Where Angels Fear to Tread

They are yours, he is told.

Two humans, entrusted to his care. They are yours.

They are tiny, barely even sparks in the entire Creation. Yet he does not think it is just to his eyes that they shine a little brighter than the rest.

They are yours. He is a soldier, he follows orders. Watch is just an order. He follows it dutifully, almost joyfully. Wait is just an order. He does not understand why that one becomes so hard.

They grow, in size, in matter. Brothers, he is told, as if he could not see the love that blazes between them. He has his own brothers, but their love is crystal, hard and bright and pure. It is nothing like the fire that rages between the two humans, hot and consuming and deadly.

They will save the world, is a plan he catches pieces of, and it's not his place to tremble with wanting to know more, to know how and why. They will end it, is another.

They do not pray. One has a streak of piety but it is lost beneath the darkness that feeds on him. The other spews disbelief and blasphemy, but he is blindingly clear and bright. They are God's children, they are his charges, they are Heaven's servants. It is not his place to wonder how they would feel knowing that.

They will save the world. They will end it.

He is allowed closer as the time approaches, the time when he will enter their world of fire and tears and doubt and love. He is lost, he is told about the one with the black spot on his soul. It is not his place to wonder why he cannot help him be found.

Other forces are moving, darkness boiling up like it always has done, but this time it comes hard and he feels it strike deep. They are yours, he was told. It is not his place to crave the fire between them, and it is not his place to think about why his reaction to something so beautiful feels a lot like hurt.

Heaven is growing anxious and he begins the search for a vessel that will allow him to step into the mortal plane where everyone is anxious and everything is important and brothers love each other enough to sacrifice their very souls. He has still not been told the plan.

He does not ask.

They are yours. They are dying, trapped by the forces of evil that sink in claws and clutch deep while the order to Wait still stands. The order to Watch has never been lifted so he keeps doing it even when it means seeing blood and pain and the beginnings of proof that the Lost One really isn't his anymore, and the Bright One may soon follow.

It is place to launch himself into the pits of Hell to save the one he is told he can. It is not until he senses their reunion that he feels the flames.

It is not his place to question why he was chosen for this task, but he starts to anyway.

Perhaps it was because he does not mind being burned.