Chapter 15

Early in the morning everyone woke up and gathered in the dining room for breakfast. Suddenly Pain cleared his throat and stood up.

"Everyone, I have wonderful news," Pain said. He looked around the room at each anxious face. "I've located Hidan's attackers." The second Pain said that cheers rang through the base and everyone quickly finished eating. They rushed around the base preparing to attack the people. Once everyone was prepared they gathered at the front of the base. Konan had Hidan safely tucked in her arms with his adult cloak on his small body.

"Everyone watch out for their jutsu's, they must be very strong to change Hidan like they did," Konan said. With that, they set off. Several days later they arrived at the area in which Pain had located the people. Konan put Hidan down and they Akatsuki hid, leaving Hidan alone in a clearing. Suddenly Rika and Takeo appeared.

"Back for more little boy?" Takeo asked laughing manically. Rika joined in the laughter and stepped forward. She was about to strike him, when Pain shot out into the clearing with Sasori. Sasori went after Takeo while Pain went after Rika. Pain was to quick for Rika, he caught her and threw her into a tree, then quickly slashed her throat while Sasori finished off Takeo with a strike to the heart. Once those two were dead, Hidan returned to his normal size. Luckily Konan had put him in his adult cloak, so he wasn't naked.

"IT WORKED!" Konan squealed shooting out of her hiding spot and throwing herself into Hidan's arms.

"FUCK YEAH!" Hidan screamed in delight. Everyone else came out actually smiling. Deidara wrapped his arms tightly around Hidan, Tobi glomped him, and Kisame gave him a one armed hug while the others smiled.

"Lets go home boys, lets go home," Konan said. They set off for home, arriving there in a few days. They made dinner and sat at the table to eat.

Somewhere in the woods

Rika and Takeo stepped out from behind a tree so the shadow was cast over them, their eyes glowing red, and began laughing manically.

The End

This is the end of Hidan's a kid! but I am going to write a sequel. I know it's not a good ending, but it's all I came up with so no complaining.