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"Why did you do that Bill?" I growled out before Eric could say anything. I dropped my hand his arm so that I could fold my arms across my chest as I glared stakes at Bill. He was stood near the back of the car where as me and Eric were near the passenger side door. Bill stared back at me and if I wasn't very much mistaken there was a hint of fear in his eyes; he was worried about what I would do to him.

"You didn't give me a chance." He muttered his voice so low that I actually had to lean forward to hear him properly.

"Oh, don't you even try that excuse with me William Compton. I gave you as much chance as I could! I couldn't go out with you before Bill and I gave you the date you requested. It wasn't enough for me though, I didn't feel anything there."

"I suppose you feel everything with the Viking, didn't take him long to get into your pants" His top lip lifted in a half snarl but it was the only emotion on his face; his expression was stony and his eyes were now blank.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that! You will speak to me like the woman that I am." I strode the few paces between us and before I knew what I was doing my hand shot back and I slapped him, hard, across the cheek. I could feel myself shaking with anger at his betrayal. The slap had awoken something inside him though. His eyes lit up with something and his face transformed into that of a beast, a snarl bared his elongated fangs and he leaned towards me. It didn't even boost my ego that there were deep red blood stains between his teeth from my slap. I watched with horror filled eyes as he took a small step toward me, stooping down slowly and I could see the hunger in his eyes.

"Bill." I whispered as confidently as I could, stepping back quickly until my back pressed up against the cold metal of the car.

"Stand down." Eric growled as he stepped in front of me, blocking Bill's view of me with his much more impressive physique. "You won't harm her, she is mine." The words didn't invoke any form of anger from me as they had when Bill has used them, in fact they worked to calm me down, I felt secure knowing that he was protecting me even though I was within a yard of a snarling vampire.

"She barely knows you, she can't have chosen you!" His voice sounded anguished, as though he was hurt and I risked a peak around Eric to see what was happening. He was standing to his full height, which meant he was still looking up at Eric but then again who didn't, and he was no longer snarling although his fangs were still elongated.

"Bill, I chose Eric, I know him better than you think. You have to go." His eyes flickered to me and I could have sworn I saw the red gleam of a tear in the corner of his eyes.

"Bill as your master and Sheriff of Area Five I have rights over you punishment for betrayal. You're fangs will be revoked and you are to stay with Chow until they have grown back." I had the sickening feeling having your fangs revoked was a very gruesome experience and I didn't think staying with Chow would be a holiday camp either.

"Please Eric, without my fangs I can't feed."

"Exactly. You are lucky it's not the stake, it would be if the Queen wasn't here." I didn't understand that piece of information, I made a mental note to ask Eric about it later and find out exactly what revoking fangs meant. I'm not sure how I managed to feel anything but anger towards Bill but I had to acknowledge the growing compassion within me.

"Eric," I whispered quietly, placing my hand on his forearm; he was positively shaking with energy. He turned his face to look at me, his eyes soft, when he felt my skin on his. There were no further words exchanged between us but somehow he understood what I wanted to convey and what's more, he actually complied.

"I've changed my mind. Leave the Area, preferably the state. Do not come back into my territory ever again, never speak to Sookie again, you are to leave her in peace unless she contacts you first." I'm not sure why he was saying that; I never wanted to even look at Bill again, never mind speak to him. "You have until dawn tomorrow night to be gone. I will check." I could see the slight play of emotion on Bill's face as the words sank in.

"But my home is here, I own businesses in the area. My house! My life!"

"Bill, you will go or it's teeth. If you break this promise it's the stake. Leave." His eyebrows rose as he finished his statement, his voice had taken on a deep growling quality, as though he was tempting Bill to question him once again. "Leave." He stated once again, a barely hidden threat in his deep tone. Bill turned towards me then, as though he was going to speak. I didn't even want to say goodbye, not after what he'd just put me through, he simply couldn't have had any good intentions with his actions. "Go. I will not say it again." Bill's face closed up then, and he nodded in acknowledgement. The next second he was gone, barely a movement of the air dictating which way he had disappeared into.

We stared into the night for a few moments, just breathing in the night air, or at least I was, trying to calm down my frazzled nerves and beginning to let go of the tension that had been coursing through me for the past few hours. Eric was the first one to move; he turned around to face me and wrapped me up in his arms so that he could hold me against his chest tightly. "Let's get out of here. We're being watched." He kissed the top of my head, leaning back as it had been tucked underneath his chin. He held the door of the car open for me and then closing it, he still managed to be seat belted into his side before I managed to click my belt into place.

