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"So let me get this straight." The sergeant said slowly. He was surprisingly calm even though he had caught five people out after curfew.

K-unit and Cub nodded.

"Eagle was sleep walking,"


"Then he crashed into a door,"


"Fell down a set of stairs,"

"Pretty much."

"And collided into the window; causing it to shatter."


"And the rest of the unit heard the noise and came to help."

"That about sums it up, sir." Eagle said with a straight face. Said soldier had numerous cuts and bruises littering his face and muscular body (their leader had a lot of repressed anger…)

During his evening rounds, the sergeant had heard some noises that night and came across a nervous Fox, Snake, and Cub, a very beaten up Eagle, and a very stone-faced Wolf.

The sergeant, of course, didn't buy their excuse that they presented. He knew that at least two of them had gotten in a fight. Eh, let them figure it out on their own. From the sadistic look in Wolf's eyes and how the other four looked at their boots, they had probably learned whatever lesson they needed in the first place.

"Alright, back to bed!" The sergeant snapped, "Eagle, go to the infirmary if needed, but no dawdling!"

The five of them nodded quickly and ran back to their hut.

When K-unit and Cub were safely in their beds, Wolf finally asked, "Whose idea was it to steal my coffee?"

"Eagle's." Fox, Snake, and Cub said simultaneously.


Wolf let out a yawn, "Alright, then I suppose I've already gotten my revenge. But I'm warning you four: if anybody does something like that again, I won't think before I strangle each and everyone of you, and I won't care if only one of you did it."

"Yes, sir." They all said in a meek tone.

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