Okay this will be short but it might help explain things later. If you feel like it you probably could skip but then you'll miss it.

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Goku sat outside underneath a huge tree, sitting back and relaxing after a hard day of training. The sun had begun to go down and the view was exquisite, al the pinks melting in with the reds and purples and blues.

" I should really be getting home, Chi-Chi's gunna be really mad that i was out all day." He looked off into the distance preparing to blast off when a red sphere shot through the sky. " What was that!"

The red sphere crashed into the ground in the distance, blowing up dust and earth.

" What the? What was that?" Goku decided to investigate what had landed. " That didn't look like any meteor to me."

Goku flew around the are he had saw the thing land and finally found a large crater in the ground. He landed at the edge and looked down into it. In the middle was a white round ship of some kind. ( A sayian pod for those that hadn't figured it out.)

" What's that?" He slid down the slope of the crater and landed on his feet in front of it. " How do you open this thing?" He looked around the ship looking for a button or something that would open the, well what he figured was the door. " Forget this." He pried the door open not taking a look at what was inside till he had gotten it completely open, and almost went into cardiac arrest when he saw what was inside.

Inside the ship was an infant laying down on a large seat inside. The infant was a girl, he could tell because she was covered by nothing but a tiny blue blanket. The infant woke up and looked around at her new surroundings and started to cry hysterically.

" No, Oh Sh, shhh." Goku tried to quiet the baby. He picked her up and held her out wrapping the blanket around her once more. He held her out away from him and looked at her.

The baby stopped crying and looked back at him with large eyes as if she had just found something new but familiar within him. She looked at him from one angle then the next, turning her head to investigate him fully. She threw her arms out reaching for him and laughed.

" So all you wanted was to be held?" Goku pulled her in, cuddling her as he does HIS baby Gohan. He gave her his finger to play with and she wrapped her tiny hand around it. " Owe! That's one tight grip you've got." She giggled and brought his finger to her mouth sucking on it trying to get nutrition. " You're hungry."

She started to fuse when she received nothing from his finger. " And you're not stupid." He grinned. " I'll just sneak you in the house and feed you. Don't worry i'll keep you safe as long as i live. I'll just have to keep you a secret from Chi-Chi." He tucked her tail back in the blanket and took off heading for his house with the baby in his arms.