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" Hello. Vegeta." She said shyly. " I see you've changed some."

Vegeta couldn't help but be amazed at the girl who stood before him. She had returned like Bulma said she would. Plus she looked very good for a young female. She had been training, that was clear by her tattered clothes and slightly muscular build, but still very feminine looking. She so reminded him of their mother with her long raven hair that she had neatly pulled behind her head.

" I'll let you two talk." Bulma said leaving with a backward flink of her wrists flashing Koron the victory sign.

" Koron?"

" Ah, Yes?" She turned back out of surprise.

He gave her a cold look over and looked back into her eyes. " You've been training." He said icily.

" Yes, i have."

" You're still a weakling."

Her eyes flashed red with anger. " What!!"

" You're still a WEAKLING." He Said with his trade mark grin, enjoying the saiyan rage that shot out in her stare.

" Would you like to see just how much of a weakling i am!! Or are you too scared that i'll beat you just as my master, Goku, did!"

" What!" it was Vegetas turn to get mad now. " If that clown was still alive i would rip him to pieces! He couldn't defeat me!!!"

" Sure! You know that attitude is what got you in trouble before!! You're too confident that you're blind to the truth! Goku DID Beat you and you still don't see what you've done wrong!! How! That attitude's gotten you killed before and if you don't get rid of it you'll wind up dead just like before!" She got it all out in like one breath her face red with anger but she soon regretted it.

When she started to calm down she started to think of how sensitive he was about his loses. "Vegeta, i...i'm sorry, i didn't mean it...."

Vegeta didn't except her apology however. His face was still beet red with anger and frustration. His opened hand raised up into the air and Koron realized how he intended to take his anger out. She couldn't move fast enough and felt the full force of his hand as it came down across her cheek.

She went sprawling onto the floor in a heap, a huge red hand mark on her face. She whimpered at the pain that pulsed through the side of her head, holding her hand to the mark not wanting to let him see the damage. She froze in fear as she heard his footsteps come closer to her. She looked up and gasped when she thought she saw a spark of regret in his eyes.

He turned his back to her and took off, not sure where he was going, just knowing he had to get out of there.

She sat up and looked after him, still whimpering but now out of regret for the words she had said. " I didn't mean what i said, really i didn't. I'm so sorry Vegeta i am." Her tail coiled up in her lap.

Bulma came back after hearing all the yelling. When she saw Koron on the floor she almost fainted from fright of what he might have done. " Koron!! Are you okay!!" she ran down the hall, now that Trunks was asleep she could move faster.

" Bulma?" She turned back, her hand still on her cheek and tears in her eyes. "I can't believe what i've done."

" What'd he do?" Bulma asked picking her off the floor.

" He only gave me what i deserved for what i said. Bulma, he's never going to forgive me, how could he after what i told him."

" Calm down." She sat down on the floor with her, comforting hr as she cried. "now just tell me everything that happened."


"Bulma, how can i look in his eyes after what just happened? He has the right to be angry after what i told him. I knew how he felt about losing to Goku, and about Frieza, and i still i tell him stuff like that?"

" Calm down. It'll be alright once he cools off. Vegeta couldn't stay mad at you, i have a very strong feeling that he'll be back soon."

" Why would he want to come back when i'm still here?"

" Just trust me on this. I can see it in him, you mean a lot to him. Few people do, so you should consider yourself lucky. Everything'll be alright, i promise. And I Always keep MY Promises."

" Thankz Bulma." She wiped her eyes. " But you can't promise me that, because it's beyond your control. I don't need any promises from you because i know you'll always tell me the truth to what you know or feel."

"come, i have something i want to show you." She picked her up by her wrist and dragged her through the hallways again. "I think you might be able to use it." She led her all the way into a lab and there in the middle of the huge room was a space ship. "it's still needs a few little things but it's almost done."

"You're giving me a spaceship? Why?"

"I know there's something you want to do in space. You want to help your people don't you. I figured this would help you get there."

"You mean me go up and fight Delandau? Bulma I can't. He'll be to powerful for me, i'm not strong enough yet!"

"That's why Vegeta's going too. And maybe Gohan would too, if he can get away from his mom. and you still have time to train while i finish it up. Don't worry, all of you can beat who ever this jerk is, with Vegeta and Gohan being super saiyans and all."

"something I'm not."

"hey from what I understand it's tough. It takes a lot to become a super saiyan."

"If I was a full bred I wouldn't have trouble, I'd be strong just like Vegeta."

"Yeah, that's something I've been wondering about. You say you're a half bred but what else are you?"

"I'm half Draconian."

"Half what?!"

"Draconian. It's another race that used to live on Gea, the place Delandau comes from, well the same planet anyway, he's Zi-backian and my father once was Fanalian."

"they look.....normal?"

"Like a human you mean? yes, they look like you and any other human, except one little detail." She turned her attention to some gizmo Bulma had been working on for a while s if trying to change the subject.

"What detail!"

"I shouldn't have even told you I'm a Draconian."

"Why not!"


"because why!"

"I just shouldn't have alright!"

"Hey! If you can't tell me then who can you! Now why won't you tell me!!!"

"Because all who come near a Draconian die alright!...." She trailed off regretting what and how she said it. "It's legendary, Draconians are cursed, evil in a way."

"That can't be true, how can someone like you carry the curse of death with you."

"Ask my ancestors, not me."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel responsible for anything but I'm not dead, nor is Trunks, or Vegeta. It can't be true."

"Do you still want to know?" She turned half way round, expecting a no.

"Not if you don't want to tell me."

Her eyes grew wide and then shrunk back down to normal size and she gave a small grin. "Fine. the one difference between us is...Draconians have wings."

Bulma almost fell over, sweat dropping. "You're kidding right! You don't have wings!"

"Not now no. I can take them back into my body and bring them out when I need to."

"You're joking!"

"I am not!"

"Then show me" Bulma said skeptically.

"I can't."

"HA! I told you, you were joking."

Korons eyes narrowed. "There's not enough room in here, there not the size of a birds wings you know."

"Fine lets go outside."

"Wanna bet on it, I could use some extra money."

"Sure, lets make it a high bet a million zeni will do, I could take a few extra dollars myself for shopping."

"It's your money." Koron snickered.

When they got outside Koron took off the orange part of the top of her uniform, underneath was a blue shit with a really low back. Not even that had gone without tears from her years of training so she held it to her body, she didn't want it to rip off.

"I'm waiting." Bulma tapped her foot.

"you're not very patient are you?"

"no now hurry up will you!"

"Fine." Koron closed her eyes and looked peaceful for a moment before her face contorted in pain and there was a snap and a brief cry from her as two glorious white wing spread from her back and the air was filled with white down feathers that were falling from them.

The light seemed to reflect from her medium tanned skin and the contrasting white of her wings that spread out like a huge white sheet of feathers. she looked like an angel come down to earth.

"I was wrong...."Bulma gazed.

Koron had tossed her head back when she summoned her wings and she brought it back to normal level, breathing a little heavily but nothing bad. She looked at Bulma and couldn't hold back her laughter at seeing her face.

"I guess I owe you that money...."

"You don't have too."

"We made a bet, I do. And besides, you need a new outfit. Put those things away, we're gong shopping!"

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