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Chapter 1: Let Dare Night Begin

It was just before the weekend occurred and for some people it was just an ordinary day at Domino High school like usual. But this time…things might just get a bit more interesting. In the hallway everyone was getting to their lockers ready to leave for the day and start off their weekend, when certain students found envelopes with their names on it stuck in the vent of their lockers.

Yami: (opens up his locker to find an envelope and looks at it strangely.)

Joey: (walks towards his locker with Mai in tow just talking and opens up her locker too. Then sees Yami looking puzzled) Yo Yami, what's up man?

Yami: (looks toward Joey and shows him the envelope.)

Joey and Mai: (open their lockers also and find envelopes with their names on it.)

Tea and JT: (open up their lockers and find envelopes too, and look at it strangely.)

Joey: Yo what's up with this? (looks at JT.) JT?

JT: Hey don't look at me, I didn't do this.

Just then, Seto Kaiba comes walking down the hall and gives everyone a knowing smirk.

Joey: Should've known Kaiba would be behind something like this.

Tea, JT, Yami, and Mai: Yeah.

JT: Wonder what's up?

Tea: Well only one way to find out. (opens up her letter and starts to read it.) 'You are cordially invited to an event filled with excitement, drama, and intrigue. Be at the entrance to Domino park at 7:00 p.m.'

JT: Hmmm…sounds interesting.

Joey: I don't know, something's just not right about this.

Mai: Hun relax, it doesn't sound too bad.

JT: Yea Joey lighten up will ya. And besides, the only reason you don't like Kaiba is because he's dating Serenity.

Joey: Please like that's the only reason.

Tea: Really, then what are the others?

Joey: He's rude, a jerk, he's dating my sis, always calling me names, dating my sis, has no respect for us whatsoever, and did I mention he's dating my sis.

JT: Yea like about three times already.

Yami: Joey I'm sure we can trust Kaiba on this.

Joey: Yea whateva.

JT: Well since school is over, I'm going home to change before seven.

Tea: Yea I better go home and change too. See you guys later.

Tea and JT: (leave and head out of the school together.)

Yami: Well might as well follow their lead, I'll see you guys in the park.

Joey: Yea sure thing Yami.

Yami: (leaves out of the school and goes home.)

Mai: (turns to Joey.) So you're really gonna go?

Joey: Yea might as well I have nothing better to do. Anyway let's get out of here already. We've been here far too long. (grabs Mai's hand as they walk out of the school together pre-pairing for tonight.)

Bakura slammed the door shut as he walked into the kitchen seeing Ryou sitting at the kitchen table eating an apple and doing his homework.

Ryou: (taking a bite out of his apple and chewing it.) Bakura, did you get an envelope from Kaiba as well?

Bakura: (opens the refrigerator and looks inside, grabs a Red Bull and then sits across from Ryou at the table.) Yea so what about it? (opens his drink and takes a swing of it.) If you're about to ask me if I'm going to that ridiculous thing the answer is no.

Ryou: Oh c'mon Bakura it might be fun.

Bakura: No thank you, especially if Yami and Ms Friendship girl is gonna be there.

Ryou: Knowing Kaiba of course their going to be there.

Bakura: Which is the reason why I'm not going.

Ryou: (smiles innocently.) But since Tea is going why not, it'll be the perfect time to tell her that-(get's cut off by a can thrown at his head.) Oww! What was that for? (rubbing his head.)

Bakura: You know damn well why! I told you before I don't like that cheerleader bitch!

Ryou: Sure, keep telling yourself that Bakura.

Bakura: I don't.

Ryou: I believe you.

Bakura: Hmph.

Ryou: But like I said before, I think you should go. Besides maybe Marik will go so you won't be by yourself.

Bakura: …..I guess it wouldn't hurt, and if Marik goes it would be fun. And who knows maybe that idiot Yami would do something humiliating and I can get it on tape.

Ryou: So does this mean that you'll go.

Bakura: (stands up from the table.) Yea I'll go, but only because I want to see Yami embarrass himself.

Ryou: Are you sure it's not because of-(gets cut off again from Bakura punching him in the arm.) Ow!

