~Corona's Midnight Magic~

By FunarialMaiden (Deis)

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Oh yeah, this is AFTER when you save Claire. It's just that everyone decides to stay here for one more day. Okay, enjoy.

It was a lovely night in the peaceful town of Corona. The sugary stars were scattered throughout the night curtains twinkling like gems. The big ivory moon glows brightly at the night sky, illuminating the whole entire area. And finally, the people of Corona are quietly sleeping inside their little houses. Everything seems quiet as usual… until two kids burst out of the house, giggling and whispering about something as the little person jumped up and down with excitement.

"Hey Elena! Is it time to wake up Mint and the others like what Mira said to us?" the cute little doll asked excitingly.

"I think so! Oh Prima, make sure you don't wake up Klaus. He ruined last year's contest! What a party-pooper," a girl with pink curly hair answered loudly, glancing at Klaus's open door and clamped her mouth as Prima Doll giggled.

"Well, you go wake up Mint while I'll get Rue and Maya. Seeya!"

"Wha? W-wait a minute! Not that big meanie!"

And with a wink, not bothering to answer Prima's respond, she hurried to the Hotel while Prima sighed and looked at Mrs. Cartha's Inn. He walked to the entrance and gulped in horror, looking at the big gigantic door in front of him.

"Golly, I'll just think Mrs. Cartha is a nice lady who gives candy for kids. Yeah, candy! Candy! …Or not." Then, Prima Doll took a deep breath and slowly opens the door and entered the scary place.

As he entered the Inn, he sees the innkeeper snoring like a man while lying on the cold hard floor holding a bat sprinkled with bent gray nails with blood on the tip of the stick. Prima felt scared as he slowly took a step forward, sweating nervously and his poor little heart beating fast.

(Oh good golly! She…she looks like a homeless person when she sleeps. Or probably a dead person) Prima thought, trying to hold his laughter inside. He then tiptoed quickly and carefully upstairs, glancing nervously at Mrs. Cartha, checking if shes going to wake up. Then a few minutes later, he finally reached Mint's room.

"YAY I DID IT!" he screamed, twirling around happily.

"Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…? WHOS THERE! IF ITS THAT LITTLE BRAT PRIMA WITH THE FUNKY LOOKING NECKLACE I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU FOR BREAKING MY 30,000 FLORAL VASE!" the scary innkeeper yelled and immediately march up upstairs. Prima felt so terrified and picked up a random chicken floor and threw it at Mrs. Cartha's face… which hitted her left eye.

"AHHHHH! MY EYE! IT BURNS!" she screamed, falling off the stairs.

"Bleh! That's what you get for slapping Elena and taking my candy away you creepy old lady!" Prima said, sticking his tongue out at her. But feeling great defeating Mrs. Cartha, he still feel scared and immediately entered Mint's room.

Inside the ex-Princesses room, Mint is sleeping peacefully as the moon illuminated her gorgeous face. Mint shifted sides, trying to get a good comfortable spot while mumbling something about dominating the world. The doll rolled his eyes to see Mint and her wonderful dream conquering the world is old to him now since she kept bragging about it every single day. Prima walk up to Mint and shook her body very fast yelling, "Hey Mint! Wakey wakey sleepy head! Its midnight already!"

The ex-princess of East Heaven Kingdom slowly opened her scarlet eyes halfway and sat up. "…Ugh, what the heck do you want now Prima? I was having a wonderful dream until YOU have to ruin it! God, I was making Maya clean that dirty toilet that Rod used. Hahahaha! The toilet lever was broken! BWHAHAHA!"

Prima turned his cute little body away and sighed, "Wow, I came all the way here just to wake you up and you just yelled at me. I guess I won't tell you the 'surprise'everyone is having tonight!"

"If it's about finding Klaus's diary, we already read it for the 30th time already. Its all about research. Too bad theres no juicy story about Mira yet. Now let me go to sleep!" she said, covering her face with a pillow.

"Oh! And Rue will bet there too!" Prima said with a smile, which made Mint jolted up as she stood up.

"RUE? I'm going! He owes me something big!" the ex-princess said loudly.

"Hahahaha! So you DO like him! Mint and Rue sitting in a tree~ K-I-S-S-I-N-G~!" Prima singed, skipping in circles around her, making her ticked off.

"S-shut up Prima! What about you looking at that creepy looking Mel during the time when you snuck out of dinner huh?" Mint countered, making the doll flustered.

"How did you know that? You spy on me? Well, I was asking for some sweets you butthead. Gosh Mint, you have short temper when it comes to love," he said, and with that, Mint's crazy monkey mode was activated when her eye twitched at the word "love".

Mint took out her trusty kick-ass Dual Halos and shouted like a crazy maniac saying, "THAT'S IT! Ohhhhhhhh! Your so going to regret it you brown fuzzbag!" and other trashy words shes spitting out at the poor little Prima.

"C-c-calm down Mint! I was just playing around! You take everything seriously! Lighten up, will you? Hahaha…?" Prima said, laughing nervously as he stepped back. Angry, our comic relief nevers accept mercy on her foes. Mint went to Prima and pummeled and whack his head numerously.


"Owowowowow! OKAY! I'm sorr- OWWW!

~Ten Minutes Later~

After several minutes of Horrific actions from Mint, Prima slumped down on the stony wall, whimpering in pain.

"Had enough? I could do this all day!" Mint said with an evil laugh.

"Ugh, my head….all thanks to you. Now were late for the event…" he whimpered, rubbing his head.

"Well, what're waiting for? Let's go then!" the crazy girl replied, walking to the door. But when she opens the door, she saw a scary Lady with a bloody bat in her hand.

"Well well well, looks like you're awake. I-" But not paying attention to listen, Mint slammed the door shut and turned to Prima Doll.

"Man, ever get the feeling that Mrs. Cartha just loves keeping me inside here? Its like she wants me to stay in this little room forever. So, how are we supposed to escape here?"

"Well, lets escape at that small little window over there!" Prima pointed, walking over there.


The annoying doll laughed at her and waved, "Well, see ya spaghetti hair!" And with that insulting message, Prima jumped out of the window. The Princess made a death glare and got enrage and stomped her feet rapidly, causing some wall picture to snap.

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