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It was officially midnight the dares were all complete as everyone was starting to make their way to the meeting place. Of course Marik was still near the boardwalk with Angel walking back towards her car.

Marik: So it's finally midnight the dares are done, and we should head back.

Angel: We?

Marik: Yea we, you helped me, might as well come along.

Angel: Tempting but, I can't I need to take off.

Marik: Well if you must, surprisingly you are the actual first girl I had a good time with…and not actually lay too.

Angel: Haha, very funny.

Marik: Seriously though c'mon I want you meet some people I know.

Angel: Sorry not tonight.

Marik: Ok, but how about (pulls out his own cell phone.) you give me your number, and I'll give you a call.

Angel: (takes his phone and puts in her number then gives it back to him.) Ok so how would I know if you're gonna call me?

Marik: Oh don't worry I'll definitely be calling you.

Angel: And not just for a booty call?

Marik: (shrugs.) Maybe, maybe not who knows.

Angel: (smiles.) Alright then. (takes the picture out of her pocket and rips it in half leaving him with only two of the photos)

Marik: Oh c'mon now!

Angel: Sorry Mr. but no bonus point for you. (walks over towards her car and before she gets in she turns to Marik one more time.) So will you call me?

Marik: Like I said before, maybe…and maybe not. Anyway maybe I'll see ya around Angel. (starts to walk off.)

Angel: (thinks about something then calls after him.) Hey Marik!

Marik: (turns around and looks at her.)

Angel: I dare you to call me.

Marik: (gives her a smirk then walks off to burger World.)

Angel: (watches him leave then gets in her car and drives on home.)

Marik: (looks at the photo in his hands and looks back to see Angel's car driving away.)

After the dares were complete everyone met up at Burger World at the appropriate time, and while they were there, Kaiba and Serenity were tallying up the points each team earned.

Seto: (adds up the numbers on a piece of paper.) Alright that gives the guys in the lead with 150 points.

Ryou, Yami, and Malik: (enter Burger World.)

Ryou: (holding a box in his hands.) We're here.

Joey: What is that?

Ryou: We had to capture a wild animal from the zoo.

Yami: Everyone stand back, this thing is ferocious.

Seto: (lifts the box off to see a turtle.)

Everyone except Ryou, Yami and Malik: (were laughing at the so-called ferocious animal.)

Seto: This is your wild animal?

Serenity: All he's so cute!

Yami: (hiding behind Ryou.) Yea laugh all you want, but that thing was wild until we tamed it.

Everyone except Ryou, Yami and Malik: (continue laughing as Sabrina and Serenity are petting it.)

Yami: (still clutching onto Ryou and getting freaked out by the turtle.) Awww man!

Everyone except Ryou, Yami and Malik: (laughing even harder now.)

Seto: (tallied up the numbers.) All right now including all your other dares, it seems to be a tie.

Joey: Ah wait (pulls out the camera phone and hands it to Seto.) don't forget this rich boy.

Seto: (takes the phone then gives a disgusted look.) Urgh! Wheeler what the hell are you doing?

Serenity: Seto what's wrong? (takes a look at the phone and her eyes nearly bug out of her sockets in shock.) Ewwww Joey, what in the world?

Joey: (hands Kaiba the dare card.) Well it says so right here on the dare card.

Seto: (takes the card and looks over it.) Wheeler you dumbass this is a type-o. It says try to take a SHOT in the number two hole.

Everyone excluding Joey: (getting disgusted and making comments.)

JT: Eww Joey that's gross!

Bakura: Really Wheeler what the hell were you thinking?

Mai: Not cool Hun.

Seto: Anyway Wheeler it doesn't count so it's still a tie. However we do have a tie breaker right here. (gives the envelope to Serenity.)

Serenity: (takes the envelope and reads it out loud for everyone to hear.) 'Kiss a teammate on the mouth.'

Everyone except Seto and Serenity: (looks around at their own teammates, though the boys are pretty shocked by it.)

Marik: Like hell I'm kissing anyone of you guys. (turns to Yami.) Hey Yami why don't you kiss one of the others? That way we'll win.

Yami: (getting angry.) For the last freaking time I'M NOT GAY you ass!

Marik: Sure you aren't Yami.

Yami: (growls angrily.)

Serenity: Well someone has to kiss someone to break the tie.

Tea: So if we kiss a teammate then were done right?

Serenity: That's right.

Tea: Ok then. (walks towards JT.)

JT: (backing away a bit.) Yo Tea what the hell, you know I already have a boyfriend.

Tea: Yea I know that. (leans towards JT but quickly pulls Bakura's face towards him and kisses him deeply.)

Everyone except Yami, Tea, and Bakura: (looked on in shock and surprised. However the girls were all rooting for them.)

