Written for the Drabble Challenge

Characters: Pansy Parkinson/Vincent Crabbe

Prompt: Thorns

He saw how Draco treated her and felt his heart breakbreakbreak because he knew she deserved better than this. Okay, so maybe she didn't yet he wanted to give her all the happiness in the world if only, if only, she ever gave him a chance. But who would see him, let alone HER, next to Draco Malfoy - the Draco Malfoy - Prince of Slytherin. It was a corny title, but it suited Malfoy well, because that's exactly what he was. Pansy was his princess - or at least wanted to be - and who was he, fat, stupid Vincent Crabbe next to him? But one day - one day - he vowed to became something for her and remove all the thorns in their relationship - One day.