Okay, it used to really bother me how The Golden Sun saga never had the main protagonist talk to anybody. So I always assumed they were mute. However, once I played the lost age, Isaac started talking. So apparently the developers were too lazy to integrate main character dialogue, or they ran out of budget. Or another reason that my ignorant mind cannot fathom. Whatever.

So pretty much, this is a novelization where the main character actually talks. I'm pretty sure someone else out there has done this kind of thing before, but this one will be different merely because I wrote it. Ha.

So just bear with me and give this story a chance.

OH Crap. I had to go back and edit so I could put this disclaimer here: I DON'T OWN GOLDEN SUN AND NEVER WILL!


The old broken down barn situated on the eastern edge of Vale was hardly ever looked at. Since the owner died, the place had been left to rot. Now, the place was accepted and ignored by the many civilians living in Vale. While they could usually afford to do so, this suddenly changed one dark summer night.

The large figure sitting in the darkness of the Barn's interior stirred slightly. The scales and spikes on his arm glinted ominously in the dim light of the oil lamp nearby. Sighing, he ran a blue skinned hand through his wild blue hair.

He was already in full armor, and he was ready for the upcoming raid. The other men around him whispered indistinctly to one another as they played cards or ate what was left of their rations. They all steered clear of the dark figure, because they all knew what he could do once he was mad.

"Saturos, what is troubling you?" came a sultry female voice from behind him. The figure lifted his head and turned slightly. Another figure, this one female, emerged from the darkness behind him. She sat next to him and looked at him questioningly, her red eyes glinting darkly in the light.

"It's nothing, Menardi. It's just those ignorant fools. Can't they see the destruction looming before them?" Saturos growled irritably. Menardi nodded understandably.

"I see how that would get on your nerves, but you shouldn't let them bother you. It's not like they can stop us," she assured him confidently. She adjusted her cape so that it wouldn't hamper her movement.

"True. Are the men ready?" Saturos asked after thinking about her words. He was tired of waiting. He was ready to show those fools in Vale what happened when they crossed him.

"As they're going to be. I'm also ready. Give the order when you want the raid to begin," Menardi answered, smiling evilly. Her fangs gleamed in the dim light.

The men looked up in surprise as Saturos rose to his feet. Immediately, cards were packed up and the remainders of meals were wolfed. The atmosphere was one of anticipation, as everyone knew what lay before them.

"It's time," Saturos began simply. "Everyone suit up. We leave for Sol Sanctum in ten minutes."

The barn erupted with activity as the seven men hustled to carry out their orders. Menardi lifted her scythe from its position against the right wall and strapped it to her back.

"Are you ready, Saturos?" Menardi asked. Saturos grinned in response, revealing his fangs.

"It's time to take what's ours, and to save these fools from their own ignorance," he answered, and Menardi nodded approvingly.


The door of the barn opened slowly, and Saturos and Menardi slipped out, followed by the seven men. Weapons were drawn and Psynergies were readied. Saturos lifted a single clawed finger to his lips. They didn't want to have to hurt any of these villagers, for this mission was to save them in the long run. This meant staying absolutely quiet.

Turning to their left, the pair saw the path to Sol Sanctum. There were two houses on either side of the path, so they had to sneak in between them. Up ahead, Saturos could see the path take a sharp right behind a cliff.

After scanning the area, Saturos began to move forward. He was as silent as the snake he resembled. Menardi followed not far behind, and the men were last, as they were the weakest.

They passed the two houses and took a right to see a mostly straight path that led along a ledge overlooking three houses next to the river. It seemed easy enough, but Saturos knew better. IF one of them fell, then it would be all over. Then he would be forced to kill the villagers.

"Stay alert!" Saturos hissed behind him. He motioned to the rest and he stalked across the ledge. Upon reaching the end of the ledge, he climbed a set of stairs leading to the next level of the cliff. Almost immediately after doing so, Saturos caught sight of another set of stairs to his right. He changed his direction and ascended those as well.

Saturos led his team through the two houses ahead of them and across the winding path that led to the very top of the village. Once they reached the healing shrine, he knew that they were close.

Saturos motioned to his men to take cover against the wall of the shrine. Menardi did so, standing next to him, a concerned look on her face.

