Song - Gabriel by Lamb

Chapter 12 - Broken Angel

Peter McKinney slouched in his seat and watched while his grandfather kept his gaze out the window. The truck has been parked outside of the diner. Mr. McKinney had been keeping close tabs on the newcomer, Bella Holden. He wondered if she was here to torment him. Fifty years since he had seen someone as beautiful as her, like his Marie.

But she was never his…

"Hey, is that Bella? The girl from the market?" Peter sat up straight, interested now more than ever, watching Bella walk out of the diner. "I'll be right back." He was out of the truck and made his way over to the beautiful brunette.

Bella Holden walked out of the diner, with the diary in her possession. Now she knew. If everything that Charlie had just told her was true, she was the grandchild of Marie Swan. And Charlie…

"Bella?" She had been so lost in her own mind that she didn't even see Peter in front of her.

"Peter, how are you?" Bella tried her best to smile. Even though it was fake.

"I'm good. Really good. I was just in the neighborhood with my grandfather. You know… just hanging." Peter gestured towards his grandfathers truck. He was nervous. He wanted to act cool in front of her and he was sure he was failing. Badly.

Bella shifted her eyes towards the white truck and something told her she had seen it before. And inside, the older gentleman she had ran her cart into. He was looking intently at her and this caused Bella to look away.

"…catch a movie in Port Angeles. What do you say?" Bella turned her attention back to Peter, realizing he was asking her something. She could tell he was nervous and knew what he was asking.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"There's a restaurant just opening up and I wanted to know if you want to go. You know, to dinner. With me." Peter shifted and looked down

Bella was flattered. Really. But with the past few days and talking with Charlie. Who she now knows is her Great Grandfather… getting involved someone wouldn't be ideal. But maybe getting away from it all. Ghosts. Mysteries. Unsolved murders…


A night with a normal guy. Bella knew she would have to tell Peter about her past, her failed marriage. But for tonight, she would be Bella Landon. Or…. Swan… it was all too confusing.

"…I completely understand. Wanting privacy…"

"Yeah." She breathed out.

"…Not looking for anything - wait…. yeah?" His blue eyes widening in surprise and excitement. Making Bella laugh just a little. The first time really since Edward appeared.

"That's awesome. Just… wow. Tonight… I can pick you up at seven?"

"Sure… i'd like that."

Seeing him smile made her heart swell. Maybe a normal night. With a normal guy. Yeah… she needed it.

"Great, then i'll see you then. At seven. Are your place." He said while walking backwards towards the white truck, unable to drop his goofy smile. Bella laughed and made her way back home. To get ready for her date. With Peter.

As the two went their separate ways, Charles kept his gaze towards Bella. Watching her and the McKinney kid interact with each other. It was like a flashback, watching his daughter and… him… together. How they would sneak around when they thought he wasn't aware. Marie said she was in love. She was going to marry him and move away together. Find her son and live happily ever after.

He couldn't let that happen. He wanted Masen to just go away. Marie was a good girl. She needed to finish school and meet a nice man.

Now…. he wished he had just let it be.

Because he knew. It was his fault they were both dead.

Bella carefully placed Marie's diary in her dresser. So many secrets were hidden inside the faded journal, but for now, it would have to be for another day. The house was silent, except for a soft creaking noise… but with her current thoughts. She paid no mind.

After turning on the shower and allowing the steam to fill the room, Bella pulled off her sweater and went to unsnap her bra. But something had caught her attention in the corner of her eye.

The rocking chair in her bedroom. Slowly rocking back and forth, a low creaking barely loud enough for her to hear.

That… that… bastard!

"Edward!" She shrieked, finding something to cover herself.

The rocking came to an abrupt stop. Bella could feel a slight cool breeze behind her. She knew it was him. She couldn't see him but her instincts told her Edward was there.

"Cut it out." Pressing her hand over her racing heart, hoping it would calm down before going into a panic attack. "Don't play games Edward."

"I don't know what you're talking about." He whispered into her ear.

"Yes you do." Her voice shook. She was highly aware of how close he was to her. "Stop it."

"I should say the same about you." His tone… it was different. Hard and unforgiving. Her spine straightened, fear taking over her. And at the same time, a familiar ache in her belly.

"What?! Why you-" Before Bella could finish, she felt her bare skin touch the cold wall and Edward in site. He was shirtless and she felt her heart race against his chest. Her sweater that was covering her chest was now on the floor.

"You're mine." He growled into her right ear and ran his hand against her warm skin. He put all his concentration together to feel her. Feeling he was finally getting control of his emotions, Edward dropped his head onto her shoulder. He thought back to earlier that day. How he had followed Bella into town and watch from the distance as she spoke with Marie's father. He knew she was getting answers, ones that he wanted for himself. But he didn't pry. Edward wasn't sure if Bella would have been the only one to notice his presence. With the strong connection to Charles… he needed to be safe. Unseen.

But when that boy approached her… rage filled his mind. He didn't see Bella… only Marie. And when she said yes? Possessiveness clouded his judgement. She was his. Bella… Marie…. to him they were the same person. He would be damned if she was taken away from him again.

Bella couldn't find it in herself to move away. The bathroom was now filled with the hot steam from her shower and could feel his skin against hers. She felt the tip of his nose graze her neck. She was certain that if she moved just an inch, he would disappear from her.

His hands moved from her waist and up her back, his expert fingers finding the snap of her bra. The feel of her bra loosening cleared her mind. She was going to hate herself in a moment...

"Edward," she whimpered. "Stop."

But he didn't. Edward pulled her closer, entrapping her in his arms. He never wanted this moment to end… to let her go. Pressing his lips against her neck, a shudder went through Bella's entire body. Her skin enflamed. She was on fire.

"Don't go." He whispered into her damp skin. "Please…"

Bella felt him tremble as she wrapped her arms around him. Feeling him for the first time. She felt everything. Anger, confusion, lust, hurt… pain. Her heart broke for Edward and she could only tighten her hold against him. He needed her and she would do everything she could to ease his pain. However, she was unsure if he was going to want to hear what she had learned in the past few hours. Whether he would except she was his Marie's granddaughter.

But she kept quiet and allowed the feeling of Edward surround her completely. She wanted to heal her broken angel.


We're getting there folks. We are getting close to the end… i would say 5-6 more chapters? My writing mojo is back! *Celebration*

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