We left the car park quickly but without screeching tires, I assumed because he didn't want anything about our exit to seem too out of place. It was only when we were on the highway, my hand had been clasped in his since we'd left the car park, that I realised we were heading back toward Bon Temps, not to his house. I didn't want to go home. "Eric." I started out, turning my whole body to face him, one leg going half underneath me on the seat.

"Yes lover?" He quirked an eyebrow at me, even giving me a brief glimpse as he took his eyes off of the busy road.

"Can I stay with you tonight? I don't want to be alone." I gave his hand a squeeze to accentuate my point; I needed to be with him.

"Of course. Would you like to go to my house?"

I nodded my head and then realised he probably couldn't see it. "Yes please." He smiled immediately at my words, even going as far as to bring our joined hands up to his lips so he could give an open mouthed kiss to the back of my hand. He got off of the highway at the next exit, entering into a maze of roads that I couldn't have followed even if I was trying. Within a couple of minutes we were back on the same highway heading in the opposite direction, back toward Shreveport. "What did you mean with revoke Bill's fangs?"

"It's a fairly common punishment for vampires, you rip their fangs out so that they can't feed in the conventional way. It's not as effective anymore of course due to the synthetic blood available but it hurts, it's demeaning and it still works. It takes about a month for them to grow back properly, enough for them to be used."

"You were going to do that to Bill?"

"Not personally, not this time. I doubt I would have been able to restrain myself to only take two teeth and not go for another appendage. I have done it before though." I nodded mutely, he wasn't hiding me from what he was capable of which I was thankful for. I shouldn't have been surprised that he'd done things like this before, he was the authority figure and needed to be seen giving punishment to dissuade others and I'd seen him kill a shifter before. I put the thought to the back of my mind, I'm sure many others had said similar things before and been turned into supper, but he wouldn't harm me. "Sookie, I wouldn't ever harm you, I won't let you get hurt. I can be ruthless, almost cruel and I know how to fight but I have respect for women, I have respect for you and humans are defenceless, you should never mistreat people who can't defend themselves." I nodded in appreciation for his settling words because I knew they were true and they helped to calm my nerves. "Just how did you come up with all that stuff to tell the Queen?"

"I watch a lot of Sherlock Holms programmes and I've read a lot of detective stuff." He did something then that I hadn't been expecting; he laughed, full on chuckling on the verge of a deep belly laugh. It was a wonderful sound and I couldn't help but giggling along with him, it was an infectious sound.

"You lover, are hilarious." It could have been taken as an insult, since he was more laughing at me, but the grin on his face and the sparkle in the eye made me take it as the compliment he meant.

"What will the Queen do now?" I asked once I'd sobered up a little.

"She'll stay around for a couple of days I imagine, I'll probably check on her tomorrow evening at some point but she said I could go. I'll take it to means I don't really have to come back until she's gone." He shrugged his shoulders as though going against his Queen was nothing. Now that I'd met the insanity that was within her, I realised just how thoroughly it wasn't nothing.

"What about the bar?"

"I'll open back up fully, say it was being refurbished and throw a party to help make up for lost revenue. She'll probably take some money from the safe but it's trivial." That little statement made me wonder just how much money he actually had but it would be rude to ask.

"Will the Queen ever come back?"

"She has eternity, unless someone puts a stake in her, that would be a good night. I'm sure she'll be back at some point. We could be conveniently in another country if she does." He grinned at me cheekily, waggling his eyebrows so I knew just what we'd be doing if that plan ever came to fruition. "I doubt she'll show such interest in you again, now you're my intuitive partner and there isn't much in that for her. If she hears anything else about your telepathy I'm sure she'll test you again. We'll cross that bridge though if we ever come to it."

We passed the rest of the journey, the whole five minutes of it, in comfortable silence with our hands still clasped together. The car was parked in the garage, next to the Boxster Spyder, and we made our way into the house via the internal garage door which brought us out into the small kitchen. "I'm afraid I don't have any food in to offer you, apart from." He paused to check through the few cupboards and pulled out only one packet. "A packet of biscuits." He smiled at me sheepishly, clearly thinking that he should have something in for situations just like this. It was actually sweeter to me that he wasn't stocked up for human company; it meant he wasn't expecting me to stay overnight with him.

"Why do you have biscuits?" It seemed like such a strange commodity to own.

"I guess the house keeper left them here the last time she was over." He shrugged again before putting the packet on the little breakfast table and slipping off of his coat. I took that as a queue and took my own coat off, giving it to him when he offered out his hand. By the time he'd put them both of hooks I was sat down at the bar with a glass of water in front of me. "What do you feel like doing? As you know, it's not the most human friendly place." He wasn't apologising for that, even though he looked slightly sheepish again, and I didn't expect him to.

