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"Your hand, sweetheart," Sonic gave Amy Rose a nervous laugh. "It's, uh, on my knee."

The pink hedgehog stared into the eyes of her lover until it finally clicked inside her mind of what she had just done. She had just given into Step Two! Something she swore she wouldn't do! "Ah, geez!" she said, swinging her head back with a groan. "Why me!"

Sonic's eyes widened as the female gave his knee a tight squeeze. Whether she was treating his body parts as stress toys or squeezing his knee for fun, he didn't know. "...Are you okay?"

Amy snapped her head back to its normal position, and took notice of where her hand was placed. Blushing a deep scarlet color, she quickly released her tight grasp on Sonic's knee, and stood up abruptly. "I'm sorry, Sonic!"

The way her voice cracked alarmed the blue hedgehog. He didn't want to see his girlfriend cry! He stood up, as well. "What's wrong?"

Amy sniffed once, twice. A third time. Maybe a fourth. "Nothing," she shook her head. "Nothing..it's just...nevermind."

"Babe," Sonic pulled her close to him, wrapping his arms around her. In her ear, he whispered, "Tell me."

What was she suppose to say? I'm very depressed because I'm trying to have a nice afternoon with you but an article won't let me? No way! He would think of her as some kind of freak! She put her head on his chest and sighed. She had to say something. "It's just that...I was going to ask you if we could watch something else. I don't like rocks." Hey, it sounded good in her head!

"That's all?" Sonic looked down at her, and laughed. Then, he wrapped his arms around her tighter. "Alright. We'll watch something else."

Something in the way his voice sounded made Amy think that he believed her. Which was good, don't get her wrong. But...

Now he probably thinks his girlfriend has some kind of issue with rocks. Or, at least, some kind of disorder.

The little event that happened earlier seemed to have slipped away as the lovers watched Annelissa's Way. It's about a woman named Annelissa who is trying to get with a man named Andre who already has a loving girlfriend, Marie. Annelissa tries every which way to separate them, and in the end, turns mad with jealousy.

Sonic didn't really care for these type of flicks, but Amy read on her TV Guide that raters gave it four stars. So, Amy and Sonic sat comfortably on the couch, with her resting her head on his warm shoulder. As Annelissa jumped out of a bush at Marie with a knife, Amy thought to herself.

What a nice movie!



As in Step Three?


Step Three: If you've broken the 'Touch Barrier' on a date, don't be afraid to cuddle, especially if you're at a movie or sitting down in a park. If he really likes you, he'll cuddle back, if he doesn't don't sweat it!

Amy let out a tiny, horrified gasp.

"Yeah, this movie is pretty scary, huh?" Sonic said, without looking away from the screen.

Come on, what are you waiting for? His shoulder is right there...


You know you want to...

Leave me alone!

I thought you liked cuddling?

Hm...true. True, true, true. How very true. She did like the idea of cuddling. She hasn't been steered wrong yet...right? And the article said if he doesn't cuddle back, don't sweat it, right? And he'll still like her either way, right? Right? Right!

"Are you itchy or something?"


"You keep rubbing your head all over my shoulder. Does it itch? You want me to scratch it? Here, I'll scratch-"


To Sonic's surprise, Amy's shout of protest was louder than Marie's scream as Annelissa put salt in her eyes. "Uhm...alright then, sweetheart." He gave that nervous laugh, and looked back at the screen. She sure was acting odd today!

Amy was either confused, or embarrassed.

Had her way of cuddling against him, made him look like a scratch post?


How embarrassing!

She dropped her head in defeat against his shoulder once again, and let out a quiet groan. At least this time it couldn't be heard. It was blocked out by the sound of Andre running over Annelissa's body.

As the credits rolled, Sonic reached over to the glass table in front of them and turned off the TV. Then, he glanced at the female who was sitting against him. He frowned. How tired she looked! How worn out she looked! How deafeted she looked!

How cute she looked...

The poor pink hedgehog moved her head a little bit, and then looked up to see him staring at her. She wondered what he was thinking, but as every girl knows, it's so very difficult to know what goes through a boy's mind.

Look at his lips!

His lips?

His lips!

She looked at his lips. How kissable they looked...

Step Four: After you start cuddling move your face towards his and and glance at his lips and eyes often. If you do this while you're cuddling him closely, it's a turn on for most guys and they get the idea. Don't forget to smile gently while looking into his eyes.

Why you little-

Look at his eyes!

Before having another 'moment', she glanced at his eyes. His beautiful green eyes. And she saw that he was looking ever so lovingly into hers.

Don't forget to smile! You'll look like a freak if you don't!

Amy gave Sonic a gentle smile, and he returned it.

...What's the last step, again?

Step Five: Be mentally prepared as the moment approaches. Most first kisses happen toward the end of the date. Visualize in your mind what you would like to happen.

Well, she was definitely mentally prepared. And she wasn't sure if this was the end of the date. But she was sure of what she would like to happen. Just a long, sweet, simple kiss on the lips. That was all.

And that's what happened.

She once heard that your heart sinks a little when it first happens. Not in a bad way, like when you read something sad. But as if it were lowering itself to be prepare to flutter. And flutter it did!

When their lips touched finally, it was like a simple firework exploding gently between them. A spark, as most people say. It was just what she wanted; a long, sweet, simple kiss.

Wait a minute!


I told you so.

Amy felt herself smiling. She glanced at the magazine on the floor through the corner of her eye, and gave it a wink.

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