A/N: For the 'black velvet' prompt for LuxKen's Summer Mini Challenge – 110 words.

A 'fight card' is the schedule basically – the planned events of the entire night's matches of who will be fighting.


Fight Card

The sky spread like black velvet, sparkling with stars and seeping into the shadows around the clearing. Sesshoumaru stoked the fire and tried to remember the last time he had spent the night outside. Real air filled his lungs, pumping life back into limbs that had softened to human comforts and conventions.

A crash in the underbrush pulled his attention off of the fire. Moryomaru appeared, flexing his claws. He'd absorbed more demons in the time since the photograph had been taken – a monstrosity before, he had transformed into a nightmare. "You stink of Naraku," he said.

"So do you," Sesshoumaru replied. "I propose we rid ourselves of it together."