A/N: For the 'damp' prompt for LuxKen's Summer Mini Challenge – 484 words.

When you 'turtle' in MMA, you're facedown, with your legs tucked up underneath you and your hands covering your head. You're basically a turtle, crawling into its shell for protection. It's an exposing position, because your opponent can take your back, but sometimes, it's all you have to protect yourself.




Kagome crossed her arms as she fell into step beside Koga. "I did what you two told me to do."

"Yeah, sure. But right before his fight? Poor guy went into the ring dazed."

"Koga, don't start."

The wolf lifted his hands. "Hey, I have no problem with it. He still won. Took a few extra shots to the head, but maybe that's what he needs."

Kagome hugged herself, although the night air hung heavy on their clothes. Her hair, damp with sweat, stuck to the back of her neck. "We're betting on him going up against Naraku, alone. I don't think he needs a head injury on top of that."

"He's fine." Koga put a hand on her shoulder and lowered his head, trying to catch her eye. "He's not alone. Not really."

"He thinks he is. Isn't that just as bad?"

He shook his head. "Sesshoumaru isn't easily fooled. He doesn't know all the moving parts, sure, but none of us do. That's what makes this so hard. But he has to know you're both on the same side still. That's why he's doing this."

"Right. He's doing. We're just waiting. Specifically, for him to risk his life."

Koga smiled. "Listen, you know more about the real Sesshoumaru than anyone alive, but I know the stories of the great Lord Sesshoumaru. The stories only demons tell anymore. If half of those stories are true, we've got nothing to worry about. You've seen nothing of his real power."

"You think so?"

"He's the one every kid wants to be when they play Humans and Demons." He grinned. "You know, like Cops and Robbers, but with some actual history thrown in."

"Kids want to be Sesshoumaru?"

Koga scratched at his chin. "Well, in the same way that some human kids want to be Darth Vader, yeah." He chuckled at her expression. "Let's just say that your boyfriend had some serious anger issues when he was younger. Stuff that didn't make it into the history books."

"Comforting," said Kagome.

"It should be. He could use a little of that anger in this fight," Koga replied. "Maybe you should stomp on his heart a little bit more so we can get this over with."

She smiled. "Stop it."

"Nah, it's working," Koga said. "We're in the home stretch here."

"We don't know that. This could take months."

"None of those stories about Sesshoumaru ever mentioned his great capacity for patience," he said. "I think he wants to get back and start begging for your forgiveness as soon as possible, honestly. You should have seen the look on his face as you walked away. He's not going to wait a second longer than he needs to."

"Those stories of yours include ones where he actually begs for forgiveness?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

"No," Koga said with a grin. "But there's always room for more stories."