Jasmine sat on the roof of Titans Tower watching as the sun turned the sky into a dim orange. Sun set had always been here favorite time when she was little. It had been two months since she, and her brothers, Max and Jason, joined the Titans. Their powers, Jasmine being a pyromancer and Max and Jason being geomancers, had impressed the Titans and Nightwing's offer to Jason all those years ago still stood, even for Max and Jasmine. So far the trio's mission, the mission they'd been trained to do by Starfire's evil sister, was go off without a hitch. Well almost. There was just one, small flaw. Jasmine was getting attached to the Titans more than she would like to admit.

The sixteen year old had been told since the age of eight that the Titans were nothing but a bunch of thieves and backstabbers. But the girl couldn't seem to find any evidence of that. She had spent the last two weeks questioning whether or not Blackfire had lied to her and her brothers. She'd done it before. Jasmine's brothers were starting to notice her softening toward the heroes, especially Justin, and had questioned her many times, which caused Jasmine to reassure them that she had no interest in them. On many occasions, like this night, Jasmine had thought about abandoning the mission but found she didn't have the courage.

"Sitting all alone, I see," came a voice that Jasmine had learned to recognize in the last two months. She turned her head slightly to see Justin had taken a seat beside her. "What's up?" the seventeen year old questioned.

"Just thinking." He raised a brow as if to ask 'what else?' She stifled a laugh at how much he looked like his dad with that expression before sighing and shaking her head. "Have you ever doubted what you were doing? Ever second guessed yourself?" Justin laughed slightly.

"I do it all the time. I'm supposed to be the leader of the New Titans remember?" Jasmine knew he was referring to the pressure and life or death decisions he made when they went on missions. Not just for himself either, but for the whole team. "Why do you ask?"

"No reason." Justin nodded slowly, still thinking there was more.

"You know you can trust me right?" the boy asked. Jasmine nodded knowing she could.

"But can you trust me?" she thought.

"I'm glad," Justin stated with a smirk. "My dad's always going on about how trust is easy to destroy but takes time to build. He says he had to learn that lesson the hard way." Jasmine inwardly flinched, but managed to smile.

"He's right though," she replied. Justin shrugged and stood up with a yawn.

"I think its time I hit the sack. You coming?" Jasmine shook her head.

"I think I'm gonna hang out here for a little bit longer."

"Alright then. Night Jazz."

"Night," she replied as he made his way down the stairs and shut the door with a click.

"Well its about time," a sickly sweet voice filled the air. "I thought I was going to have to watch that flirt fest all night!" Jasmine sighed.

"What do you want Blackfire?" The ex-alien ruler floated down to land behind the chestnut haired girl.

"Well, I was coming to recover the hacked information that you three obtained, but I seem to have stumbled upon you on a new mission." Jasmine stood and wiped the dirt off her jeans calmly as Blackfire assessed her.

"I have it," she replied. "And I'm just as committed to the mission as I was in the beginning." Blackfire smirked.

"Could have fooled me," the metal clad girl answered. "I think its time you went back home. Your brothers can carry out the rest by themselves."

"Why? They trust me as much as them! Justin might even like me!"

"Like you?" Blackfire asked as if it was an absurd thought. "That's completely demented. I knew you shouldn't have come. You're just too naïve." Jasmine eyed her adoptive…whatever you'd call her, with complete loathing. "You really think that he's impressed? Don't be stupid, Jasmine. Now, come back with mommy so we can-"

"No!" Jasmine shouted, finally snapping at Blackfire. "I'm not coming with you! And by the way, you're not my mom!" The last line was said with contempt. Blackfire was slightly surprised but quickly her eyes narrowed in a way that, with the smirk she was wearing, was bad news.

"Oh, so that's how its gonna be? Fine."

"Jasmine knows best

Jasmine's so mature now

Such a clever grown up miss."

Blackfire took a step forward and tapped Jasmine on the head like she would a small child. Jasmine grew increasingly annoyed by this.

"Jasmine knows best

Fine, if you're so sure now

Go ahead then give him this!"

The alien held up a small flash-drive, causing Jasmine's eyes to widen and her to check her pockets, where the item had been only a second ago. "How did you-?" Blackfire's smirk grew.

"Do you honestly think he'll like you after you tell him what you actually came here for? Don't get your hopes up."

"Give it to him watch, you'll see

Trust me my dear

That's how fast he'll leave you"

She said this while snapping her fingers to emphasize her point. She tossed the flash-drive back to Jasmine, who examined it with guilt filled eyes.

"I wont say I told you so

No Jasmine knows best

So if he's such a dream boat

Go and put him to the test!"

Jasmine and Blackfire stood there watching each other. Jasmine glared at her. "You're wrong about him. And the rest of the Titans."

"We'll see," answered Blackfire. "But if I'm right, don't come crying to me. After-all," Blackfire walked past Jasmine to the edge of the roof, getting ready to leave. "I do know what's best for you and your brothers, better than you do." And with that she left. Jasmine watched her leave for a minute before looking down at the piece of information she held in her hand. She sighed and placed it in her pocket as she walked to her temporary room in the tower. The last thought she had before she drifted into a world of unconsciousness was,

"What if she's right?"

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