"What is it? What do you see?" she whispered anxiously.

"There's a guard. I don't think we can sneak past him," Saturos answered. Menardi peered around the corner and indeed, there was a slightly chunky guard wearing a silver cape standing in front of the thin staircase that led to their destination.

"Knock him out. It shouldn't be that hard," Menardi suggested. Saturos sighed. It seemed he would be forced to hurt him. Once he reached that conclusion, he hesitated no longer.

With a grunt, Saturos leapt around the corner, much to the surprise of the guard. The guard immediately sent a powerful blast of psynergy towards him. Saturos recognized the blast as "Move" as the force took the shape of a giant gloved hand. Drawing his red blade, Saturos sliced through the hand swiftly and sprinted towards the guard. Before the hapless guard could summon up another blast, Saturos drove his armored fist straight into the guard's stomach. The wind whooshed out of the man's lungs, and he bent over in pain. Saturos didn't give him a chance to recover. He smashed the man's head with the hilt of his blade, and the guard dropped like a stone. The entire exchange took a total of five seconds.

Saturos motioned to Menardi, and the team moved out from behind cover. Menardi glanced down at the motionless guard with approval.

"Is he dead?" she inquired, nudging the body with her foot. Saturos shook his head. He didn't want to kill the man, just get him out of the way.

"Oh well. At least he got what was coming to him," Menardi replied.

"Come on everyone. We don't have much farther until Sol Sanctum," Saturos said, resuming the march up the stairs.


The entirety of Mt. Aleph rose up before them, and the group stared up at it with awe. In front of the group was a grand doorway, surrounded by statues of angels and tiled by a strange, blue, metallic material.

"Unbelievable…this is the very pinnacle of Alchemy…" Menardi whispered, amazed. Saturos was similarly in awe of the greatness of the place. But he didn't dwell on it long.

"Come on. We can sightsee after the Elemental Stars are in our hands," Saturos ordered. Menardi nodded and the group resumed progress.

Saturos strode up to the doors and pushed them open easily, which surprised him. According to the village elders back in Prox, there were many puzzles inside. He was expecting one just to get in.

The first room was nothing special, merely a small corridor that led to the next area. Saturos led his team through the next door.

Here was the first puzzle. There was a large pit filled with water taking up the entire room. Saturos could see the door leading onward on the other side. Inspecting the pit, Saturos could make out small stepping stones beneath the water's surface.

"Follow me. Do exactly as I do unless you want to drown," Saturos said, his voice now back to its normal volume now that he was in the safety of Sol Sanctum. Confidently, he began to hop from each stepping stone to the next, until he was safely on the other side.

Menardi was the second to reach the other side, and she was none to happy.

"Ech, water. I hate how it feels on my skin," she hissed, drying her feet on the tiled floor. Saturos grinned at her antics. He hated water too, but he always could tolerate it more than she could.

The men soon followed, and progress resumed. Saturos found himself in a long corridor adorned with many breathtaking features. He marveled at the beautiful architecture. There didn't seem to be any puzzles, so he continued.

Saturos unwittingly walked right into a nest of killer bats. Irritated at his unexpected presence, the many bats took flight and began to dive bomb the party.

"Damn bats," Saturos muttered as he drew his sword. He sliced one bat in half as it dove at him, and then he fired a crimson beam of flame from his palm at a group of bats that were harassing Menardi. She nodded briefly in thanks and then sliced up another bat with her scythe.

He looked to see how his men were doing. Saturos cursed as he saw one of the men dead on the floor with a particularly large bat ripping his throat out. Roaring in rage, Saturos lifted his palm and fired several searing fireballs forth. The large bat wasn't able to move fast enough, so it and the dead soldier were burnt to a crisp. Saturos looked on, satisfied. He had effectively cremated the loyal soldier.

"Saturos! Watch out!" another soldier called. Saturos turned to see several bats as large as the one that killed his man swooping at him, intent on eating him alive.

Saturos let loose a blast of fiery energy from his body. It enveloped the bats, and soon, their skeletons littered the floor around him.

"I think that's all of them," Menardi conjectured as she burned the last bat with a fireball.

