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Stuart looked into the empty room - well, empty except for Jackie who was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall - and walked in. "Is that it all then?"

She glanced up in surprise and nodded.

"Want some company down there?"

"Yeah please." She picked at the sleeve of her jersey as he sat next to her.

"This is just really weird. Okay so I've only lived here about six years but it's grown on me." She had enlisted the help of Stuart, Ewan and Robbie to help move the cardboard boxes and other bits and pieces to her new house and it was now hitting her how much she would miss this building.

They had been sitting in silence for a number of minutes before they heard the loud bangs that could only mean the other two were back indoors. "The fit mover men sound as though they've finished, they'll find us in the old living room," Stuart shouted to them before they destroyed any walls or anything else that remained.

Robbie and Ewan joined them on the floor - Ewan on Stuart's other side and Robbie beside Jackie, his hand finding hers and lacing their fingers together. Her head rested itself on his shoulder and she thought of how long she had waited for this to happen and now that it was she was scared. She wasn't scared of where she was going, but of leaving the security of her life as it was.

"You okay?" He asked, squeezing her hand.

"I'll be fine in a second, just making sure I'm ready to leave here."

"Of course you're ready. The Jackie I've known for years would never do this but she's gone and now we have you. You wouldn't have dreamed of agreeing to share a home with me when you bought this place," She laughed as he moved so as to pull her into a hug, "The only reason I'm sad to see this home go is that I have such fond memories of that glass wall over there," motioning to the hallway.

She slapped him on the chest, not wanting any one of those memories to be recounted any further, even Stuart and Ewan were not allowed to know about certain aspects of their sex life.

"I suppose it shouldn't matter, there will be new places to explore in the new one."

The two others were almost crying in amusement over Robbie's teasing and the way Jackie was hiding her obvious embarrassment into his shirt. They watched as he kissed the top of her head before lifting her chin, tucking away the strands of dark hair that had escaped her ponytail and kissed her firmly on the lips.

Ewan couldn't resist commenting on the couple, "Aww, Stuarty, don't you miss those days of young love until we had to get a routine which did not just centre around wanting to have sex?"

The boys made jokes like this constantly about Robbie and Jackie even though they had been properly together for over a year and were finally, officially, going to move in to their joint home. In the twelve months the arguments that used to dominate their previous relationship had lessened since they had managed to talk about their issues instead which had taken them both a lot of adjusting to but it was better for them. Everyone close to them had worried about whether Robbie could calm his various addictions for her but that was quickly shown to work as he was devoted to her and although he hated to admit it he hung on every single word she said or request she made.

The pair of husbands nodded to each other, silently agreeing to give them a little time alone before she handed over her keys to the estate agents. They said they were going to make sure the garden was clear and that their cars were loaded safely as the other two continued to sit snuggled up. Once they were gone Robbie turned serious and spoke to her, "If you don't want to live together yet I totally understand. I want you to be sure of how you feel without rushing into anything."

She smiled at his gallant chivalry, "Robbie, love, does this look like I don't want to be with you for the rest of my life?" She said, holding up her left hand which had the engagement ring on it. "Today I was just remembering all the things that happened here like you seducing me and then the drunken repeats and such which lead to the actual truth about how we felt. A lot of significant events took place within these walls... But it is time to move on."

He kissed her again and stood up, smirking at how cute and small she looked from where he was. "Come on, let's have a final look around and then we can make a start on christening our house," he reached out his hands which she accepted and he helped pull her to her feet as she muttered,

"Remind me why I have fell so hard for a man who only thinks of smut?"

"Because you have an even smuttier mind," he commented, avoiding the hand that was aimed at him, both of getting more excited about this next adventure.