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"Living in my own world
Didn't understand
That anything can happen
When you take a chance
I never believed in
What I couldn't see"

-High School Musical Cast

Seth POV

It was a rare sunny day on La Push. Leah, Embry, and I decided to go to First Beach where later there would be a campfire, just like every month. It's very unlikely that we three were hanging out together, but it wasn't a choice. I mean, the only reason we were grouped most of the time was because we all had something in common; we didn't have an imprint to devote our lives to.

I often wished I did. I've heard the pack's mind and it seems to me all they ever think about is their imprint. It must be nice knowing that you'll always have someone there by your side, and knowing you are needed in their lives as well. On the other hand, I'm honestly scared of it ever happening it to me. I know that once you Imprint, you only have eyes for that person, but I like having the freedom of choosing who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

"Whoa look at her," Embry pointed to a surfer on the water, riding a wave. She was jumping in and out of the water like a pro. Then again, she could very well might as well be a pro.

"She's really good," Leah commented of the surfer.

"You're forgetting she's hot," Embry said. In response Leah punched him in the arm kind of hard.

"That's because I'm a girl," Leah said angrily. Even with all the new wolves she was still the only girl in a pack of 17. Her anger used to be worse when we were in Sam's pack.

Just then, a teenage boy, who was sitting in the sand, asked Embry, "Are you guys talking about my sister?" He must have been about 15 years old and had a light British accent.

"Is she the one surfing?"

"Yeah she is," the kid answered as he got up off the sand. His skin was the same russet skin as ours but a few shades lighter than mine. His eyes were brown and his hair was black and cut short.

"What's her name? Are you guys from around here?" Embry asked.

"No we're not from around here," he said, "We just moved here. Well, we're living in Forks actually."

The kid's older sister was coming to the shore with the surfboard. I noticed it was a short board and painted red with a yellow line going down the middle, with yellow Hawaiian flowers coming out of it.

"Did you come from England, 'cause your accent sounds like –" Leah began to say.

"The last place we stayed at was in Hawaii actually," he said.

His sister was on the sand and carrying the board over her head effortlessly. I noticed she was wearing a blue and white polka dot bikini. She had short, shoulder length hair enough to cover her eyes with it. Her skin was same color of her brothers but few shades darker then his but still lighter than mine.

Like her brother she also had an accent but it wasn't British, "Hello," she said.

"This is Stella," said the kid. She set the board on the sand beside her brother. She moved her dark wet hair away from her face.

"Sorry if my brother Jay was bothering you," she said, apologizing for her him. She stretched out her hand to meet Leah's and Embry's hand.

She shook mine and as soon as I felt her touch my sight flew to her face which held her green eyes and we locked our eyes. All of a sudden I felt like all the strings that held me to Earth and my life were cut one by one with each snip of a scissor. There was only one remaining and that was her. It couldn't be cut, sawed off, or punched down. It was her that was holding me down to life now. Everything else were the meaningless details of life, nothing else mattered except for her.

It seemed like an eternity that we held our gaze until she let go of my hand, and Embry asked, "So where are you from?"

"Italy," she said.

Embry and Leah gasped at her answer.

"How did you end up in a place like this?" Now Embry was being way too nosy. I looked at her and I could see she wasn't comfortable with answering that question.

"Circumstances you know," she said. "One day you're in Italy, the next in London and before you know it you're in the cloudiest town of North America," she smiled shyly. "Jay, what time is it?"

He looked at his watch, "6:30," he told her.

"Nice meeting you, but I've got to go home," she said. She was already carrying the surf board that was almost as big as she was.

"Why do we have to leave already? It's still early," Jay whined behind her.

"We have school tomorrow," she reminded him.

"Ugh, why do we have to go? He asked.

"Excuse me, you go to school?" I asked her. "No offense, it's just that… "

"I look older?" she asked smiling. I could only nod because my mouth was too dry to make words. "I know I look older but I'm only 17." With that said they walked to her blue jeep and waved goodbye.

Nessie POV

It was a Monday and that meant it was a school day. I might be a half vampire but last night I went to sleep late because of the bon fire Jacob's pack had the night before. As always, I had fun, especially since Jacob was there. The stories didn't end until midnight which I don't mind because I've always loved hearing Billy's storytelling ability. Sadly, that was yesterday, which was a Sunday and today was a maroon Monday.

When I arrived at the parking lot I was welcomed by my human friend Evyn. She was taller than me, almost 6 feet. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and was super skinny. I bet if she were living in New York she would have been a supermodel by now.

"What's up?"I asked as usual.

"You haven't heard have you?" She smiled like she did whenever there was gossip to talk about.

"Heard what?"

"Forks High School has welcomed two new students," she smiled.

"Evyn, isn't it way too early for gossip, don't you think?" I laughed.