"Dammit, I should have been more alert," Saturos cursed.

"Nothing we can do now but move on," Menardi reassured him. Saturos nodded, although he was angry at himself. He looked through his men and healed their wounds with psynergy, and then he continued walking through the hall.

After walking through another door, Saturos saw another room like the first one. Only now there were three paths of stepping stones and three exits.

"Split up. Menardi and I will take the middle path. Jacobsen, you take two others and head up to the left. The rest of you, head right," Saturos ordered. Menardi stepped over to him, smiling.

"You know, you really should have sent me with one of the other teams," Menardi told him, although she made no attempt to disobey.

"No, I prefer you with me," Saturos replied warmly. Menardi laughed in response.

The pair proceeded across the stepping stones in the center, and the others carried out their orders.

"If these are the extent of this place's puzzles, then I've overestimated this place. I am not impressed," Menardi scoffed. Saturos agreed. It was too easy so far.

"It can't be this easy. Something harder has to be up ahead." He countered.

"I sure hope so," Menardi replied.

At the end of the corridor, there was a pedestal with a small gem on top. At the base of the pedestal were several large mushrooms.

"Saturos, those are carnivorous mushrooms," Menardi warned. Saturos had noticed, but he said nothing. Instead, he faced his palm towards them. Slowly, he moved his palm to his left. As he did so, a curtain of flames appeared to the right of the mushrooms and slowly traveled to the left, scorching the mushrooms and killing them.

After they were gone, Saturos grabbed the gem from the pedestal. The room was a dead end, so they went back the way they came.

"Saturos, sir!" called one of the three men who had gone to the right. Saturos glanced at them questioningly.

"There's a statue of a minotaur head in here. It's missing an eye. Did you find anything like a gem in there?" the man reported. Saturos and Menardi looked at one another meaningfully, and then Saturos produced the gem from his pocket. The man jumped back across the stones so that Saturos could give it to him, and then he jumped back. After a few seconds, there was a slight rumble, followed by a yelp from the left corridor.

"Saturos! A door just appeared out of nowhere!" Jacobsen called. Saturos nodded. So that's what the gem did.

The group reunited in front of the door, and Saturos led them through. They found themselves in a magnificent room. The walls were lined with statues of armored warriors with fearsome swords. There seemed to be no exit.

"Beautiful, but it seems to be a dead end," Menardi observed. Saturos shook his head.

"It can't be. There must be someplace where we can use our psynergy," he replied. "Men! Spread out! Look for suspicious areas!"

Menardi nodded and went off towards the left. Saturos wanted to go with her, but he needed to look in the other areas. So he went towards the right.

Once he was over there, a certain statue caught his eye. He squinted, wondering why this particular statue held his attention. Then he saw it.

It wasn't obvious, but this statue was a slightly different shade than the others. Maybe this one concealed something.

Unlike the guard that he knocked out, Saturos knew how to use Move to its fullest. Holding out his palm, the large white hand manifested nearby. With it, Saturos slowly pushed the statue out of the way to reveal a hidden spiral staircase.

"Over here," Saturos called. Menardi saw the new passageway first.

"Good job. How did you find it?" she asked. Saturos patiently pointed out the color difference. Menardi laughed at the simplicity of it, and then the group moved on.

They emerged in another long passageway with two paths. Saturos split them up again. Because they were the strongest, Saturos had Menardi go with his to the left, while he sent all of the men to the right.

"I think you just like going with me," Menardi joked as they walked down the hall.

"Of course," Saturos replied, keeping his gaze forward. Soon, he caught sight of another pedestal with another gem on it. This time, there was nothing but a strange green puddle in front of it.

Saturos held Menardi back so that he could inspect it. Drawing his blade, Saturos probed the puddle, but nothing happened. Satisfied, he tried to walk through it.

After taking his first step, he found that he couldn't move. Saturos looked down in surprise to see two claws made of the slime grasping his feet. Then the slime began to travel up his ankles.

"Ah! Menardi!" Saturos cried in alarm. Menardi ran to him and saw the predicament he was in. Her scythe was out in an instant.

