Operation: R.O.O.K.I.E.S








"Do they have school busses in Australia. . .?"

Quickly, I tore my eyes away from the sluggishly approaching yellow beast.

"Do they. . .buses in Australia-" I heard Numbuh 1,000 begin to mutter, her body language clearly portraying her outrage.

Clearly, I was not the only one offended by this query.

As Numbuhs 2.0 and 3D burst into laughter, I found myself noting that this was the type of ridiculous question I would have expected Wallaby to ask.

. . .If he himself had not been an Aussie, that is.

So, it came as quite the shocker when I discovered that the only possible culprit was Kuki Sanban.

"Whaaaat?" She whined, proving she wasn't entirely oblivious when she recognized Trace and Trevor's scornful laughter.

"Kuki. . ." Wallaby began gently, seeming as if he desperately wanted to inform the poor girl.

Although I could have very well let an overly feminine "Awhhhh ~!" surpass my lips at the way he behaved around her, I decided that I would be the one to set her straight.

"Numbuh 3, what are you - crazy? Of course we catch a lift with the Kangaroos. . ."

For once in his dreary, stick-in-the-mud life, Numbuh 1 snorted.

And of course, everyone, save for Kuki, was quick to follow suit.

"Oh! Gosh, Numbuh 50/50! That sounds so cool!"

I should probably have made mention of this before, but - adults are brilliant at what they do, really.

Honestly, I would have been more than happy not to be seated upon a school bus, heading towards a place of torture for kids of my kind. . .but my Aunt and Uncle had been quick about enrolling my Sector and I into "Elementary School."

And thus, instead of doing something productive with my life like looking for Nina, or destroying the Delightful Children from Down the Lane, here I was getting ready for my first day of fourth grade.

So, what else could I do but suffer and chat with Numbuh 3 to pass the time.

Our conversation went something like this, for those of you that are curious cookies.

Numbuh 3: "Do they have Rainbow Monkeys in Australia?"

Numbuh 50/50: "Sure do! They're quite popular World wide, eh?"

Numbuh 3: "Of course, why wouldn't they be? They're so~ooo cute!"

Numbuh 50/50: "I concur, but - do you know what else is cute?"

Numbuh 3: "Er - bunnies?"

Numbuh 50/50: "That too, but I was thinking something more along the lines of. . .HELLO KITTY!"

Numbuh 3: "Ah! My mom's crazy about Hello Kitty, and My Melody, and Dear Daniel, and Badtz-Maru, and Chococat, and Chibimaru, and Cinnamoroll, and Keroppi, and Kuromi, and Monkichi, and Pandapple, and Pochacco, and Purin, and-"

She probably would have continued, much to my complete and utter admiration, to list off the rest of Sanrio's cute little characters had it not been for rude complaints of my irritated commander.

"Numbuh 1, from one Sector Leader to another, I implore you to shut her up!" Numbuh 1,000 whispered loudly to Numbuh 1, conveniently she was in the seat directly behind of us.

And who, of course, should my pretty Sector Leader sit with, but the equally attractive leader of sector V. Tch. . .

That was just fine, though.

Because, I was perfectly content with sitting with Kuki despite her earlier display of idiotic tendencies.

"Uh - sorry, Numbuh 1,000. . .but I'm afraid that's not within my jurisdiction. I'm reluctant to admit that Numbuh 3's love for cute things goes beyond her loyalty for the Kids Next Door." Numbuh 1 replied, appearing rather uneasy about the whole thing as he adjusted his cool black sunnies.

". . .what? But that's - that's blasphemy! Nothing is more important than the KND-. . .!" Numbuh 1,000 sputtered out in disbelief.

At her flustered statement, I couldn't help but scoff.

So says the girl with a secret, sickly sweet fetish. . .

"So, Numbuh 3. I take it they have Hello Kitty in America?" I ventured, eager to egg her on and keep the conversation going, much to the annoyance of everyone else.

"Ohmygosh! Of course, silly! But - I don't really notice much, I mean. I totally love Rainbow Monkeys more than anything, even Hello Kitty. . .!" Numbuh 3 gushed, seeming quite proud to admit such a childish thing.

With a cheeky grin, I ceased the perfect opportunity to get revenge on Numbuh 1,000 for ditching me when it came to being "bus buddies."

"So does Ma-"

Of course, Numbuh 1,000 was adamant about beating me to it - literally.

"-fee." The second syllable of her given name came out a bit incorrect due to the calloused palm that quickly made contact with, and thoroughly smothered, my mouth.

"May. . .fee?" Kuki repeated, blinking dumbly.

Before she could part her lips to follow her ditsy response up with something equally as charming, as in "Who's that?" an unidentified voice incidentally interrupted.

"Guh-Gosh, guys! I sure did miss riding the bus with all of you!"

In response to this dorky proclamation, I couldn't help but let my gaze flutter around the bus, searching for the source.

"What was that?" Numbuh 2.0 questioned with a quirked brow.

His seat was in the opposite lane from mine, and he and Numbuh 3D were seated farther up front than the rest of us, but even so it appears he still managed to overhear the loud exclamation.

"That was our Fourth Grade Class President." Numbuh 1 confirmed.

I couldn't help but notice the slightly bitter twinge to his voice.

"Are you serious?" Numbuh 1,000 inquired incredulously.

At this, everyone followed Numbuh 1's gaze to a round, egg shaped boy seated in the back of the bus.

"Yeah, Numbuh 5 recognizes Eggbert's voice alrigh'." Numbuh 5 mumbled with a shake of her head, she was seated in the adjacent row with Numbuh 2 as her companion.

At the highly ironic name, my two male teammates promptly burst into laughter.

"E-Eggbert? That's brilliant!" Numbuh 3D choked out between chuckles.

"Totally, I don't think it could get any better than that!" Numbuh 2.0 agreed, utterly bemused.

Lazily glancing out the window, Numbuh 2 smirked.

"Oh yeah? How about Eggbert Eggleston?" He offered.

I'm sorry to say that at this new revelation, I was the first to laugh.

"E-Egg - oh crud, I'm tearin' up here, guys! Eggbert freakin' Eggleston!" I roared, my sides shaking with laughter.

From the far back of the bus, Eggbert could only blink and scratch at his oval shaped cranium.

"Huh, I could have sworn I heard somebody callin' my name! And - oh well, I reckon it doesn't really matter because we're here now! Yippie!"

Oblivious, yet ultimately enthusiastic, Eggbert was the first to spring from his seat and make a beeline for the automatic bus door, just as we slowly rolled to a stop directly in front of our school.

His actions were hurriedly accompanied by the frightened exclamations of, "W-Wait Mister President!" and "Hold on, Sir - !" by a few, nerdy looking kids.

As Numbuhs 2.0, 3D, 2, and I continued with our boisterous laughter, Numbuh 4 only scoffed.

"Feh, what are you lot laughin' about? Ol' Egg head's a lot better than our previous Presidents. . ." Numbuh 4 murmured although an ever-present smirk was still visible upon his face.

Whilst this statement made me curious as to what kind of President could be worse than a real life Humpty Dumpty, I was immediately distracted by the whooshing sound emitting from the bus door as it slid open, no longer being the sole thing separating my Sector and I from the highly anticipated Gallagher Elementary.

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