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Chapter 1: Ken Castle is Dead

I leaned back on the floor. I dropped the gossip magazine I had been reading. My mind wandered to my father, Ken Castle. I hadn't seen him in awhile. He was always so busy with interviews, meetings, and watching his little games. I'm not the biggest fan of games, especially ones that let you control real people.

But I never tried to stop him. Why would I? Not when it makes him rich and allows me to have whatever I want. But I did worry sometimes. That maybe one of the protesters would try to kill him or that finally someone important would realize that my father was a monster and that he had to be stopped. I didn't want anything bad to happen to my dad, even if he barely paid me any mind. I still loved him. It's not like he treated me badly - in fact he was extremely nice to me, whenever he was actually around that is.

A man ran into my room, looking breathless. I sat up and stared blankly at him. He looked familiar, like one of my father's employees. Why would he just barge into a teenage girls room? I blinked my green eyes and finally asked what it was that the man wanted.

"I'm sorry to say Miss Castle, but your father is dead," he announced. He had managed to catch his breath.

Even though I had barely known my father I felt a deep sadness overtake me. I blinked tears from my eyes. I wouldn't cry in front of this stranger.


"Just get the fuck out of here!" I shouted, pointing at the exit. The man retreated quickly. I buried my face in my hands and let salty tears spill from my eyes. I hadn't cried in a long time. I never had a reason to.

No matter how you feel about your parents, it's still a terrible thing to hear that they are dead. I already have no idea who my mother is, apparently she had died giving birth to me. There was never a single photo of her anywhere in our home. And my father never talked about her, always preferring to change the subject if I mentioned her.

But now I was an orphan - a rich orphan - but an orphan nonetheless. I had no one to depend on. The realization that I was alone scared the shit out of me. Who would be my guardian until I turned eighteen? I knew I wouldn't get a lick of my father's money until I was eighteen.

I stood and headed out of my room. A group of lawyer types had already assembled in the living room. I glared at them. I would have ignored them and pretended I didn't see them if one of the men hadn't spoken.

"Annabel Castle?" one of them asked. I stopped in my tracks and tried not to glare at the man.

"Yes," I replied. The man extended his hand, I shook it quickly then let my arm fall to my side.

"I am Mr. Silverton, one of your father's lawyers," he replied. I looked around the room. How many lawyers did my father need?

"Okay," I muttered, raising my eyebrows, waiting to hear what else he had to say.

"I know you just found out your father has died - " he started. I had to interrupt.

"When did he die?" I asked. What I really wanted to know was how, but for some reason I couldn't voice that question - I was afraid one of my nightmares would be confirmed. That he was killed by an assassin or protester.

Mr. Silverton shifted uncomfortably.

"Well, he died last week. I'm actually surprised you haven't witnessed his murder. Everyone else has," he replied.

"Murder? Witnessed? What the hell are you talking about?" I asked.

"It was all being broadcast," he replied.

So I should explain now that I'm pretty much my father's opposite. I never play games, or use the internet. I prefer reading books and writing poetry. But even those silly gossip magazines I read hadn't mentioned my father's death - uh, murder.

"Please continue with what you were explaining before I interrupted," I said. I took a deep breath and forced myself to remain calm.

"Your father has left everything, including his company, to you," Mr. Silverton stated.

I inhaled deeply – okay fine, I gasped. I had expected money and the house but the company was a complete shock. Why would he do that? He knew I had no interest in the company.

"Are you serious?" I asked in apparent disbelief. Mr. Silverton nodded.

"All you have to do, Miss Castle, is sign a few documents and then we'll be on our way. Of course, you can't actually do anything until you are eighteen, but from what I've heard, that will be soon," Mr. Silverton said.

I nodded. My birthday was in a couple months. I signed the papers they asked me to, after having read them. I wasn't stupid enough not too. Who knows what kind of scams they could try to force on me.

"If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask," Mr. Silverton said politely.

Then he and the rest of the lawyers left. I was alone in my house - nothing unusual about that. I was always alone. But for some reason it felt even emptier. I guess knowing that my dad was never coming back made it feel that way.

I ran for the room my father had had made for me. The one I never used. The walls were a monitor, I told the room to search for the death of Ken Castle. Links popped up all over the place, I looked for a video link and quickly found it. I watched the video in horror.

Seeing my father die was not something I had ever wished to see. I knew he was a bad person and that lots of people disagreed with his 'games', but still. He was my dad. I didn't blame the man who had killed him. I watched more videos of what Kable had been through, read about what my dad had done to him. I knew my father deserved what happened to him.

But what bothered me was that I hadn't heard of his death sooner. And that I hadn't heard the noise of everything happening in my own home. Perhaps I had been listening to music too loud or taking a nap. I couldn't remember what I had been doing that day and I didn't allow it to bother me too much. There was nothing I could do about it now.

I turned off the room and left quickly. I had no idea what to do next. Make funeral plans? No, the lawyers had said that was all taken care of. I headed to the kitchen to make a sandwich. That always made me feel better.

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