Bakura: Serves you right, and like I said before I don't like that stupid friendship bitch! (walks out of the kitchen.)

Ryou: (rubbing the spot where Bakura hit him.) Keep telling yourself that Bakura. I bet by the end of the night everything will work out good for you. (gets back to finishing up his homework.

At JT's house, JT was deciding on what she should wear for tonight.

JT: (looks through her closet and pulls out a shirt.) Ok should I wear this shirt? (holds up the shirt in her left hand.) Or should I wear this one? (holds up a shirt in her right hand.)

Tea and Sabrina: (both sitting on JT's bed.) Uhhhh.

JT: You're right, I should wear this one. (puts the shirt that was in her right hand back into her closet.)

Tea: JT I don't know why you're taking forever on an outfit, it's not like you're going on a date or something.

JT: So what, I still want to look good, girl you know how I do!

Sabrina: You just want to look good because Malik might be there, huh!

JT: And what if he is? Who knows Ryou might be there too Sabrina.

Sabrina: (blushes a bit. Then gets rid of it and turns to Tea.) And if Ryou's gonna be there, most likely Bakura will be there.

Tea: Like I would care if that asshole is there.

Sabrina: You know you care.

Tea: Yea whatever Sabrina, anyway I'm going home I want to get some of my homework done before seven. (gets up and leaves JT's room so she could head home.)

Sabrina: I know she's denying it, but by the end of the night those two would get together.

JT: I doubt it Sabrina, those two hate each other with a passion.

Sabrina: But soon that passion will turn to love and not hate.

JT: Well I guess we'll just have to see now won't we.

Hours went by and it was finally 7:00 o'clock and time to meet at the entrance to the park.

Joey: (enters the park and greets his friends.) Looks like you're he-(stops mid sentence after seeing Marik and Bakura.) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE!?

Yami: Believe me Joey I wasn't fond on the idea that they're here too.

Marik: Shut up Yami! And as if it's any of your business we got letters telling us to meet here.

Joey: (whispers to himself.) Can't believe Kaiba invited them.

Seto: (enters the park and walks straight towards the group with Serenity in tow.) It seems as you all have arrived.

Joey: Kaiba, what's this all about?

Bakura: For once I actually agree with Wheeler. What the hell did you call me here for?

Seto: You are all here for the event I planned for us all, of course with the help of Serenity here. (grips her hand in a loving gesture making her blush and giggle.)

Joey: Serenity, you're behind this too?

Serenity: Relax Joey, it's not that bad. Trust me.

Joey: Of course I trust you…it's Kaiba I don't trust.

Seto: Whatever Wheeler, the only reason you're even invited is because of your sister so if I were you I'd be thanking her.

Joey: (growls low in his throat.) That's it Kaiba your going down! (tries to charge at Kaiba but is held back by Yami.)

Yami: Calm down Joey, why don't we just listen to what Kaiba has to say about the event.

Joey: GRRRR alright fine!

Seto: Anyway like I was saying, you're all here because of the event I planned.

Joey: And what's this event called?

Tea: Maybe if you'd be quiet he'll tell us Joey.

Seto: Thank you. Anyway it's called 'Dare Night.' One night, two teams, multiple dares. (picks up a small sized envelope.) Each of these envelopes contains a two part dare, part one is on the front and part two is on the back, and each dare gives a certain number of points. (picks up a cell phone.) This cell phone has picture and video.

Tristan: (about to grab the phone out of Kaiba's hand.) Nice!

Seto: (pulls his hand back before he can take.) Like hell I'd give you this phone Taylor.

Tristan: (looks sad about not getting the phone.)

Seto: You do the dare, send proof of it to the other team and me, and at midnight we meet back up at Burger World and we'll declare the winner.

Ryou: What do we win?

Seto: (turns to Ryou) You Ryou get an excuse to finally do something fun and stay out later.

Everyone excluding Ryou: (laughs a bit)

Sabrina: And what about the rest of us?

Seto: The rest of you get a night to remember.

