Operation: R.O.O.K.I.E.S








"This is so freakin' boring!" I sighed, strumming my fingers against the top of the picnic table.

"Geez, Numbuh 50/50. You complain more than Numbuh 24k when she's run out of allowance!"

I couldn't help but gasp at the accusation as I directed my attention to my alleged "teammate."

Numbuh 2.0 poked his shaggy red-haired head out of the tent nearby in order to smirk at me.

Before I could tell him how much of a – a butt munch he was, I was interrupted.

"OI! Numbuh 2.0 that's my sister you're talkin' about!" And naturally it would be Numbuh 3D, defending his sister rather than me.

His curly brown haired head poked out of the tent in a similar fashion to Numbuh 2.0, expect as he did this he shoved his male companion out of the way.

"So?" Numbuh 2.0 inquired, raising an eyebrow and completely disregarding the fact that he'd been shoved in the first place.




Without further ado, the both of them burst out laughing.

"What the—? Tch, boys." I scoffed, rolling my eyes at my only two – thank God – male teammates.

"We'd take that as an insult if you were a girl, bro." Numbuh 2.0 stated, casually resting his hands behind his head.

"First off . . ." I began, my temper flaring as I took care to clench my fists, rather than shove them into his face.

Because you see, fighting teammates is quite contradictory to how a team player should behave, or at least that's what Numbuh 1,000 says anyway.

"I am totally a girl, you morons!" I protested, narrowing my green eyes at them quite fiercely if I do say so myself.

"Right, because you totally act like one~" Numbuh 3D stated, and even if I'm ten I know enough to know when people are being sarcastic.

"Bite me, dude." I murmured, rolling my eyes.

"Who'd want to do that?" Numbuh 3D questioned, laughing lightly.

"Probably 2.0, knowing his history with the ladies ~"

At this remark, I giggled and turned to smile at my absolute best friend.

"Numbuh 1000, I don't even know what the heck you're talking about . . ." Numbuh 2.0 assured, paling as he attempted to scramble out of the tent.

"Sure you don't . . ." Numbuh 3D offered, nudging him in the ribs.

"Meanwhile . . ." Numbuh 1,000 began, pursing her lips.

"Numbuh 24k hasn't reported back to me in awhile . . ." She confirmed causing my eyes to widen.

"Ohmygod! That's exactly what I was thinking about before the bone-heads thought it'd be fun to bother me! Her little espionage missions usually don't take long, especially when she goes on them alone . . ." I agreed, nodding vigorously.

At our sudden change in conversation topic, the air around us held a serious feeling to it.

"Numbuh 3D ~" Numbuh 1,000 stated, turning to face our fearless, albeit worried leader.

"Yes, ma'am?" He inquired, snapping to attention.

"Ma'am?" I interjected, quirking a brow at him.

"What are you – delightful?" I inquired, cringing as the very word escaped my lips.

"No!" Numbuh 3D snorted, clearly annoyed with me.

"Numbuhs 3D and 50/50!" Numbuh 1,000 interrupted, her voice booming over ours.

"Sorry, Numbuh 1,000 ~" We both murmured, slightly ashamed.

"Whatever, you two. At any rate, Numbuh 3D have you heard anything from Nina?"

Numbuh 1,000 questioned, staring solely at Numbuh 3D.

"Uh – I haven't heard from her . . ." He mumbled and it was easy to see that it pained him to say it.

"Don't worry ~" I began, smiling widely at him.

"We'll find 'er in no time flat, Trace!" I encouraged, ruffling his 'fro.

"STOP THAT, NUMBUH 50/50!" He roared causing me to cackle like the evil adult tyranny we so frequently faced.

Anyway, I suppose I should introduce myself to you, eh?

My name is Jasey Beatles.

Under absolutely all circumstances – er, except stealth missions – you should call me Numbuh 50/50, though.

To most, I probably seem like your average ten year old girl.

Albeit a bit tomboyish, if you haven't seen my hair bow collection, that is. XD

But, to kids everywhere I am a proud, courageous member of the Kids Next Door.

And if you're not – Tch, well then you must be old. ~


My mom is for sure old, trust me.

Promptly, my teammates snickered – even my leader!

"Numbuh 1,000 . . ." I whined, giving her a pitiful look as she continued to laugh at my expense.

"Don't give me that look, Numbuh 50/50. It's not my fault ~" She tried to say seriously, although each word was between laughs.


I twitched at the repeated calling of my name.

"You'd better go, Jasey Kangaroooo~"

Numbuh 2.0 taunted, slapping me on the back.

"Yeah, little 'roo. Your mum's waiting to scoop you up in her pouch!"

Numbuh 3D taunted before everyone, much to my chagrin, burst into laughter.

"SHUTTUP!" I slurred, before grumbling a few incoherent insults and stomping off in the direction of my mother.

Let me just say this, tell anyone that Kangaroo is my middle name – and I'll kill you.

"Jasey, your father and I've got something we'd like to talk to you about!" My mother began, grinning down at me.

Curse adults and their tallness, curse them. Dx

"What is it?" I questioned blankly, hopping up to sit on the kitchen counter.

"Well, uh . . . you remember your cousin Wallaby, don't you?"

My fellow marsupial? How could I forget? Pft.

"Yeah, what about him. He didn't die or anything, right?" I inquired bluntly causing mum to be slightly taken aback.

"Jasey! Don't even suggest such things!" She chided causing me to sigh.

"Alright, mum. Now what is it?" I retorted, slightly impatient.

"Apparently, he's not the brightest crayon in the box . . ." My dad began, chuckling casually as I sweat-dropped.

"Oh, really?" I scoffed before I could really stop myself.

"So we think it would be a lovely idea if you came down to visit him and—" Mother continued, picking up where dad left off.

She paused to take a deep breath before- "Tutorhiminschoolsohedoesn'tfail!"


"We want you to tutor him in school, you're a smart girl. You can do it, right?"

My dad asked, taking the plunge.

My breath momentarily hitched in my throat.

They want me to tutor Wallaby and do extra work?

"Erm, sure."

. . . this is why I hate adults. Especially the parental kind with magical persuasion skills. Fehhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I checked to make sure there were no:

Numbuh 1,000, Numbuh 50/50, Numbuh 24k, Numbuh 3D, and Numbuh 2.0

Beforehand, or at least I tried to.

If there actually is an operative in the KND world already with these Numbuhs, let me know please so I can change it?

And I'm talking legit KND wise, not just because someone else roleplays as one of those or something. Alright?

Because, things like that wouldn't really conflict with this story, if that's the case.

***This reminds me of my Pokemon story, except of course the plot-bunnies are of two totally different breeds. :3