But where did the bag come from…..hey isn't that the tiny Cullen's bag? How did it get there so quickly?

The last thought off Amy none the less, not only angered me but worried me. I had noticed that she was picking up on a lot of stuff different about me and my brothers and sisters. She was perspective that what, made her such a good bully! She could pick up the tiniest faults about a person and then used her good imagination to come up with ways of teasing. Again her good imagination had me worried would she be imagative enough to realise the truth, would she realise it's the truth? I had been keeping tabs on her thoughts and didn't like where they were heading. She knew there was something different about us, but just couldn't place what it was!

It's just bruised Edward!

Alice realised me from my thoughts with this new knowledge. I was relieved and felt free; minus a bruise Bella was ok. Of course the rest of the class and the teacher did not know this.

Our teacher had suddenly rushed to Bella side asking her if she was ok. She responded she was then was helped up by Alice. I noticed her limp slightly as she was taking away to the nurse.

I was still nervous, she was with Alice but I wanted to be with her to comfort her. I knew the bruise could hurt quite a bit and hadn't missed the tears that brimmed in her eyes as she started to walk. I just wanted to comfort her and take away all the pain.


Alice had almost immediately come over to see if I was ok. She was quicker than the teacher who just stood in silence for a few minutes. I let her look over my hip wincing slightly as she pressed down to feel the bone. She had quickly established and let me know that it was only bruised. I sighed in relief a broken hip was the last thing I needed at the moment. By this point our=r teacher had made his way over to us and was helping me up. He quietly told Alice to take me to the nurse's office. Luckily Alice had untied my laces before the teacher had helped me back up else I would have landed on the floor again.

As Alice led me limping out the room, I looked over towards Edward. I noticed he was looking very worried and angry. My hip was really hurting and I was trying to stop the tears from falling over my lids. That was the last thing I needed. I knew Edward was very close to taking me home and part of me wanted to let him. However I needed to be free from these bullies. I would never feel complete or confident without doing this for my self.

I saw the shocked look on the nurse's face as Alice led me into the room, as I whimpered and limped. Of course Alice could have carried me; however someone Alice's size would look odd carrying me and would most likely arouse questions.

I sat on the nurse's desk as my hip was checked over for the second time. Alice stood in the corner waiting for me.

I was quickly released, with just a bruised hip and sent back to classes, by which point I had PE, tennis as it turned out. Obviously I was excused from this so I just sat out and watched as Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jasper beat all of the other kids. Surprising Edward did not fair so well in his matches. He drew a couple and only won one meaning he lost 5. I knew he was worried about me from how he kept spacing out. I could also feel his eyes on me when I was looking else where.

By the end of the lesson he had managed to float towards me and scooped me up into his arms. We headed on to Spanish. I had made it up until health studies fairly unscathed; however I knew it was going to be a long lesson once Alice started giggling and Edward groaned.


I could tell Edward was really upset from what happened to baby bell this morning, as all he had done all day is grouch around and snap at everyone. He even snapped at Bella at dinner for eating the chocolate cake of my tray but leaving her apple that Edward got her, something to do with she needed to make sure she stayed healthy. I told him to chill out, it all smelt like dirt to me so if she preferred the chocolate cake to the apple what does it matter?

After half an hour Bella finally managed to convince Edward that she forgave him he went back into his depressed silent mood.

By the time we got to health class I was fed up, heck I didn't even have all the same lessons with the boy like Bella and he was depressing me, so I decided it was time to spice things up; Emmett style. Health class would be the best place to do this as it gives more opportunities for jokes, pranks and funny material.

We arrived in lesson all of us sat together as usual in this class. I couldn't believe my look when the teacher announced we would be watching a video on condoms and safe sex and then compete in a condom race. This was going to be great.

I sat in silence for the first ten minutes, I knew Edward and Alice knew what I was going to do as Alice kept giggling and Edward kept glaring at me, as I watched the 'Johnny the condom' dance across the screen. I mean come-on these kids where mostly 18 not 8!

The song was getting on my nerves that this cartoon condom kept singing and I was starting to get bored.