Bakura: And the only reason you're doing this is to see us humiliate ourselves and just to hold some stupid little tournament. Why the hell would I especially, do something this idiotic?

Yami: Surprisingly I actually agree with Bakura.

Serenity: Look guys, there's nothing in these envelopes that's harmful to you or anyone else. I made sure of that. All this is about is having fun and testing your limits.

Seto: Exactly, every once in awhile you gotta live a little and wake yourself up.

JT: Sounds like fun, I'm in. (puts her envelope on the table they were all near at the entrance.)

Seto: So who else is in?

Tea: What the heck, I'm in too. (puts her envelope on the table too.)

Everyone especially Bakura: (looks at her surprisingly.)

Tea: What? You might as well do things a little daring from time to time.

JT: That's the spirit Tea.

Bakura: (smirks) Well, well, well, didn't know Miss Friendship had a little daring side too.

Tea: Shut up Bakura!

Bakura: Make me you friendship bitch!

Tea: Oh that's real classy you asshole!

Mai: Enough you two love birds.

Bakura and Tea: WE ARE NOT LOVE BIRDS!

Mai: Yea right. Anyway I'm in too. (puts her envelope on the table onto the pile.)

Sabrina: I'll play! (puts envelope on top of the pile.)

Ryou: (puts his envelope on top of the pile.)

Malik: (puts his envelope on the pile.)

Tristan: (puts a large index card with his name on it on the pile with the others.)

Seto: (looks at him like he's crazy picks up the card and looks at him again.)

JT: (laughs) Wow real smooth Tristan!

Tristan: (whines) C'mon I wanna play, I didn't get invited.

Seto: (sighs.) Alright, you can play…ONLY if Bakura, Joey and Marik play. (looks at Joey, Bakura and Marik.)

Malik: C'mon Marik you might as well, you got nothing better to do anyway.

Marik: (turns to Malik.) I could always just kill you then I'd have something I could do.

Malik: Like hell you would.

Marik: We'll see about that…but for now…why not, I'll play this little game. (puts his envelope on the table along with the others.)

Seto: Alright all that leaves us is Joey and Bakura.

Joey and Bakura: (not saying anything.)

Serenity: Come on big brother it'll be fun.

Malik: Yea Bakura, who knows it might be interesting.

Bakura: Fine, (puts his envelope on the table.) I'll play this stupid game.

Joey: Yea, yea I'll play too. (puts his envelope on the table.) As long as you're playing sis I guess it'll be fun.

Seto: Who said that she was playing?

Joey: (looking a bit confused.) What da mean she's not playing?

Seto: Just like I said she's not playing, and neither am I.

Joey: And why is that?

Serenity: Because we're the judges. Since Seto organized the event and I helped a bit, we decided to not play and tally up the dares at midnight and declare the winner.

Sabrina: Sounds reasonable.

Bakura: Enough talk already! Let's get this thing started shall we.

JT: Yea, so let's pick the teams.

Seto: The teams are boys vs. girls, six boys against four girls.

Serenity: However since there are only four girls, Bakura you'll be on the girls team.

Bakura: (looking shocked and angry.) What! Why the hell do I have to be on their team? Why didn't you just put Yami on their team since he's gay?

Yami: (turns to Bakura angrily.) For the last time you asshole, I'm not gay!

Marik: Sure keep telling yourself that.

Yami: But I'm not!

Malik: (mutters.) Yeah right.

Tea: Leave Yami alone you guys, (turns to Bakura.) And the reason you were probably placed on the girl's team was because you make up two people with that ego of yours.

Bakura: (turns to Tea angrily.) What the hell did you say?

Tea: D-D-Did I stutter!?

Sabrina: Come on you guys stop fighting.

Bakura: Whatever.

Seto: Alright the teams are set, so let's start this thing already. (takes a key out of his pocket and places it on the table in front of Marik.)

Marik: (looks at the key funny, then back up at Kaiba.) What the hell is that?

Seto: That Marik…is your first dare.

BlueMoon Goddess: OOOH I wonder what Marik's dare is will it be bad or embarrassing. You gotta read the next chapter to find out, until then my fellow readers!