"How about we watch some TV? Or a movie." I could do with a good comedy to let go of some of the last remnants of tension in me and I was so tired I wouldn't be able to follow anything more complicated.

"Okay." He picked the glass up from in front of me and I followed him into the living room which I hadn't been in the last time I was here. The room was large, the same as his bedroom, with a flat screen television mounted on the wall and a glass fronted cabinet filled with DVDs and games for the consoles that were also in there. There was a corner sofa starting near the door and wrapping around underneath the window and the centre held a low glass coffee table on top of a fluffy, fur rug. "What would you like?"

"A comedy please, surprise me." He nodded and went over to the cabinet while I went over to the sofa where I settled down, lifting my feet up onto the cushion beside me. He popped the DVD in, grabbed the remote control and settled down on the sofa beside me where he pulled my legs into his laps, his hands instantly beginning to massage my calves. I sighed contentedly, especially when he produced a blanket to wrap around my torso from behind the sofa.

"I noticed you had them at your house behind every seat. I got one picked up for you." I smiled my appreciation and snuggled back down into the cotton, luxuriating in the cool fingertips rubbing patterns on my legs. By the time the opening credits began to roll for Monty Python and the Holy Grail my eyes were beginning to droop. Twenty minutes in and although I was giggling softly my eyes had shut all the way and I had to admit I was concentrating more on the sound of Eric's light chuckles than the film. "Come here."

My eyes snapped open and I saw him patting his chest. Confused, I sat up slowly only to have him gently push my legs off of his lap to the floor. Quick as a flash he spun himself around so that he was sat sideways on the couch and laid back so that he was completely flat with his head resting against a cushion. Once more he patted his chest and understanding dawned on me with a grin on my face. Snuggle time. I sat up fully before leaning down into him, with my back against his chest. I'd only just got comfortable when his hands grasped my waist and he spun me around so that we were face to face, or rather face to chest. I really didn't mind this way and I settled down onto him, burying my nose into the soft material of his t-shirt, sniffing deeply so I could take in his scent. His arms wrapped around me, one around my shoulders whilst the other went around my waist, the blanket was still, miraculously, draped around me and his arms were underneath it. My vampire was a snuggler and I loved it.

It wasn't long before I was completely asleep on him, he made a very comfortably pillow for someone as muscular as him. When I awoke, it was at least an hour later as the movie had finished and a documentary old warriors and fighting styles was playing softly on the television. He wasn't aware that I'd awoken; I was still completely relaxed, my breathing deep and I hadn't moved so I was able to watch him in peace. His eyes were focused intently on the screen and just like any other man I knew the remote control was held firmly in one hand that was hanging off of the edge of the sofa, no longer around me. The weight across my waist told me that I was still being held tightly though. Every so often he would smile at the television with a faraway look in his eyes as though he was remembering something, he probably was, and the smiles were interspersed with little shakes of his head as they got something wrong.

After a few minutes of just watching him I couldn't take it anymore; I just had to kiss him. I tilted my head slowly, hopefully not alerting him to my conscious state, and kissed the bare patch of skin that was revealed on his chest by the v-neck of his t-shirt. He knew I was awake as soon as my lips made contact because his grip tightened around me and his head rolled back as much as possible allowing me better access. I trailed a line of sweet kisses up his neck, pushing down slightly on his chest to get leverage. It wasn't like I could hurt him by the motion so I saw no harm in it. I was only at the corner of his jaw when his head turned impatiently and he captured my lips with his own. His fangs were already run down, I could feel them pressing down against my lips as we kissed, our tongues dancing together almost instantly.

With both hands on my waist he pulled me down his body slightly, I felt the hardness of his gracious plenty already and I couldn't hold in my slight moan as I thought about what was to come. He only moved me a few inches but it was enough for us to kiss more comfortably and he wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation. The man would win awards for kissing if I would ever let him try out in a competition. He had had centuries of time with which to practice and I was sort of grateful for that. After only a few moments I felt like my body was fire; every where his roaming hands touched a trail of goose bumps followed and tight muscles deep in my stomach were glowing embers.

