Authors Note: Here's my first shot with the prompt table. So let's think about what pairing I may have done for this... okay there's no prizes because it's me so it will obviously be centred around Robbie and Jackie :P And Bella shall be making a few appearances throughout this set I think :)

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Jackie looked at her nine month old daughter with a tired expression visible in her eyes. She had been sitting on the same spot of carpet in the living room for the past half hour, desperately trying to prise away the object from Isabella's tight grip.

"Bella, give mummy the toy," the girl just giggled and held the plastic gun closer to her body.

"Isabella, please let go and give me the gun." Jackie attempted to take the toy from Bella's small hands but that only served to make the tears and screaming commence. The sight of her baby upset always killed a part of Jackie because seeing the pain in Bella's face was possibly the worst thing she had experiences. So she instead put her hands around the miniature form and picked Bella, and the toy, up.

She took her through to the table they had set up in the middle of the kitchen and placed Bella in her high-chair. With a tub of some gloopy baby food in hand she sat down in the seat next to Bella's. Jackie thought that being offered food would cause the girl to drop her play thing but even at her young age the female skill of multi-tasking was coming into power so Jackie was able to give her the afternoon meal she needed whilst Bella continued to examine and wave around the gun.

Any other day in Bella's schedule and this would be the point at which Jackie would take her back through to the living room and put on some of the trashy afternoon TV programmes with Bella sitting next to her on the couch until she got tires and slouched into her mother's side. Then usually Jackie would set her down in her cot and leave her until the shouting began again.

Usually. But not today. Not with Bella's fascination with the plastic gun.

Jackie found a metaphorical brick wall in her brain and hit her head on it over and over again. She knew being a mother was hard but with Bella it was a whole new level of difficult. The girl was even turning against Robbie which neither he or Jackie would ever have predicted.

She heard a key turning in the front door and silently thanked God that Robbie was home. They had spent hardly any time together over the past week because he was leading a team in a huge drug exportation and murder case so had been working all the hours that he could manage.

When he got into the hall Jackie gave him a small smile before he wrapped his arms around her, allowing her to rest her head on his chest,

"What's the matter babe?" Robbie knew just by her want to sleep that something was wrong.

"Nothing. I'm just exhausted, 5 days of Bella with no breaks is awful," she felt terrible for saying that about their child but it was true, she was far too tired to do anything else except lie down somewhere with Robbie and just talk.

"I've missed you," he whispered as he trailed kisses down her jaw and neck.

"So have I. By the way the next time I see him Stuart is dead."

He lookd down at her, cofused because Stuart had been with him for the past week and hadn't mentioned contacting Jackie, "Oh yeah, why?"

"Remember that stupid, slightly kinky, police set he gave us for your birthday?" Robbie nodded, laughing at the memory of opening the gift in front of the only neighbours who actually spoke to them regularly, "Well our daughter found the plastic gun when she was having her daily crawl round our room, and has not let go of it since then."

"The last thing she did before I left the room was point it at Kitty," 'Kitty' was a cuddly bear which was the same size as Bella which she loved more than she loved Robbie and Jackie at times, which made Robbie understand just how taken she was with the gun.

"So either our daughter is going to be a hitman or a first-class armed officer?" He smirked while Jackie just nodded her head in agreement.

"Do you want me to try and get it form her?"

"Yes please, she hasn't slept all afternoon and she'll need to before I give her any more food." Robbie kissed her on the forehead and told her to go and have a nap herself if she wanted. Jackie smiled before kissing him gently on the mouth and decided to just sleep on the couch so she wouldn't hear as much of the crying when Robbie tried to take away the toy.

An hour later and Jackie was awoken by Robbie whispering in her ear that he had made some food for the both of them. She looked up at him, still over-tired but also quite confused as to how he had the time, "What's Bella been doing?"

"Bella has been asleep for fifty minutes and the plastic gun is back in our room, this time however it is on a shelf in hte wardrobe that she won't get to."

"How did you manage that then?" Not that she didn't trust him, hse just didn't understand how he had got Bella to sleep in ten minutes.

"I took Kitty and told her that she wouldn't be gettting him back until she gave me the gun. And after a little tantrum, and a lot of hugging and kissing, she finally handed it over," Robbie answered with a triumphent smile on his face.

"Robbie, promise me you'll never dump me and make me keep Bella as a single mum?"

"I promise, I love you both too much... and I would never leave our daughter to put up with you alone for the rest of her childhood, why do you think I work so hard?" Jackie glared at him as he laughed, before she hit him on the chest while kissing him.

"Jackie, missed you and all but aren't you wanting some actual food?"

She rolled her eyes before going through to the kitchen. It was good to have him back to deal with Bella in these moods, she thought, and she and Bella would, admittedly, be lost without him now. And he may now deserve the dirty weekend away that Stuart kept suggesting - she was sure he was planning on booking them a hotel room for her birthday in a month's time. She could maybe take part of the outfit Staurt had bought her. Maybe. Unless she got too self-conscious like the last time.