This story is a bit different. But I wrote it up while I couldn't post 'Lies, or just not the whole truth?' I know I should be working on that one, but I for some reason liked this one. Hope you like it. It's BPOV

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"Bumblebee, you search for anything they might have left behind." Optimus ordered. I nodded and entered the newly deserted Decepticon base as he gave all the others their jobs. I searched everything, everywhere, but found nothing. I entered the last room; sure it would be nothing different. I scanned it, expecting to find nothing and prepared to search for anything they could have cloaked. But my scan came back to tell me there was a life form in here.

I readied my cannons until I realized it was organic. I transformed my arms back to their original form and slowly walked toward where the organic was hiding. I was about to uncover the cube shaped something when I heard movement from inside. As soon as I had gripped the cloth covering it, whatever was in there stiffened.

I pulled the sheet off to discover a human boy in a cage. I noticed he was covered in bruises and severely under fed as he curled into a ball and braced himself for what was to come. I scanned his form for the extent of his injuries as I lifted the top off. What was a human doing on Cybertron?

I lowered my hand down to show him I meant no harm, and waited for him to get on. He stared at it for a second, then ducked his head into his knees.

I sighed and gently lifted him out, minding his bruises, and broken ribs as my scans told me. He curled more as I brought him to my spark; he was freezing. I began to stroke his back, trying to comfort him seeing as I didn't speak any earth language. I did this as I walked out, towards Optimus.

"I found this boy in a cage. He is badly hurt." He frowned.

"Let's take him back to base. You are in charge of the boy, Bumblebee. Be his guardian." I nodded willingly. He started to relax a bit al I stroked his back, finally realizing I wouldn't hurt him yet. Now if could realize I won't hurt him ever.

I waited with Optimus for the others to finish their jobs. I explained to them about the boy. When we got back to the base, our ship, Ratchet attempted to heal the organic. I waited impatiently until he came out holding the boy, who was now covered in bandages. When I took him back from Ratchet, he was just as tense as when I brought him out of the cage. No giving him to anyone. Remember that.

"Make sure he eats three times a day, that's the earth custom for healthy eating. I have food for him with all the nutrients he needs." I nodded and set to work to getting him to relax and get comfortable, Ratchet had earlier said the position he stays in does nothing to help his ribs. I stroked his back again he relaxed a little after about a minute.

I decided to head down to the main room, where Optimus planned on explaining the human situation to those who hadn't come to the Decepticon base. They kept sneaking peeks at the boy who had been awake since I found him, which I'm sure is much too long.

I stood and smiled at the others at the end of the day, deciding it was time for a recharge. I placed the boy above my spark, not willing to leave him alone. It didn't matter that he obviously didn't trust me yet, we were getting there.

I'm would have to learn his language.

There will be more, and I will work on 'Lies, or just not the whole truth?' I promise. R&R