Bringing The House Down

Chapter 11


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Nick and Derek had been thinking that Shane was never going to really let them in that was until that morning. Nick was sitting trying to figure what they were going to do.

"He wants us to kidnap the police chief's daughter?" Nick asked again.

"Yes," Derek said, "He's sending us the information at our drop location," he said. They'd set it up so that Shane could drop stuff off at a box and he would never know where they lived, they liked it like that but if it ever came to it they'd have Shane meet here and use the other house that connected. Under no circumstance was he to find out Pen was pregnant.

"Okay, so we have to kidnap the police chief's daughter, fake her death, and well make it look real cause can't have Shane knowing," Nick said.

"Can you two do this?" Pen asked.

"Fake her death sure, kidnap her take her to Shane and hope that he doesn't do something to her first," Nick said, "Maybe we can ask him if we can handle this for him?" he asked looking at Derek.

"We're supposed to set the bomb in the boat to go off at midnight, with her in it, we'll get her out at five minutes till and then blow it up at midnight," Derek said, "Come on we gotta get to the drop before dark," he said getting off the couch, "Pen go to the other house using the tunnel when we get back I'll come get you, baby girl," he said kissing her.

"Okay hot stuff," Pen said before she got up going to get few items then going to the basement and to the second house.


Jeff had been trying for over three months to track Derek down, all he knew was that he'd left town. Jack was so close to getting his ass kicked over this too because Jeff was the Chief over the bomb squad and he'd been filling in for the Chief of Police after he got shot.

"Where the hell is Derek and Nick at?" he asked again.

"Alright," Jack yelled, "I sent them undercover, Shane wasn't going to wait and you were busy, so…"

"You did WHAT?" Jeff asked, "I told you not to do anything with that, and to send them in there, you don't even know what Shane will do," he shouted, "Jack I should fire you on the spot," he said.

"Jeff come on, they are doing great," Jack said, "Plus they have took down four drug dealers, they shot and killed that bastard that kept getting off for those child molestation charges, and they saved this girl Penelope Garcia," he said with smile.

"How can you sit there and smile, I left for three months to help Richard out and you do this, what the hell were you thinking?" Jeff asked.

"Jeez I do a good job and you jump down my throat," Jack said.

"I'm over your ass, so yes I will jump down your throat," Jeff said, "Where are they at?"

"They don't' have check in for three weeks," Jack said, "I don't know where they are, they picked one Derek's houses he was working on to use as safe house," he said.

"Jack get out my seat, and go back to your office, this is not over do you hear me, when I track them down and talk to Derek your ass is in so much trouble, till then you can wash the trucks and clean the equipment," Jeff said before he sat down it was great to be back.

Now he just had to clean Jack's mess up, "I leave for three months no four and come back to this, I should left Derek in charge," he sighed.

"Jeff, I'm sorry I screwed up," Jack said, "I thought it was the right thing to do," he said.

"That's why I'm the older brother and you're three years younger than me," Jeff said, "Go," he said.

Jack left his big brother's office knowing he was in for it, and Fran was going to kill him too if she found out. He remembered when William did crazy or stupid stuff; she had him sleeping on the couch for days.

Jeff was William's half brother and Jack was their step brother, but the three them had been best friends since they were twelve before their parents got married then separated. Jack was the youngest and William had been the oldest, they'd looked after each other and when they grew up got married and had kids they helped each other with their kids too.

"You'd probably be kicking Jack's ass about now," Jeff said looking at the picture of his brother on his desk, "Now I gotta go see what he done did and find those two boys," he sighed before he got up glad to be back at the bomb squad, at least here he had more respect at the police department it was different they thought he wanted to take over.


Nick got out the truck, went in the grocery store picked up the right box of cereal, and went to purchase it. Once he got in the truck he opened the box up and found what they needed, "At least he puts it in the cheerios now," he said.

"Nick shut up and read," Derek said as he started the truck.

"Fucking hell," Nick said causing Derek to hit the breaks, "We're supposed to kidnap and kill the temporary Police Chief of Chicago's daughter," Nick read.

"What?" Derek asked taking the folder, "He wants us to kidnap Charlotte, fucking hell Jeff is going to kill us," he said.

"You think, Jeff doesn't' even know, wait till he gets back, he's going to kill Jack and we know that much," Nick said.

"Come on we gotta go get Charlotte maybe convince her to come with us," Derek said.

"Sure she hasn't seen us in what four months she's been living with her boyfriend and we just show up, she's going to have a duck," Nick said, "But we gotta do what we gotta do," he said before Derek put the truck back in gear and they left.

It took almost hour to get to Charlotte's apartment and when they did Randolph, who was Shane's bodyguard was waiting outside the building. "Rand, my favorite man in black," Nick joked.

"We said we'd handle this," Derek said.

"I don't care Jeff Daniels has caused us more trouble over the years and that nephew of his, they keep disarming our bombs, but now we have you two, and soon that brat of his will be gone then he's next," Randolph said.

Nick didn't flinch and he hoped that Derek didn't either. "We'll go in and get her it'll take a minute," Derek said and he took off up the stairs before Randolph could say a word.

