Summary: An Akatsuki fanfic. Hidan has been turned into a kid! Can the rest of the Akatsuki deal with it?

Chapter 1

"Curse Leader-sama for sending me on this Jashin damn mission," Hidan growled. He would much rather be at home doing one of his rituals. Pain had sent Hidan out to gather several scrolls, which of course, he did.

"At least I sacrificed 7 of those damned heathens today," Hidan muttered to himself. He heard a rustle in the bushes, and pulled out his scythe. "Who the hell is there?" Hidan yelled. He looked around, peering at the bush closely. "Jashin damn it, get your ass out here! I fucking swear, I'll sacrifice you to Jashin!" Hidan growled. Before he knew it, something hit him in the back, knocking him down.

"What the hell! That fucking hurt you asshole!" Hidan screamed in annoyance. He jumped up, and again, before he knew it, the man who had attacked him performed a jutsu. Vines came up from the ground and trapped Hidan.

"Honey, what do you say we test my new jutsu on him?" a woman asked, coming out from the bush.

"I think that would be great idea my love," the man said, placing a kiss on her cheek.

"I'm going to be sick you fucking heathens! Let me go before I sacrifice you to almighty Jashin!" Hidan yelled, struggling against the vines.

"Oh quiet, struggling is useless against my jutsu. You may as well stop, boy, we're going to try something on you, then untie you," the man explained. Suddenly the woman did a lot of different hand signs, and Hidan realized everything was getting bigger.

"Oh it worked! He's so little!" the woman exclaimed, untying Hidan. The man and woman took off running, faster than Hidan had seen anyone run.

"Heathens! I will get you!" Hidan yelled. He got up and was about to run, but tripped.

"Damn! They turned me into a kid!" Hidan screeched.

"What the fuck am I going to do? What is the rest of the Akatsuki going to think?" Hidan thought.

All of the sudden, Hidan started to cry, he had no idea why, he couldn't control it. He just started sobbing and sobbing.

At the Akatsuki base

"Where the hell is Hidan? He should've been back by now." Pain grumbled.

"Knowing that dumb zealot, he probably stopped every time he saw someone to do one of his precious sacrifices." Kakuzu said.

"I want everyone to go out and search for Hidan, now!" Pain demanded.

"What? Why do we have to search for him! He should be okay, he's immortal Leader-sama!" Kakuzu said.

"Go, now! I want those scrolls! Find Hidan and bring him back immediately!" Pain thundered.

The Akatsuki members ran out to find Hidan, all except for Konan and Pain. Pain stayed in his office and Konan was gone for vacation.

Back with Hidan

All of Hidan's clothes were too big for him, they hung on him, pooling at his feet. He pulled his cloak around him, covering his shoulders down, still sobbing.

"Why can't I stop crying? Jashin will smite me for this!" Hidan thought to himself.

"DAMN THIS FUCKING WORLD! Jashin damn those bitches!" Hidan screamed.