"Renesmee honey, it is never too late or too early for gossip." That was her motto, and trust me she lived by it, but she laughed with me anyway.

"C'mon , tell me on the way to first period," I said grabbing her by the arm and pulled her gently, as we walked into the building.

"I really do hate American History," she whined as we walked the halls. "Ok anyways," suddenly her voice was bubbling with joy. "They're brother and sister. The sister is in our grade, 11th, and her brother is in 9th, a freshman. She's just as pretty as you are but in a sort of weird way. They definitely aren't from anywhere around the USA. They have accents."

We were sitting down in class already. "Ms. Lee and Ms. Cullen," Mrs. Hansen said to us, "School is not a place for gossiping it's a place to expand your horizons."

"Sorry, Mrs. Hansen," we said in unison as if we were in first grade all over again. That's something that people don't know about me; I've never really gone to elementary or middle school. Being half vampire meant I grew rapidly. So fast, people would get suspicious. Imagine being biologically 7 years old but looking like 17, that also meant I had to be home schooled for the first five years of my life. At five years old I started my freshman year in Forks High School.

The school day passed by quickly and before I knew it, it was 3rd period, one hour before lunch and one of my favorite classes; Mythical Stories and Mythical Creatures 101. I'd taken the class for pure enjoyment. I knew everything about vampires, being born into a family of them. I knew all about werewolves/shape shifters too because my boyfriend was the Alpha of his own pack. I knew some of the vampires stories would be about real vampires I might know, but history would change some minor details. I also knew this class would get every single detail wrong.

Last week we studied about the Incubus, a demon that would sleep with women in order to have children. It originated from the legend of Merlin, in god knows what century. In a weird and twisted way I like to joke around in my head that my father is an Incubus too. Technically he had sex with my mother while she still was human and soon after that I was born.

A girl in blue washed jeans and a tight black t-shirt walked in the classroom. She must be the new girl. She had black, wavy, shoulder length hair and her skin was just like Jacob's but shades lighter than his.

"I'm new," I heard her say to Mrs. Bradley. "My name is Stella A. Valastro. You might have had my brother?"

"Yes, yes," Mrs. Bradley replied. "Mr. Burke behaved quite well."

"That's good to know," Stella said.

"Take any empty seat you see dear," Mrs. Bradley instructed. Stella looked around and luckily I was the only one sitting next to an empty chair. She walked quickly to her seat along with her school bag.

"Hi," I said nicely.

"Hi," she replied and sat down next to me.

"Ok, guys," Mrs. Bradley began. "Last week we started to talk about vampires, specifically the Incubus."

"Ugh," I heard Stella say silently to herself, but no one else heard her.

"The incubus, a vampire that sleeps with women and has children with these women, but today we're going to touch on a subject quite foreign for most, if not all, of you. Last year I went to Italy. I went to this small town and celebrated St. Marcus day with a couple of friends," she said. "Now the question; what is St. Marcus Day?"

I remember thinking that somehow, somewhere I'd heard of this before but I couldn't pinpoint where exactly. Whenever I hear about Italy I can only picture the Volturi in their black and red velvet cloaks.

Max raised his hand, "Are they celebrating a vampire day?" Next to me I hear Stella scoff almost like she was laughing. This time she was heard. Every head in the classroom turned to look at her.

"Well apparently Stella here knows about this, don't you?" It was clear Mrs. Bradley wasn't too happy about her interruption.

"Sorry about that. I didn't want to sound vain or anything, but he is right," she said coolly. I hadn't noticed before but she had an accent but it wasn't thick. The more she talked the more I noticed her accent was Italian.

"Can you explain?"

"St. Marcus Day is a celebration held every year in the small city of Volterra, Italy. It celebrates the day that St. Marcus killed the last few vampires of his time. On that special day, part of the celebration is to wear big red cloaks and dress up like a vampire and they all meet up at the city square to watch the parade," she said. "Everyone meets up in city square to watch the parade."

"Correct," Mrs. Bradley said astonished. "Where did you learn that from?"

"Nowhere; I actually used to live there," she said. Everyone gasped; there weren't a lot of people here that came from anywhere else besides Forks.

The rest of the class was uneventful and we took notes about Marcus. I bet St. Marcus is the same Marcus from the Volturi. That's where I've heard St. Marcus day from, mom had gone to Volterra to rescue dad when she went it was St. Marcus Day.

At the end of the class Mrs. Bradley excused us, "Ok class, tomorrow we'll talk more about Stregoni Benefici and Nosferatu." Nobody else knew who these two vampires were but I knew about one. Stregoni Benefici is my grandfather Dr. Carlisle Cullen, in other words the next lesson was about my own family.

Everyone grabbed their books and bags and ran to the door and headed to the cafeteria.

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