A fighter gets 'punch drunk' after too many hits to the head. Like a drunk, a fighter will have slurred speech, impaired movements and lowered cognitive ability. In the beginning of a fighter's career, it can go away pretty fast, but it's actually a sign of cerebral damage and can become permanent.

For the 'incredibly' theme in luxken27's 2014 Summer Mini Challenge (substituted for the 'dubiously' theme – adverbs are difficult!). Requirements - over 100 words with no upper limit. This one has 245.

Punch Drunk

"You know what bothers me?" Koga asked, tossing aside a file.

"Running on four hours of sleep in the last three days?" muttered Miroku, leaning back on Kagome's couch and rubbing his eyes. "Cumulative."

The wolf shook his head. "We don't know anything about Naraku's production. It has to take an army of demons for the amount he's been moving. Isn't it weird we haven't picked up one junkie willing to talk about how he let himself get drained of his demonic energy to make Shikon no Tama? No one is willing to make a deal?"

"It is strange," agreed Kagome, "but Naraku creates a whole new level of fear."

"Even so, there's always someone who values the immediate returns over the long term consequences," Koga said.

Miroku smiled. "Maybe Naraku's got some memory erasing demon. Seems like his style."

"Yeah, right. They don't even know they did it." Her tongue froze to the roof of her mouth as her heart skipped a beat. "Wait, is that possible? Could they not know?"

Koga scoffed. "No, of course not. We regenerate it constantly, but we need it to live. Like blood. If someone tapped my demonic energy for any amount of time, I'd feel like I went five rounds with…"

He trailed off, and Miroku sat bolt upright. "The fights," he murmured. The three stared at each other over the coffee table.

Kagome groaned and covered her face with her hands. "We are so incredibly stupid."