Five minutes more and I couldn't take it. I stood up and said

'So what the condom is trying to say is, is if your not going to wrap it, go home and whack it! Isn't that right sir?' I winked at Rosalie, who was actually looking pretty pissed. Oh dear that's not good.

'Sit down' she growled. I could hear muffled giggles coming from around the room. Our teacher just stood there with his mouth gaping open for 1 minute. He then managed to collect himself and said

'Thank you Mr. Cullen, for that…simple message.' Amazing I didn't get into trouble! I was kind of hoping I could get kicked out of class, because truth be told all this talk on condoms and sex is making me kind of horny.

The lesson carried forward and the video seemed no closer to finishing. The video had been going around in circles I needed to liven things up again.

'Hey Jasper' I yelled once again over the video, 'Why do pencils never have babies?'

Jasper grin broadened. 'I don't know Emmett, why do pencils never have babies?'

'Because they have rubbers on the end!' I laughed. The room burst into laughter. I could see Jasper soaking up the humour. I would hate to be in his shoes in a room full of hormonal teenagers whilst in a sex education class!

'Hey Emmett,' Jasper yelled back! I grinned at him, 'How did the dairy queen get pregnant?'

Ha-ha this one was great! 'I don't know!' I could see Edward shaking his head.

'Burger king forgot to wrap his whopper!' The class was in hysterics and I could see the teacher trying to get everyone's attention.

'Now lads anymore of this and you will be going to see the principal, it is not appropriate!'

'What?' I argued 'How is this not appropriate, this is a sex Ed lesson and I'm sure everyone will remember my igneous jokes better than this childish tape

'You're disturbing my lesson' he retaliated. 'Now please sit in silence there is only 3 minutes if the tape to watch!'

Thank god only three minutes of hell to watch.

After the video was finished, it was time to play 'a game'.

Boy's verbs girls, we had to get in lines and queue up behind bananas. The boys in one line and the girls in another. We were then all handed a condom, and was told we had to race and the first line to put on a condom and take it off the banana probably would win. Luckily there was equal boys and girls. I made sure I was in line opposite Rose.

James was back to school today and in the line in front of me so I decided that today would be the perfect time to play a prank on him. He was just walking to the toilet with his condom so I quickly opened my condom. I ran out of line and mixed water with glue. I was so fast that no one apart form my family saw me leave not that anyone was paying attention to what I was doing. I then covered the condom in the mixture and swapped this condom with the one James had once he got back from the loo.

By the time it got to James turn the girls where ahead of us 3 people. He dashed forward and took what he thought was his unused condom from his back pocket where he had placed it. Obviously he pulled out the condom that I had placed there. James looked at the condom in disgust and then chucked it on the floor yelling out. Our teacher came over to investigate what was happening.


I was watching my students having a condom race. Surprising the females where in the lead, which is unusual. James was just stepping forward to place his condom on the banana when suddenly he cried out. I rushed over wondering what could have happened. As I neared James I realised he had pulled a condom out of his pocket, but it was used. What was the meaning of this?

I cleared my throat and asked 'James?' This was disgusting and I was going to get to the bottom of why he had done this or why someone else had done this.

I noticed some of the girls had started screaming noticing the current condition of his condom. I quietened the class down and turned to James for some answer.

'Well?' I had to ask.

'I don't understand, it wasn't like this before!'

I heard that Emmett Cullen behind him chuckle and say to the blonde haired lad 'What before he used it' the blonde one sniggered. That's enough, I said. I don't tolerate bully.

I had to watch out for that Emmett Cullen he seemed like a trouble maker.

The blonde female then giggled 'Sir, is that what he went for the toilet for?' Hmmm that's true he did go to the loo and he was a while

I raised my eyebrow at James in question

'I swear sir I didn't! Someone's set me up!'

I really didn't understand was one of these children really so sick that they would come in a condom and then some how manage to swap theirs for his? The Cullen boys where stood behind him. I knew that Emmett was a bit of a trouble maker but would he really go this far? Hmmmmm maybe I should check up on there records just to be on the safe side!

Ohm is Amy and the teacher suspicious of something? Will Emmett get found out? Will James get his own back? And will Bella finally get a chance to show Amy what she is made of?

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