"Death Size!" Menardi yelled, slicing at one of the claws. Her scythe glowed with a black light and struck the claw on Saturos's left foot. The claw shriveled up and died as the life force was drained from it. She then grasped the other claw with her hand and sent waves of fiery energy coursing through it, burning it to a crisp. Its weapons gone, the puddle retreated through the cracks in the ground.

"Thanks," Saturos said, his beating heart returning to its normal speed. That was too close for comfort.
Menardi took the gem from the pedestal and pocketed it. Since this hall wasn't a dead end, they passed the pedestal and moved on.

The passage soon met another one. Looking down that passage, Saturos caught sight of Jacobsen and his men.

"Saturos?" Jacobsen whispered.

"It seems the passages meet up again," Saturos responded. Together again, the group entered the next room.

The room was very wide, but not very long. Once again there seemed to be no apparent exit, but there was a ledge on the wall in front of them containing many statues. The ones on the far right and the far left seemed to be moveable, because they were a different color than the rest. The ledge was separated from the group by a small channel of water.

"Menardi, move the one on the left. I'll move the one on the right," Saturos ordered. Menardi was confused for a second, but then she noticed the color difference.

Saturos moved to the far right of the room and stop just before the water and the statue. Saturos then used his psynergy to Move the statue out of the way. In front of him was a blank wall.

Saturos was confused. What was the point of placing a moveable statue here if all he found was a blank wall?

"Saturos! I found a Minotaur head," Menardi called. Suddenly, Saturos understood.

"Place the gem in," Saturos replied. There was a pause, and then the wall in front of him began to change. The stones began to shift and rotate, changing places in a fantastic way until there was a new doorway into the front. Saturos was impressed. The people who had built this place certainly knew what they were doing.

Saturos led his group down another hallway. Soon, they emerged into a small room. In the center of the room was a tiled picture of the sun. Surrounding it were four statues: one on each corner.

"Interesting, yet it serves no purpose," Menardi commented, and she continued walking. Saturos stared at the picture a little longer, and then he followed her. The next room was the same, only the picture was of the moon. Saturos passed this room as well, because it seemed purely decorative.

After descending a set of stairs, Saturos found himself in a room exactly like the lunar room, only the tiled moon was surrounded by a pool of water, and the statues were out of alignment. The solution seemed clear.

"We just have to put the statues back in alignment," Saturos conjectured. "Menardi, help me."

But they never got that far. Saturos Moved the first statue and then all hell broke loose. A low rumbling filled the room, and every stopped what they were doing. It got worse and worse, and even Saturos found it hard to keep his feet.

All of a sudden, a scream sounded from behind Saturos. He whirled and saw one of his men being electrocuted to death by a bolt of lightning. More bolts began to strike around them. Saturos saw more men die, and knew that this raid was over.

"Go! Get out!" Saturos yelled. What was left of the group began to sprint back they way they had come. A man tripped and was fired by another bolt behind Saturos. He cursed and ran up the stairs to the moon room.

Lightning was striking in this room too, and the rumbling only got worse. The group, which now numbered four including Saturos and Menardi, were running for their lives. Lightning struck all around them, and more than a few times Saturos was grazed.

"Dammit! My leg!" Jacobsen cried. Saturos turned to see the soldier on the ground. His leg was blackened and burnt from a lightning strike. Saturos went back for him and lifted the man up. The other soldier wasn't so lucky. He was struck as they entered the wide room again. Now all that was left was Saturos, Menardi, and Jacobsen.

Saturos ran as fast as he could even while supporting Jacobsen. Soon, the entrance loomed ahead.

Jacobsen let out a yell as Lightning struck his back. He slid off of Saturos's shoulder.

"Jacobsen! No!" Saturos cried. Menardi grabbed Saturos by the arm and dragged him forward.

"Leave him or you'll be next!" she yelled in his face. Although distraught, Saturos sprinted out of the doorway and into the open air. Except now it was raining.

Menardi was staring up at the peak of Mt. Aleph. Saturos followed her example and saw a awe inspiring sight. A massive, spiraling black cloud surrounding the top of the mountain, and rain was falling in sheets. Lighting strikes were a common sight.

"What have we done?" Saturos whispered. Saturos and Menardi stood at the base of Mt. Aleph, wondering what the hell they had unleashed.


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