I thought my life could go on normally, thought I´ll forgive and forget.

But still.

It changed me. It changed me in many ways, after meeting that man. I still recognize everything. His eyes, his skin, his touch, his breath and his voice. And most of it all: His laugh that still echoed in the back of my mind.

I'll be thankful to him for the rest of my life because I knew I will never meet him again after that night with the full moon. I asked myself many times what and how he was doing and with who he was. Probably with another stranger. Because that is what we were, strangers. After all the time we spend together.

Well… spending together is a big word, more talking or texting to each other. He knew me but I don't know him at all. He knew my biggest problems, the most huge burden I carried, and he took it all away.

If he didn't exist I wouldn't be walking here. Yes, I walked around Ikebukuro, walked around the city I live in. I walked in my blue school uniform, the4 blue uniform what was showing I was attending Raira academy. I'm still questioning myself. Is he around? Will I meet him again? Is he… still watching me everyday?

I'll never know the answers of these questions though. That's right, these questions are the only things that connected us, the remaining bond we share.

I don't know nothing, nothing at all. Only his name he never truly told me: Orihara Izaya.

While I was wearing my uniform I also carried my schoolbag. School finished a while ago. Shouldn't I be with friends? What friends? I don't have any. No need of them. And then he appeared, out of the corner.


That was my heart what skipped a beat. It was getting hot now, or was it just me? No way, he is walking towards this direction. Will he remember me? He looks quit solid, lonesome, cold. I was getting the urge to run towards him and talk to him, ask him questions about how he was now. Yet I wasn't in the position to do something like that.

Wait… His face is changing, his lips are making a smile now, such a fragile smile while his eyes are piercing into my soul. And the flashbacks were running in my head, before my eyes, while my face didn't change a thing at all.

I felt weak, yet strong. He just passed by. No… There's more… Those words… I'm sure I heard them. ''Kamichika Rio-chan, huh? Haven't seen you around for a while,'' He walked away, with just that.

Huh? What's wrong? I stopped walking. Why? Why are my eyes that wide?

He just… remembered me. He remembered that night, he remembered how he hold on to my hand on the edge of the building, he remembered how… he actually lied to me.

No, it's no use, my heart can't stop beating, it's too strong, too fast. I can't hold on to myself anymore, it's too much. It hurts…

And there he goes. The man who changed it all to me, the man who can hurt so easily, the man I can't forget. That man.

Orihara Izaya.