Charlotte was coming out the apartment when she saw Derek and she about screamed when he pushed her back inside covering her mouth, "Derek," she mumbled.

"Listen to me and don't scream, I didn't mean to scare you alright, just go with me please, I swear to you on my life that I won't let nothing happen to you, but I'm sorta in a jam, I gotta fake your death," Derek said.

"What the fu…" she started but he covered her mouth again.

"I said don't scream," Derek growled, "Listen to me I'm going to take you out here but you have to pretend to be asleep, when this is over I'll get you out and till I call you you're not to go home or nothing do you hear me?"

Charlotte nodded her head before Derek uncovered her mouth, he whispered in her ear to scream and she did before he put her over his shoulder fireman style like she was asleep.

"Please let her be safe," Derek thought to himself before he opened the door going out of the apartment heading down stairs. He'd stopped and put her in his arms so nobody would think anything was wrong.

Nick was standing downstairs with Randolph when he looked out and he about freaked out when he saw Jeff coming toward them, "Go back to Shane, now we'll be there in hour," Nick said pushing Randolph to his vehicle.

"No," Randolph started.

"LOOK, either get the fuck out here or you'll be the one laying in at ditch we do this our way not yours," Nick said, "And you showing up here like this if you don't trust us then don't ask us to do the job any more," he shouted.

Randolph didn't say anything he left going out the back way and Nick took off up the stairs, "We are so screwed," he said turning Derek around going the back way out, "Jeff just showed up, but he didn't see me," he said.

"Fuck," Derek said putting Charlotte down, "We are in so much trouble right now," he said, "Take her out the back door I'll go up, we have to get out here before Randolph comes up here and see's Jeff," he said.

"Can't I walk? And why can't I see my dad?" Charlotte asked.

"Because they are supposed to be kidnapping you right about now," Jeff said, "What in the hell are you two thinking?" he asked before he grabbed Derek jerking him into Charlotte's apartment and Nick followed.

"We're dead," Nick said.


"You're kidnapping my daughter now?" Jeff asked when the door was locked.

"No daddy, I was going with them, Derek and I were going bowling tonight," Charlotte said.

"Charlotte don't even give me that look, and your asses are so in deep," Jeff said, "You were just going to walk out here with her?" he asked.

"NO," Derek said, "We were going to fake her death for while get her out here, you think I'd really hand her over to Shane?"

"Yeah what he said," Nick replied, "When did you get back to Chicago?" he asked.

"Don't even start with me right now," Jeff said, "I want to kick your asses and Jack's too," He said, "I shouldn't have left my baby brother in charge," he said shaking his head before sitting down, "What do you know so far?"

"Shane is the largest supplier of everything in Chicago and Illinois," Nick said.

"Prostitutes, drugs, gambling, illegal weapons, you name it he has it going," Derek said.

"And you two are right in the middle of it," Jeff said.

"Yeah, okay midnight tonight be on a boat in the lake, we gotta make big explosion pretend we killed her and somebody gotta get her out there," Nick said.

"I'll do it," Jeff said, "She's my daughter and you two nuts are closest to sons I got," he said, "She gets hurt I will hurt you two," he said.

Derek didn't say a word he knew that Jeff would do it too, the first time he'd got arrested he'd made him sit in lock up all night.

"So you're back and after this you're helping us now?" Nick asked.

"Yeah," Jeff said, "But she gets hurt like I said I'll kick your asses," he said before he let them go out first taking Charlotte.

"We'll be safe dad," she said with smile before she walked out with Derek and Nick, "Easiest kidnap ever," Charlotte said.

"The hard part is making sure that Shane don't touch you," Nick said, "You think since we're not really blood if I kissed you you'd slap me?" he asked.

"What the hell? You're like a brother to me," Charlotte said.

"Yeah but if I have you then he won't touch you," Nick said, "Not saying sex here cause eww, not going there but quick kiss damn I hate undercover," he groaned.

"Just get in the truck," Derek said picking Charlotte up before sticking her in the middle, "buckle your seat belts," he said before the truck started.

"We got it covered?" Nick asked.

"Yeah she's caused us more trouble since she was ten than you, trust me let us handle her for you," Derek said, "That sound good?" he asked.

"Yep, works for me," Nick said.

"Good," Derek said.


"Let you two handle her?" Shane asked looking at Charlotte, "But she's so feisty," he said getting up.

Charlotte backed up away from Shane before he could grab her the first time, but the second time he got her jerking her out Nick's hands, "Hey," Nick said, "We got more beef with her than you, she said she'd have sex with me in high school then pants me in front the whole school," he lied thinking of something.

"Damn you been bad girl all your life, bet that pussy smells good, but since Randolph showed up I guess you two can have her," Shane said pulling her close and kissing her.

Charlotte flinched before she bit down on his lip, Derek jerked her back, "What did we tell you about that," he said tightening his grip on her arm, "Come on, gotta show you who's boss around here before you die," he said before picking her up and carrying her back out before Shane could say a word.

Nick smiled for he followed, letting out a sigh when the door closed, "Now just blow you up with that boat and you're history," he said.

"NO, my dad will kill you," Charlotte yelled playing her part.

"You're dad is next," Derek said before they left.


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