The blanket was shucked from around my shoulders and I took the opportunity to sit up, pulling my shirt over my head as I did so, revealing my black lace bra to him. His deep blue eyes were hazed over with lust and a deeper emotion I didn't want to think too closely about at the minute so I concentrated on the feel of him underneath me. His hands began trailing up my body, starting at my knees. When he hit my thighs his thumbs stretched out, teasing my inner thighs and my centre, then he hit the bare skin of my waist and his fingertips began trailing patterns. His hands worked inwards when he reached my breasts, massaging the sensitive flesh with his whole hands before moving around to caress my back. His fingers expertly unclasped my bra, then pulled the straps down my arms. I actually gasped as the cool air of the room touched my naked breasts and my pert nipples. He didn't give me much time though before his mouth latched onto one breast, his hand massaging the other.

"Lover." He growled at me around my flesh, I could feel the vibrations in his chest against my skin we were pressed so close. His hands worked down my body then, caressing down my back until he came to the waist band of my jeans. That didn't stop him, his adventurous hands snuck underneath the denim and into my pants, squeezing my ass firmly, and digging in his finger tips. With one fluid motion he stood then, supporting my weight with his hands until I wrapped my legs around his waist.

My hands worked their way into his hair, tugging on it as I kept his head to mine, our kisses becoming more aggressive with each passing second. He walked us blindly into his bedroom where we collapsed onto the bed, turning in the air so that he landed on the mattress first with me above him once again. My jeans were unbuttoned and the zipper down before I even realised he'd moved his hand and then they were back to massaging my breasts. I broke out kiss to slither quickly out of my jeans, pulling my socks and pants off along the way too.

"I want you naked." I whispered into his ear as I leaned back down, pressing my centre onto him and getting some much needed friction. It was no longer embers in my stomach but flames licking all along my body inside and out. He growled out a moan in reply and sat up, pushing me along with him. I grasped the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it roughly over his head. It hadn't even hit the floor by the time my hands were working to get his jeans off. I had to leave his mouth then to get him naked, but I trailed licking kisses down his body, pausing more when I was hovering above his gracious plenty. I didn't kiss; just let my hot breath tease the sensitive flesh. It was the same when I worked my way back up his body after pulling the denim free from his long legs.

My hands continued to roam over him, feeling every hard muscle underneath his skin, loving the way they rippled every time he moved. I hadn't nearly had enough fun teasing his when his strong arms pulled further up his body before pushing me down swiftly, his thrust meeting my hips. The next thing I was aware of was being completely full and my head lolling back in ecstasy as a loud moan escaped from my lips. "Eric." I cried out as my head snapped back up and I began moving my hips back and forth, feeling him fill me up entirely.

With his hands on my hips guiding me and helping me I moved, loving the way he brushed different parts deep inside of me. Moans were a near constant stream from my throat which quickly began to grow hoarse from my growls. My head lolled back as I began to lose control, my movements becoming more hurried and frantic even with his controlling hands.

"Look at me." I snapped my head up to stare into his heavily hooded eyes which were still darkened with desire. He half sat up as I watched and his mouth captured one of my breasts hard enough to leave indentations in my flesh from his teeth, yet avoiding breaking the skin like I wanted so much. I needed him in me, more than what he already was.

"Bite me." I breathed out raggedly and my hands pushed on his head, bringing him in closer. With only a growl for warning he bit down just above my nipple and instantly began sucking deeply. The pressure within me built instantly and I teetered on the edge of oblivion. The movement of my hips became erratic as I lost control of my body. He flung me over, so that I was on my back underneath him without ever breaking contact at either point. He pushed into with energy I couldn't possess and he sent me over the edge fully with no turning back. It was only a second later until he joined me with a loud, guttural grown that was no match for my screams of his name.

Ten minutes later I was laid on my side, my naked body draped over his naked body and I had the duvet tucked snugly around us both. One of his hands was playing with my hair whilst the other was underneath his head acting as an extra pillow. One of my hands was resting on his chest, a finger swirling around the fine splattering of dark blond hairs there. This was one of my favourite past times. I was completely relaxed and content, happy, and I didn't want to give up that feeling for the world. In that moment everything seemed okay, "Lover." Eric breathed with a slight sigh as he shifted ever so slightly so that he was angled more towards me. When I glanced up at him I found his bright blue eyes gazing down at me and smile stretched across his lips. I smiled in return before placing a kiss on his chest, the mirror of where he'd just taken blood from me. I settled back down then, resting my head against his chest once more and revelling in his scent that washed over me; the barest hint of soap which my body had nearly over ridden and something uniquely Eric. I was safe and surprisingly warm snuggled up with my vampire. It might have been the post coital bliss I was bathing in but I had a feeling that things were going to sort themselves out given time. I smiled, gave his chest another kiss, and looked forward to the future.

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