This was inspired and goes along with YoukaiYume's brilliant piece of work, Turf, found on Deviantart. :)


It's dark.

It usually is here, or so he's been told. Even at high noon, this place feels abandoned and empty. It's also very, very frigid. Normally it would be warmer at night—even in the desert—but there's a strangeness here. His helmet is down, although it probably shouldn't be, and for once he wishes his suit didn't glow in the dark. She'll see him coming, that way. She'll be prepared. It makes this mission much harder.

His boots make no sound as they creep along the packed earth. He hears a noise and flattens himself against the wooden wall—but no, it's merely a flyaway tumbleweed, illuminated by the dim light above the entrance to the ghost town. He realizes how late it is, how long he's been here. He needs to finish this now.

He flips open his control panel, making as little noise as possible.

"Star Command," He says, as quietly as he can muster, "The atmosphere is breathable. The location is identified, but target is not in sight. There seems to be no signs of intelligent life anywhere—"

He is cut off by the sounds of boots impacting the earth behind him. He spins, only so be forced in the other direction. He tries to react, but she's so fast—she's already got his arms bound and useless. She spins him, binding him tighter, until she tugs on the rope and he is captive. He is disoriented and dizzy for a moment, before his vision clears. He can see her silhouette, slim and tall, before she steps into the light above her head and the glow of his spacesuit. She is stunningly beautiful, with bright green eyes that are even discernible in the poor light, fiery hair, dark clothing, and a long coat and hat. She smiles at him. Tugs on the rope. Says ever so quietly,

"Sorry, space cowboy. But you're on my turf now."