Tea: (finally away from Bakura and leans into him.)

Marik: Well that was quite interesting.

Malik: Took them long enough.

Ryou: I knew he always liked her. (looks over at yami who was looking pretty crushed.) Yami you ok?

Yami: (trying to fake a smile.) Oh yea Ryou I'm ok. (in thought.) I can't believe she likes Bakura over ME!

Sabrina: See I told you guys they'd get together.

JT: Yea Sabrina we know you were right, me and Mai were wrong.

Sabrina: Exactly.

Seto: Well unless you dorks didn't kiss a stranger in a photo booth that's the only dare that you didn't do.

Marik: (puts his hands in his pocket about to pull out the picture of him and Angel kissing but stops himself.)

The girls except for Bakura and Serenity: (lean over anxiously waiting to see the results.)

Marik: (deciding against it puts the photo back into his pocket.) Sorry guys guess they win.

The girls except for Bakura and Serenity: WOOHOO!

JT: Uh-huh, we won!

Sabrina: Oh yea!

Joey: Oh come on man!

Malik: Oh well.

Seto: Well since this is 'Dare Night' is officially over you can all go home or do whatever is you guys do. (turns towards Serenity.) You wanna catch a late show at the movies, my treat?

Serenity: (linking her arm with his.) Sure but I get to pick the movie.

Seto: See you guys later. (walking out of the restaurant with Serenity hooked on his arm.)

Joey: Grrr the nerve of that guy.

Mai: (putting a hand on his shoulder.) Joey relax, how about we get something to eat?

Joey: Sure why not, I haven't eaten anything yet.

Mai: (beaming sweetly.) Great, loser gets to pay for the meal. (making her way toward the exit.)

Joey: (frowning then following after her.) Hey what a minute?!

Ryou, Malik, and Yami: (were near the pond and kneeling down near the water.)

Ryou: You know Yami you could always keep it. He can be your first pet.

Yami: (holding the box.) No way I'm going to keep no damn creepy turtle.

Malik: Hey he was only suggesting.

Yami: Thanks but no thanks and besides he needs to be free and not caged up. (opens the lid and then places the turtle in the water and watches as it swims away.

Ryou: (just realizing something.) You do know that was a salt water turtle right?

Yami and Malik: (look at Ryou like he was crazy.)

Malik: Now you tell us! (gets up.) Nice one Ryou.

Yami: (gets up then starts sulking.) This night sucked, first we lose to the girls and Bakura then I lose Tea to Bakura. Some night this turned out to be.

Ryou: But Yami you never really had Tea to lose to in the first place.

Yami: (turning to Ryou angry.) Shut up Ryou! Forget this I'm going home to write in my diary. (storms off in the direction of his house.)

Ryou and Malik: (watching him storm off in the opposite direction.)

Malik: I swear if I don't think that's gay for a teenage guy to have a diary I don't know what is.

Tea and Bakura were walking to Tea's house, with Bakura's arm around Tea's shoulder.

Bakura: (walking and holding Tea close to him.) So c'mon admit it, you had a good time?

Tea: (let's go of him and walks onto her front porch.) Meaning how I embarrassed myself, didn't pay for a meal, and had to be in an open grave, then no.

Bakura: Well I'm sorry to hear that.

Tea: But…if you mean that I finally got to kiss the guy I like then yes I did have a good time.

Bakura: (gives her an actual smile and leans over to kiss her again, until five minutes later he broke the kiss.) If you don't mind I'd actually like to kiss you a lot more if you don't mind.

Tea: (gives him a smile and walks towards her door.)

Bakura: So does this mean you'll be my girlfriend?

Tea: (walks to him and gives him another kiss then steps back.)

Bakura: (smirks.) I'll take that as a yes then.

Tea: (gives him a sweet smile.) Definitely a yes. (then walks away and heads into her house.)

Bakura: (waits until the door is closed then starts to make his way home.) Guess this night wasn't so shitty after all.

At his house, Marik was sitting at his desk looking over the photo of him and Angel together complaining.

Marik: (thinking.) Maybe I would give her a call.

Malik: (walking past Marik's room then backtracking until he was in the entryway to Marik's room.) So you had an ok night with this 'Dare Night' crap?

Marik: (putting the photo in his top drawer then looking towards Malik.) It wasn't too shitty, it was a shame I didn't see Yami embarrass the hell out of him-self.

Malik: Sadly not much to see, Ryou did most of the dares.

Marik: Oh well, there's always next time.

Malik: Did you have fun being by yourself?

Marik: Yes because I didn't have to deal with you fools.

Malik: Touchy, well I'll leave you alone then. (makes his way to his room as intended.)

Marik: (pulls the photo out of the drawer and looks over at the photo again.) Yeah…this night wasn't so shitty after all.

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