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A 'crucifix' is very much what you'd think - while ground fighting, the fighter has his opponent's arms spread. One arm is locked between the fighter's legs, and the other arm is trapped by the fighter's own arm. This leaves his opponent's head, face and body open to multiple, undefended punches. It also is extremely painful – all the fighter has to do is stretch out, and the opponent's arms are wrenched backwards. In some variations, the fighter can do a neck crank on his helpless opponent – a painful and potentially dangerous move that forces the opponent's head down to his chest, stressing his neck to the point of catastrophic damage.



"What in the heck is he doing way out here?" Miroku muttered, tapping on the laptop keys.

Kagome and Sango scooted up in the backseat so they could look over his shoulder. "He still going?"

"No, he stopped a few minutes ago," he said. "But he's gotta be five miles straight off the road."

Koga pulled into a spot. "Well, this is the deepest we can go into the park in a car. Most of the trails lead back towards the highway too."

"And if we follow him in there, he'll hear us before we even think about seeing him," Sango said.

"Naraku could have brought him out there," Kagome said. She heard her voice shake.

"Give that to me for a second." Sango pulled the laptop into the backseat and onto her legs. "Don't worry," she said after a moment. "He's okay. He checked his phone about three minutes ago. Put in his password and everything. Besides, Naraku is smart enough not to let a smartphone go with a body."

"Alright, but now we return to the essential question of what he's doing out here."

Miroku rolled his neck. "Maybe he needs a break. Taking a walk. I wouldn't mind it." He stretched his legs as far as they would go in the footwell of the sedan.

"Maybe he's burying Naraku."

"Try to suggest your boyfriend murdered someone and is covering his tracks a little less eagerly, Detective," Miroku said.

Kagome colored. "You know what I meant."

"'Party time'?" he said with a quirk of his lips.

"You know…"

"Stop," Sango said. "Something's happening."

Miroku and Koga turned in their seats as Kagome leaned over to look at the screen. "What's it doing?"

Sango zoomed in, and they watched the blip that represented Sesshoumaru tumble around. "I'm not sure."

"How accurate is this thing?"

"Well, the Bluetooth connecting to his phone isn't the greatest. You have to sacrifice something for a device small enough to fit into a door key. But the GPS tracker? That's good within a meter or so. If it were just reading poorly, it'd be popping back and forth like he was teleporting, not smooth lines. There's definitely a lot of movement."

Kagome said it first. "He's fighting."

"We don't know that," Miroku said. "Maybe he's just doing some weird martial arts in the forest thing. They do that, right?"

Koga scoffed. "Bit quicker than we expected, but I think we need to make a decision."

"It'll take forever to get to him," Sango said. "And again, he'll know we're coming."

"Maybe that's a good thing," Miroku said. "If he's really fighting someone."

They all looked at Kagome, and she frowned. "We have to go."

Miroku nodded. "Right."

Three of them opened their doors. "Wait a minute. It's going screwy," Sango said.

"I thought you said it was accurate."

She shook her head. "It's losing power. Which doesn't make sense. It's only been a day and a half." She scowled and hit the laptop as the image cut out for moment. "What is going on?"

The dot that represented Sesshoumaru disappeared.

"That's not good," Koga said.

A scream, as loud as if it had been inside the car with them, cut through the forest as a flash of purple light blinded them. It died away as fast as it had come. A moment later, the night forest noises started up again as the three humans and wolf demon stared through the black trees surrounding them.

Miroku let out a breath. "Really, really not good."