Chapter 1

Okay now I know that in first chapters your supposed to always tell your audience or whoever is reading the book where you are and who you are and all that amazing good stuff but since I'm on a deadline here I don't have time for that kind of stuff but I will tell you what my name and age is because well you should probably have the right to know. I am and hopefully always will be Ambridge kaleem withersteen but my mom always calls me ham well at least she used to when I was still at home. I ran away 3 months ago after she died. My life has been nothing but a series of terrible-fabulous things. The first month I ran away it was all terrible. First I got beat up by a gang then I ran out of food and stolen money, and the worst was when I was being stalked and almost killed by a Russian con artist. Why he wanted me I don't really have a clue.

But the second month went much better. I actually moved to a different neighborhood and as soon as I did I found my best pals ones an actual human the other a dog. The dog's name is turnip while his "owner" is named Sheila port. She ran away because she was being abused by her parents. Great I really would like to go on but I have to stop, I've already wasted too much time. I should probably tell you one last thing though in order for you to understand why I keep saying, I'm going to run out of time. Okay so a week ago port and I found a book that was totally old, and to our curiosity we had to open it since we're only a couple of mischievous poor 12 yr old kids. As soon we opened it a bright light shot from it almost blinding port. After the light dimmed out a little we saw writing,if you have opened this it is now your destiny to fulfill the legend of saving the entire world. you have until June 14 if you don't the whole world will blame you and as the world dies you will not, now of course that seems like a pretty good deal ,I mean you don't die so who really cares, no think about it for a sec…. . See as the rest of the world dies you have to suffer and watch everyone you love or once loved die. You're responsible for all the people in the world's deaths. But we kept reading because we're now intrigued in it, you will have to see and feel everyone's pain from what they are experiencing that caused them to die. This is not a funny joke Sheila mahogany port and Ambridge kaleem withersteen. You have until June 14, here is what you need:



Extra cloths



Now I doubt you two have the last one but you can surely act like you do.

So um yeah it's now like June 1st and we have absolutely no idea on how or what to do to save this world. We do have one clue though, in the note it had continuous bold letters that spelled something out we think it might say: land of the unknown:.